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chapter 10

“Watch out,” Biba screamed as she pulled me down with her, making us hide behind the couch.

SPLASHHHHH….We heard the sound of the bursting water balloon that hit my couch. Basically that water balloon was meant to hit us but my poor couch saved us.

Ash was hiding with a water gun in her hand behind the pillar that was separating the kitchen and living room attacking the boys and Eva was on the stairs while boys were attacking us with balloons from the other side of the living room.

The situation seemed so intense and serious at the moment. It felt like we are having a serious war in my house… just the difference was this war consisted of water instead of killing gadgets like guns and stupid bombs.

We are in this war situation right now because Aaron and Daniel thought it would be funny to start a water war inside my house without ’warning’.

This horrible war started like two hours ago.

So two hours ago I was sipping on my coffee and after finishing it, I thought of going back to sleep again because I didn’t get a good sleep cause of my drunk ass headache, and also the uncomfortable couch.

I was about to sleep, but Bibs and Ash chose to wake up at the same time. I whined like a baby and even begged them to let me sleep, but my best friends turned out cruel and didn’t let me sleep. Even Eva did nothing to help me instead she was laughing how Ash and Bib’s dragged me from the stairs. Such friends I have…..

All of us talked for a while when Bibs suggested that we should play Monopoly.

We were so engrossed in playing it that we didn’t hear the front door open though we were sitting in the living room.

“You girls should really learn how to lock the door.” Aaron’s voice boomed in and startled all of us.

Before anyone of us could ask how they got in or how did they know we were together Aaron answered “ We knew that you girls were together because Daniel dropped you all here last night. In fact, we thought that you guys must be still in bed because of the last night’s hangover and second reason that you girls are lazy. So we just came here.”

“If someone that is lazy here are you and Daniel.” Ash said pointing out at the boys, rolling her eyes.

I was going to ask them what brought them here but Bib’s beat me to it.

“This was girl’s time. Why did you guys come here?”

Will anyone in here lemme speak and ask question’s considering this is my house. ……Nevermind.

“We came here to give you guys something.” Daniel said with a smirk on his face.

What did they want to give us?


“What is that you wanted to give us?” Eva cut me off mocking Daniel.

Okay, Mia. There is no use talking because they have decided not to let you talk.

“This” Aaron yelled and before we could look what was in their hands we were attacked by Daniel and Aaron throwing water balloons at us.

“What the fuck is happening?” Ash yelled loudly.

“Water balloon attack” Daniel said and turned around and picked up a water balloon from the bag that was behind him.

“Jesus, let me remind you guys that this is my house, not some war ground.” I yelled shivering and… luckily without getting interrupted.

“Let me remind you that your parents are not going to be home for like next six hours.” Aaron mocked me. How does he even know that? Oh yeah I told him at the party when I was sober.

We were busy bickering until a balloon passed from my head and was thrown at the guys.

“Holy shit” Guys yelled.

I turned back to see from where the balloons were coming and saw Eva with a bag in her hand that was filled with balloons which pretty much belonged to the guys. When did she get that?

“When you guys were bickering, I crawled from behind the couch and stole the bag.” Eva said shrugging…. Such a smarty and still she calls herself boring…dumb

“YOU. ARE . HELLA. AMAZING.” I yelled with a big grin on my face.

“Don’t get too happy girls, cause we have another bag right here. Eva, I guess you didn’t see that.” Daniel said smirking at us and we saw where he was pointing and saw another bag to Daniel’s right side and our eyes grew wide.

“You have three seconds, until we attack you with the balloons.” Aaron said.



Before he could say three, we girls ran to save ourselves not before grabbing balloons in our hand. There was a water gun in the bag as well which was grabbed by ash.

With that war started.

Yep and it’s been two hours, not exactly two but can say almost since the fuss started.

This Pricks…..

Look at their audacity, first they walk in ‘my’ house as if they own it and second they are attacking us , attacking me..IN.MY.HOUSE. I swear I’m going to get back at them for the stupid stunt they just pulled.

I definitely look like a good girl, but believe me when it comes to pranks I’m a badass. I am worst, I am worstest… “Okay Mia we get it, you don’t have to invent words. What even is worstest?” My subconscious broke my train of words that never existed.

I know I sound like a bitch right now but it’s not like I’m acting like a bitch to them. Plus I have the right to act bitchy. For god’s sake I didn’t get a very good complete, comfortable Sunday morning sleep.

No sleep means you have to deal with a new cranky version of Mia.

The guys had last two balloons left and I really didn’t wanted to be their target. I am already soaking and the water is so fudging cold. Ahhh….

Bib’s was busy peeking and observing there moves from the other side.

Perfect chance to get revenge against her for not letting me sleep.

I sneakily started crawling and luckily I didn’t get caught nor Bibs noticed that I was not present beside her. I quickly hid behind the chair. I was about to crawl under the dining table but before I could I was pulled back and dragged behind the shelf next to the dining table none other than ……. him.

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