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Mia is a 22 year old girl living her life happily. She is more of a girl that lives in the present instead of thinking and being depressed about her past. It takes one call from her friend to make her life come crashing down. The girl who never thinks about her past, remembers each and every thing that happened in past two years. Read to find out how she copes with her life taking a 180 degree turn. ************************************* Mia has moved from Florida to Seattle due to her dad's transfer and wants to very confident, fun loving girl with a positive attitude. Her life takes a huge turn when she starts falling for a mysterious artist she meets online. When she finds out the actual person behind the mysterious mask, it shocks her. But Mia being understanding and mature helps with the situation. But the story doesn't end here. What will happen when she gives the person two choices: to fight for himself and be with her or leave her and stay quiet like a coward? We know every coin has two sides, just as he had different reasons. Read to find out the reason for what he did and why he did. I promise that you guys will love the story.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Mia's P.O.V

My plan was to sleep peacefully or to watch my favorite movie 'The Lion King' while eating a whole tub of chocolate mint ice cream after this hectic week at work.

Finally it's a Friday night, which means I can just lay in bed and cuddle with my teddy bear for the next two days.

It only took one call to ruin my plans, to stop my world and to get me to halt at the spot.

A call from James, my college friend, and what he told me caused my world to shatter.

I didn't realize that my phone had already slipped from my hand after listening to the horrible news that James told me. My breath shortened as I tried to process what he told me.

"It can't be true. Tell me this isn't true. This cannot happen." I was repeating the same lines to myself over and over. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, a loud sob left my mouth. By now, I was on the ground, hugging my knees, crying. How can this happen? He was alright two years ago, how-

All of the memories started to flood back in my mind, right from where it all began...

Four years ago

Mia's P.O.V

The familiar sound of my mom's voice pierced through my ears but I was not able to figure out what she was saying because I was still busy thinking about the beautiful unicorns flying in the sky.

"Mia Evelyn Jones, get up from your la la land of unicorns. We have reached." Mom shouted in my ears which startled me. I was wide awake by now.

My mum's voice is really scary some times and why did she had to shout in my ears. Never mind ...

"Wow" was the only thing that managed to come out from my mouth as I stepped outside the rented car, looking at my new home.

"Mom, Seattle is really beautiful. Just as dad told us." I said to my mom, smiling.

My emotions were all over the place as I looked at my surroundings.

Seattle is just the way they show in movies. It's so beautiful, tall glass buildings and the weather here is just the way I like it, warm, dry, and partly cloudy.

I was still in the awe with the things around me until I heard my mom calling me inside to help with luggage.

We used to live in Florida. I loved Florida and I still do. I mean, I was there for my whole eighteen years of my life. It will always be my home.

When dad told us about his transfer to Seattle, I was sad but happy at the same time. Adjusting to new places was never a problem for me. My parents were ready to enroll me in a college hostel if I wanted to stay in Florida. I knew they were sad with that decision but they just said that for my happiness. But I refused the offer. I could not have been able to survive without my parents, especially dad. I am Daddy's little girl and I was always closer to him than my mom. Even until now.

I wanted to start with a new chapter of my life so shifting to Seattle was a great opportunity for me. This is the change I guess that I need in my life.

The house was beautiful in the inside as well. It gave the homely vibe very quickly. It's not a big house. It's a small house with two bedrooms, one guest room but it can't be called a guest room since it's very small. I'm guessing mom will use it as a storeroom or something. The kitchen was of the perfect size and the living room was bright and amazing. There was a small backyard too, which was covered with colorful flowers.

After taking a tour of the house, I helped my mom and dad with arranging the stuff.Once we were done I went to my room which was upstairs with a view to the backyard. It was a cozy room, just the way I wanted. I like my room to be just simple. My room walls were painted with white and lavender color. The house was almost fully furnished when we arrived. My dad already instructed some people to do all the painting and put some furniture before we arrive, so it would be much easier for us to move in and start with the daily routine. My bed was not king-sized but could fit two people with no problem. Just like my walls my bed sheets were of lavender color too. I like that color, it gives a brighter look to the room.I don't like to keep many things in the room so it was just my bed, a big mirror, a dresser in front of it, a study table, bookshelf, a small table beside my table with a cute night lamp, a small closet, and a bathroom. Thank god I have my own bathroom. I decorated my room with blue LED lights, some frames of my family pictures, and I hung some artwork I did before. I arranged my books in the bookshelf and finally placed my clothes in the closet from the boxes.

After packing all my stuff I went down to have dinner which was just some instant noodles cause mom was too tired to make something heavy and something that will take a long time to prepare. Dinner went by quickly , mom and dad went to their room to sleep, not before kissing me goodnight and telling me some news which was not good at all.

I thought the college which I was enrolled in starts next week but I found that it actually starts tomorrow. When mom told me that I have to reach college tomorrow by 7:30 am, I was shocked.

After staring into space with an open mouth for ten minutes I finally got up.

"I should really stop being in my own world when mom is telling me something important." I mumbled to myself, dragging my lazy ass to my room.

"Ugh why does it have to start tomorrow?" I grumbled looking at my alarm clock which showed it was half past ten.

I quickly packed all the things I will need for tomorrow and even removed the clothes I planned on wearing tomorrow.

No, I am not doing this because I am a sincere and perfect girl. I'm just doing all the arrangements so I can get extra five or ten minutes of sleep in the morning. I am not a morning person at all and I don't want to start my first day being all grumpy.

I lazily made my bed and plopped myself on it letting sleep consume me and I was lost in my dreams of Unicorns and Prince charming.


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