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chapter 13

Mia’s P.O.V :

“It is gross”

“It is not”

“It is”

“It is not”


"Woahhh Woahh.... what are you girl’s squabbling about?” Aaron cut of mine and Biba’s banter as he sat on the chair next to me and Daniel raised his eyebrows as if asking what is happening while taking a seat next to Ash.

It was time for lunch after the boring classes we had in the morning, so we all were sitting in the cafeteria. All as in bib’s, Ash and I cause Evy was trying to get hold of the Insanely stupid jerk who she was unfortunately partnered to in her.. uhh ..I don’t know which class, And the description for that guy was what Eva told me, not my words. Anyways it was only us three girls or should I say two? Cause Ashley was having a staring contest with Nick, she was just physically present here but anyways it was only us that is until now cause Aaron and Daniel just came from there basketball practice. I actually didn’t know that these guys play basketball till today morning and Aaron was the captain. How can a guy with the brain of 8 years old be a

Anyways while we were eating Bibs and I got in a pretty heated argument on something really really stupid.

“Biba thinks it is okay and not at all gross if a guy kisses a girl, sort of make out while she is eating or drinking.” I answered to Aaron’s question and he spitted out the water that was in his mouth after I told him.

“Ewww” Ashley screeched as the water that came out from Aaron’s mouth fell on her hand that wear supporting her face while she was staring at Nick.

LOL that was really funny as hell. I would have laughed my ass off, if I was not busy proving my point to Biba while trying to keep a stern face.

But Daniel didn’t hold it back, because he had no reason to, lmao. He started laughing like a monster in such a loud voice but stopped after receiving ‘I will smack you if you don’t shut up’ look from Ash.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean too, but hey it’s not my fault.” He exclaimed. “It’s their fault for arguing over such gross topic.” he pointed at us giving a dirty look.

Haa even he agrees with me.

“You girls can literally talk and bicker about anything” Daniel said which earned him a serious look from me, Bibs and ...Ash..?

Why in the world is she glaring at him when she doesn’t even know what we were arguing about? Oh right, Ash hates when people become sexist and as Daniel mentioned ‘girls’ specifically about talking and arguing about anything offended her as well. She is a girl too obviously.

Yep he deserved it.

“Geez SORRY" Daniel said raising his hands up in the air. Haa he is such a loser easily gets scared of us. Idiot...

Focus on the point you have to prove Mia ...


“Just imagine if you are eating err.. Pasta and then a guy who are you in love with or any random hot dude comes to you and starts kissing you , and gets lost in the moment or so and tries to you know ...” I shifted uncomfortably as my stomach started churning even thinking about it. ” Ahh ... you know tries to shove his tongue in your mouth which is full of food and the saliva and then all the chewed food of yours mixes......”

" STOP ...I get it.. You are right don’t describe any further” Bibs screamed cutting me off scrunching her nose in disgust. Maybe she imagined the whole thing..

Thank god she cut me off. If I would have continued any further I would have literally puked because of the bile rising up and to add that the Tuna sandwich I ate fifteen minutes ago was not helping at all. I could feel my face turning pale and green in color like the Grinch ,the fictional character. Don’t ask me why do I know him. I just know him okay.

Well not actual green as him that would be just funny and me over exaggerating... as always.

But haa she agrees with me.

“You both are really weird.” Aaron chuckled and Daniel agreed to him.

“But how did you end up talking about this in the first place?” Daniel asked us.

“A scene from K drama” Bib’s and I said at the same time to which Ash facepalmed herself and guys rolled their eyes at us.

It’s fun to watch K dramas ...err..sometimes.

The bell rang after about ten minutes and all of us went into directions of our classes. The rest of the classes were really boring. We didn’t do anything much other than solving worksheets and reading lessons in all of the next classes.

We left for home after half an hour of college ending, as usual. It’s like our daily routine to hang out in the parking area after the college ends. Sadly Eva was not there with us even after college ended. We just got a glimpse of her while she was running with angry and irritated expression behind a tall guy which might be her partner ..I’m not sure just guessing. Poor her ... I hope that dumbass doesn’t cause her much trouble. I have heard that he used to be number one jock and a player in his highschool but changed after he came to college. Ash was in the same school as him that’s why I know the details. I am not any alien to know everything. I mean if I was an alien or something and would know everything why would I be stressing myself to find who Mr.Artist is.

Ugh why am I not an alien who knows like everything. Things would have been so simple. I would have been lying in my bed listening to music or binge watching Netflix right now but instead at the moment I am shocked, stressed, happy, scared and what not.. yep all of that just because someone just dropped a HUGEEEEE bomb on me.

Well by someone I meant dummy, who is going to make me go dumb and crazy if he does not stop with his mystery thing and giving me heart attacks.

