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chapter 12

Mia’s P.O.V

I never thought I’d actually bring someone up here ...okay, I would have someday but never thought that someday would be so soon. Bringing Aaron up here feels right. I don’t know why, but it just does.

“Do you come up here often?” Aaron asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Yea. Just when I’m stressed or have to clear my mind,” I answered and he nodded “This place is really nice.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s the place where I can temporarily escape from life.” I told him.

Eversince we moved here, I instantly dubbed this spot as my favorite spot of the house. Whenever I am in deep thought, I just come up here it feels better.

“You know, even I have a place to go when I am in a sour mood or stressed. Maybe I’ll take you there someday. I’ve been going there since I was 9.” He said, looking up at the sky gazing at the stars.

“I’d love to go there.”

“Do you hate anyone or feel disappointed with people who you love too much or something.” He asked with a sad tone laced in his voice and looked everywhere but me.

“Umm yeah. I have been disappointed many times but I guess I don’t hate them. To be honest, with the time being, I started to understand that you get disappointed with people who are actually close to you cause those are the one’s who you trust the most and have expectations from.” I answered. I knew that the question he asked so randomly might be connected to him in way. I felt like something or someone is bothering him and being as a best friend, I wanted to help him but I didn’t want to pressure him. I wanted to ask him so badly if anything was wrong or something but I knew that this wasn’t the correct time.

“Hmm. I wish life was simple, Mia.” He said looking straight in my eyes. His deep blue orbs piercing in mine and I could see that there were so many emotions hidden in those eyes that I couldn’t figure out.

“Well, nothing is simple but you can turn some difficult situations into simple ones and there is only one option for it, which is to fight and be optimistic no matter what. Fight for yourself, that’s it.” I said giving him a small smile and he nodded.

None of us spoke anything and just fell into a comfortable silence. Honestly, there wasn’t a need to speak. Although we were silent, it was as if we understood everything that we wanted to talk or tell each other.

This is what I was talking about earlier. Being up here with Aaron feels right. It feels so good whenever I talk with Aaron. I feel free, comfortable, it’s like both of us understand each other so well. I don’t know a single person who I got close and comfortable with, in such a short period of time. I never opened up like this even with my ex-boyfriends lol. I don’t how I managed it to happen with Aaron.

“There is one more person you feel comfortable with, ‘your DUMMY’” My subconscious chimed in the back of my head.

My eyes grew wide as I realized that I feel the same way whenever I talk to him, I feel the same comfort, I feel the same warmth, I feel free, I feel confident just like the way I feel whenever I’m spending time and talking with Aaron. The difference is Aaron is my best friend. I know him...but about Mr. Artist, I know nothing. I know I am saying this for the hundredth time now but well, I don’t even know his name for crying out loud. I also dont know if I will feel the same way when I meet him. And...And...

“So, mind sharing the monologue you were having in your mind for straight five minutes?” Aaron said, poking my shoulder, giving my brain a break from excessive thinking that I was doing.

“I was just thinking about, you know ...Uh, about him. Mr. Artist” I said slightly blushing.

“Thought so,” he said chuckling and giving my shoulder a slight bump, “What about him tho?“.

" I just ... I don’t know why I feel connected with him when I don’t even know anything other than his age and where he lives.” I responded and he hummed understanding.

“Hmmpph. You know sometimes, you trust people who you don’t even know. It’s like that specific person just clicks and it feels like the person was the missing part of life. Don’t worry too much about it babe. Also, he even promised that he will meet you, right? Then why stress about it now. Talk about all the stuff which is bothering you face to face whenever you meet cause talking on chats and stuff doesn’t help, and if he doesn’t listen to you or trouble you don’t hesitate to smack him hard on his head.” He joked, trying to lighten the mood and it actually worked.

“What about you? Any person that you know who ‘clicks’ with you?” I asked him.

“Maybe, maybe not” He answered, staring at the sky with a bright smile on his face as if he was thinking about someone special.

I wrapped my arms around myself as a cold gust of wind blew against my skin.

“You feeling cold?” Aaron asked me but of course, I lied saying no but as the elderly people say that you can’t lie for a long time, the truth comes out sooner or later. I guess that saying is true

And I was caught lying as I sneezed the next minute after I told him that I was not cold.

Aaron just rolled his eyes at me and took off the sweatshirt he was wearing. No his upper body was obviously not naked cause he was wearing a tshirt inside the sweatshirt.

“Take this,” He said.

“No, It’s okay. You’ll get cold and we have to go down in a while as it is.” I answered

“Just wear it till then. I don’t want you getting sick on me.” He said, dropping his sweatshirt on my lap motioning me to wear it.

Bossy much

I wore his sweatshirt without arguing with him because I knew it very well that he will be the one who would win this argument and I’ll end up wearing it anyway.

I was laying on my bed hugging my pillow as I tried to sleep. Its 11:00 pm in the night. My mom and dad came half an hour ago and went straight to bed after kissing me good night cause they were too tired.

After talking with Aaron and joking with him we went downstairs as our food came, we watched three episodes of friends while eating and then around 9 ish he left cause his mom called him.

I was still wearing Aaron’s sweatshirt cause it was so comfy. I think he isn’t going to get it back any time soon or I think I won’t even give him ever.

It’s his fault, he forced me to wear it and he forgot to take it back while heading home.

Today was really fun. I don’t remember having so much fun with any of my friends. The evening was amazing as well. It felt so good to talk to someone without even thinking twice before saying anything.

I totally admit that spending time with your male bestie is one of the best things ever.

To be honest, when Aaron answered that he might or might not have someone special in his life I felt a bit disappointed. I don’t know why I got this feeling in the first place. . . It’s not like I like him or something. I mean I do like him. In fact, I love him as my best friend but nothing else. Maybe I felt like that cause, I just wanted my best friend to myself.

Yep, I sound like a possessive selfish bitch but hey I just got an actual best friend who makes me feel amazing, like for the first time ever in my life.

I hugged my pillow tightly and closed my eyes trying to sleep with all happy memories. I guess it would be the first time I’ll be sleeping without any thoughts.

But I guess I spoke too early because a strangely weird question popped up in my mind. Maybe world doesn’t want me to have a thoughtless sleep, its against me. And is ‘Thoughtless sleep’ even a thing???

Why do I never think about Mr. Artist whenever I am with Aaron?

It’s like I forget him completely whenever I am spending time with Aaron. But whenever I am alone, spending time with girls or even worst when I am trying to study or sleep, Dummy aka Mr. Artist never leaves from my mind even for a second. Okay, I am exaggerating a bit but honestly, I always end up thinking about him.


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