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chapter 11

I sneakily started crawling and luckily, I didn’t get caught, nor did Bibs noticed that I was not present beside her. I quickly hid behind the chair. I was about to crawl under the dining table but before I could, I was pulled back and dragged behind the shelf next to the dining table by none other than…… him.

One of the pricks that entered my house and started attacking us.

Daniel Sanders.

“Geez, you scared me you ass,” I said glaring at him.

“Butterfly, I saw you sneaking, trying to save yourself from the last two balloons, are we? uh. Actually, the last balloon because Aaron hit the second last one on Bib’s.” Daniel said as he came closer to me, so close that I was able to feel his warm breath on me and the heat radiating from his body.

If I didn’t have any experience of ‘boyfriends’ in my life, I would have been beyond nervous due to the closeness and would have said the line I always wanted to say since I read that romantic cliché novel on Wattpad,“ Boy, I had never been this close with any guy in my entire life and my heart is beating at the rate that I think it will pop out.” Well Sadly, I can’t say it because I have been this close with a boy earlier and well my heart was beating a bit faster than the normal rate but its fine I guess?. His breath fanning over me gave me goosebumps while his green eyes were twinkling.

“D-Don’t you dare Daniel,” I said stuttering as I was scared that he might throw the last balloon on me.

I wished with everything in me that I don’t have to be the victim of the balloon busting and get myself over soaked with the cold water. Wait does over soaked even make sense? Anyways…

But looking at Daniel’s stupid smirk, I knew that my prayers won’t be answered. I closed my eyes waiting for the impact of the balloon hitting me and the cold water on me but instead I heard a not so good shriek which sounded like Cruella from the movie 101 Dalmations.

“Holy Shit,” Daniel screamed in a girly voice and threw the balloon accidentally on the other side which was in his hand, as he was attacked by Eva and Ash who were holding buckets in their hand. I’m guessing it was Eva who poured water on him which made him scream like a witch as the bucket in her hand was empty.

Daniel turned to look at them with wide eyes and a completely shocked face. I can understand why he was shocked because that ’Incoming’ of large amount of water from the bucket was not expected.

Ash took a step ahead with the bucket which was full with the water “This is for troubling our best friend by ‘cornering’ her.. and troubling us” she said as she splashed half of the water from the bucket on Daniel’s face.

She walked to Aaron who was busy laughing his ass off taking the support of the dining table to stop himself from falling down on the floor because of the way he was laughing after splashing water on Daniels face.

“And this is for you” She yelled at Aarons face who looked scared “ You moron! Disturbing our monopoly and girl’s time.” Ash said, shooting daggers through her glares at him as she emptied the bucket on his head.

“The fuck. How the hell is that water this cold? Any chance you got it from Antarctica?” Aaron said as he hugged himself trying to stop from shivering.

“Nope we didn’t have to go all the way to Antarctica, just a few ice cubes did the work,” Eva said shrugging her shoulder and smirking at them.

Ah, I love these girls….

The only noise that could be heard was laughter. The moment Ash emptied the bucket by pouring it on Aaron and Daniel, the girls and I started laughing like monsters. The way they were hugging themselves and were shivering was dam hilarious.

I feel a bit bad for them but they deserved it.

After laughing for the next fifteen minutes, I handed everyone spare towels. Girls changed in their spare clothes they had brought with them while the boys had extra sweatshirts in their car so they changed into it.

Next one hour was spent mopping the water from the floor and cleaning up all the mess we did.

Well, it took one hour because it was only me, Aaron, and Ash cleaning up the mess. Daniel got a call from his parents saying that they have to go out so he has to babysit his little sister. Eva and Bibs left home as well cause Bibs also got a call and well, Eva’s ride was Biba so she had to leave too. That left the three of us.

“Ahh, I’m so tired” Aaron whined for the fourth time as he sat on the couch.

“Well, you are the one who started this whole fiasco so deal with it.” Ash said, glaring at him and I chuckled.

“Aww, our little Princess named Aaron is- “ I was about to make fun of him but the ringing of my phone cut me off.

I saw that it was my mom calling me.

“Hey mom” I said as I walked to the kitchen to get some water to drink.