After I reached home I took a nice shower and ate a mayonnaise omelet which I don’t like at all. I had to eat it cause I was very hungry and it was the only thing left. Even mom wasn’t home to cook me some delicious food. These were the times I missed her the most and wished that she didn’t go to work. I am really selfish and mean, aren’t I?

After eating that ‘thing’, groaning after every bite, I went to my room all excitedly to talk to dummy and he was online luckily.

Well I kinda knew that he was online because of the notification I got on the phone saying ‘Mr.Artist is now online’. I didn’t install Friends book on my phone until now cause I thought I would be distracted from my studies and would have kept chatting with him all day. He was a bit of distraction as it is because he was always on my mind other than the times I spend with Aaron alone. I tried to think about the answer to the question that popped in my head last night. But I got no answer to it so I just gave up thinking about it and went to sleep.

Anyways I installed the friends book app on my phone as well because why not.. and well that’s how I knew he was online.

So at first we were talking all normal and stuff and then we were talking about our day and what all we did.

So me being talkative person I told him how my day was and how I was almost about to puke in cafeteria in front of all the students.

“Haha , yeah I figured that after seeing your pale face.”

This was his reply after I told him I was about to throw up.

This reply was the cause of all the emotions I was going through. I was literally shocked and confused after reading it. So I asked him what did he mean by looking at my face... Okay that’s not how I asked actually. I asked him nicely along some lines of threats of how I would never ever talk to him if he doesn’t reply honestly.

So that’s when he threw the bomb and confirmed that he goes to the same college. It took me over Twenty minutes to get over that shock.

I mean he freaking went to the same college and will be going to the same college as mine, and here I was questioning if he saw me once, twice or thrice. But the heck.. this means he saw me everyday leaving the weekend that is if he was not one of Aaron or Daniel.

Oh what!!!

I was about to ask him if he was Aaron or Daniel but before I could ask he replied saying " But why were you about to puke , what was the reason?”

After reading that question I backspaced the question I typed, cause both Aaron and Daniel knew the reason and well on the other hand I doubt that they even saw me going pale cause both of them were busy laughing and scrunching their nose’s because of mine and Biba’s disgusting topic of conversation.

That meant he was some guy who watched me from far away like a STALKER... yeah he seems descent but all the actions were stalker like. Kidding

“Mia stop joking around, its serious!!! .. concentrate on the problem" A voice boomed in my mind.

How can your mind even talk to you?.. that is so weird. How does talking with your sub conscious thing even work??

Ugh I am getting distracted from the real problem again or maybe I am trying to distract myself because I don’t want to think about it at all.

All of this happened like twenty minutes ago and right now I was staring at my closed laptop thinking of all this.

Yeah I talked to him through laptop tho I had it in phone cause well its easier talking on laptop rather than typing on the small screen which makes thousands of typos. It really is irritating...

Few days back I was talking to Ash about the beautiful dress that I saw online. I wanted it but it was sold out sadly. I was whining like a baby and was trying to say “I want that but :(” But instead it went like ” I want that butt :( ” and she thought I was referring to the butt of the model who was wearing that dress. That’s why I don’t like to text through phones.

Back to the main thing so I was staring at the closed laptop right now going through all those emotions I said earlier.

I ended the chat with him after a minute saying I got to go cause my mom was calling me which was a complete lie by the way but I did that cause I couldn’t process the thing that he told me in my head and didn’t know what to talk.

For the hundredth time he fucking goes to the same college as mine and I don’t know who he is. I might have even seen him or even talked to him but I DON’T KNOW WHO HE IS.

“Deep breaths, Take deep breaths Mia” I murmured to myself. I am going to go crazy anytime because of all this stress that stupid dumb and ass of a person was giving me.

“I am just 18 for god’s sake I don’t want my hair to turn gray cause of the stress.” I mentally cried.

I took deep breaths trying to calm myself and stop the feeling of uneasiness that I was feeling in my stomach.





Yes that’s what I am going to do. No thinking, drink chocolate milk and sleep. That’s it ..

“But he is in your college” My sub conscious reminded me making me groan and throw my pillow on the floor in frustration.

I stood up and picked my pillow that I threw and got out of my room to get chocolate milk from kitchen.

I guess I was meant to throw up today because as I got on the last step I was met with a very unpleasant sight of my mom and dad kissing each other. I am guessing that they just came home as their bags and coats were still in their hand. Whyyyy did I not hear the voice of the door getting opened?????

I know that they love each other very very much, are very romantic, and didn’t see other for the whole day I get it. As loving it sounds it’s a very unpleasant sight for a child.

I mean who wants to see their parents shoving their tongues in each other’s ....

Ugh I don’t want to even complete that sentence.

“I think I am just going to bed or maybe throw up”

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