“Hi sweetie, I’m really sorry but we are stuck in the traffic and we won’t be able to make it till midnight. You can order anything you want. Got to go, Take care, love you.” She said everything in one sentence and hung up the phone.

“Geez, this woman.” I murmured to myself and drank the glass of water which was in my hand.

Geez, I didn’t even realize that I and the girls didn’t even had the proper lunch today because of the messed up schedule.

Well, it calls for some outside food and as if my stomach heard, it grumbled.

I was actually craving for some Chinese food right now and luckily I saw some brochures of different restaurants lying in the drawer. I quickly found some for Chinese food and went into the living room.

“Guys, you both up for some Chinese food?” I asked as I walked near them.

“I’m in,” Aaron yelled like a child who was getting a candy. Idiot .. “ My poor baby is hungry”. He said rubbing his hand on his stomach. Such a drama queen…..

“ You sound like you are pregnant,” I said laughing at him and he chuckled as well not before giving me a playful glare.

“I’d love too but my mom already made dinner for me and if I skip she will go all crazy shouting at me. I was about to leave, I was just waiting for you to come from the kitchen.” Ash said as she got up and gathered her belongings.

“Ahh well.” I said, giving her sad smile. I wanted her to stay with us. In fact, I wanted everyone to stay but well….

“Come on ‘MI-MI’ there’s always next time.” She said, giving me a weird nickname which made me scrunch my nose but smiled the next moment as she pulled me in a hug.

She gave a hug to Aaron as well and went out.

“Well, its only us I guess.” Aaron said.

“Yeah. Anyways I’ll just order food I’m starving as well.” I said and grabbed my phone to call the restaurant.

“When are you not you foodie pig” he said which earned him a smack on his shoulder by me and like a drama queen that he is , he winced so loud as if someone has stabbed him and I chuckled at his behavior…. This guy has his own ways to make everyone laugh …

“Hey. I ordered Noodles and Dumplings for us. The guy said that it will take 35 minutes prox to get the food delivered.” I told Aaron who was busy playing some stupid game on his phone.

“Ohh okay. So what should we do till then?” He asked as he kept or should say tossed his phone on the chair.

I got an idea about how could we kill the time till our food comes. “I have an idea,“ I said, smiling.

Aaron suddenly covered himself or more like self hugged? I don’t know why he did that in the first place……

“What is it? Don’t tell me that you are planning to take advantage of me. I know I am hot but-” I cut him off as I threw a pillow at him and rolled my eyes.

“Shut up, will you?” I said giving him a fake tight smile.

“Do you drink Ice tea?” I asked him and he nodded and raised his eyebrows asking why.

I just shrugged and went into the kitchen and he followed behind me.

“Can you make yourself a bit useful and get the ice tea packet from that top shelf?” I said, pointing to the shelf.

Ughh, these are the times when I regret not doing skipping, cycling, or the stuff that would have helped me increase my height. I am so short….

“Here you go shorty,” He said as he gave me the packet and laughed.

“Funny,” I muttered under my breath.

I quickly grabbed two glasses for us and poured chilled water and mixed the powder of ice tea in it also added ice cubes in it. Well, it would make no sense if I didn’t add ice in it. It’s called ‘iced’ tea for a reason.

“Come on,” I said to him as I handed one glass to him and made my way upstairs.

I took him to my favorite place in this house. NO, not my garden but kinda a secret place that was up on the terrace.

There was this small place on the roof from where you could literally see everything. The sky, the buildings, the lights. The most amazing part of this place is that it’s always windy. The air in here is so fresh and amazing, it just feels amazing to sit here while looking at this view.

No one knew this place, not even my parents. As I said, it was kind of a secret place on the roof and I’m glad that my parents don’t know about it or otherwise they would have never allowed me to come in here saying how risky it is or how I could slip from here and fall down and stuff.

I walked up to the edge and sat down as my legs were dangling down .

“You sure we won’t fall from here? I’m too young to die. I don’t have a girlfriend yet and I want to-” I cut him off as I pulled his hand down and made him sit.

“Wow, the view is so incredible.” He said as he looked around and I hummed.

I know the view is amazing. That is why I love this place so much. It helps me to get things off my mind and make me feel happy.

“Well, Welcome to my ‘favorite’ and ‘Secret place’” ….

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