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Chapter 14

Mia’s POV:

“Ugh stupid alarm clock” I woke up mumbling and tried to find the off button on the alarm clock.

I think the alarm clock should have been called something like ‘I ruin everyone’s sleep’ device. I guess the next cruel thing after Voldemort is the Alarm clock.

Okay, there are many more things before the alarm clock but at least it’s on the list.

Why do I have to get up so early?? Oh yeah right cause of stupid college. Can’t they start it around 12 in the afternoon or something?

I fell back on the bed after calculating the time I have left to get ready for college. It was 6:45 am right now, I have to leave around 7:20 am so I have like half an hour.... Haa I can lay for five minutes more.

It’s not like five minutes are going to cause me any harm right?

Is it just me or the bed seems more warm and comfy in the morning? If it was in my hands I would have asked my bed out and would have made it my boyfriend and then even marry it one day. No boy drama....

Okay no, that’s not happening. Anyways, What’s a life without drama?

I dragged myself to the bathroom and did my business. I stood under the hot shower to get fully awake. It’s been three days since I found out about Dummy going to my college. The first two days, I literally kept looking in every direction to see if anyone was looking at me and in hopes of finding him in some way but unfortunately I couldn’t.

But then I got over it because I was pissed a bit, but more like I understood?

If he doesn’t want to come and reveal himself, I’m not going to stress out much about it nor push him to meet.

I didn’t tell anyone about him being in the same college as me. I wanted to share, but it’s not my place to tell something private about him to others. He must have an important reason for keeping his identity hidden or maybe he is just messing with my mind.... But I am hoping that it’s the first option.

I got out of the shower and dressed in my black skinny jeans and my favorite blue-colored hoodie. To be honest, my favorite hoodie was Aaron’s red hoodie. I didn’t return it to him after that day and surprisingly even he didn’t ask it back.

Well, that’s good for me. Yayyaya...

Aaron helped me a lot from keeping dummy out of my mind, though I didn’t tell him about the ‘thing’. As I said, whenever I am with Aaron I always forget about Mr. Artist. He is been coming over to help me with Math, but we end up watching Netflix and eating, more than studying actually.. That horrible subject is just killing my amazing brain cells.

Aaron and I have been really close. We almost share everything with each other. In fact, he made a ‘We will tell each other everything and will not keep any secrets from one another’ deal.

I actually feel really guilty and sad cause I am not being a good friend as I’m keeping things from him. I haven’t told him anything other than the ‘We will meet soon’ talk.

I wore my converse and went downstairs. Today, my breakfast consisted of an apple because my mom had to go to work early. I searched for my dad, but he was still asleep. I didn’t want to disturb him so I just wrote a note and stuck on the fridge saying

‘Good morning to my handsome dad. Your amazing daughter is off to college. Take care love ya xx’

I reached college after ten minutes and saw my group standing in a circle near Daniels car. Well, they were not actually standing, Bibs and Ash were talking about something and Aaron and Daniel were laughing about something and high fived each other.

One person is missing. Eva...

She hardly spends time with us these days. She got so busy with her essays and the project with that dude she was paired with.

What was his name again? Ryco uhh No,- ..Err it started with ..Co ..COLE right yes, it was Cole. The other day she was in such a foul mood cause of him. She says he is sweet sometimes but the next minute he is all cold and stuff.

Boys are so confusing and frustrating and er annoying and...okay the list is very long.

Suddenly, a black car which I am guessing is some type of sports car entered the parking lot with a full speed.

Everyone, like legit everyone in the parking lot, turned and started looking at the car.

In fact, even I was looking in the direction of the car curiously.

My eyes grew wide in shock and a smile grew on my face as I looked at the person who stepped out of the car.

It was none other than....

cue drumroll music

The person who was nothing but all shy till a week ago and kinda hated the ‘BOY’ species.


Eva just walked out of that amazing looking car but not alone. She was with Cole and the thing that shocked everyone was that ‘The scary and hot looking Cole’ was grinning and Eva was... she was blushing.

OMG, the girl has a lot of explaining to do.

I made a mental note to ask her everything later and walked to the guys.

“MIA, did you see that?” Bibs and Ash squealed in unison with excitement.

“Yess!“I nodded and squealed with them.

“Stop screaming,” Aaron yelled as he kept his hands on his ears trying to cover them and Daniel did the same.

“You both can shoo off from here if you don’t like listening to our talking,” I said turning to them.

Aaron pointed a finger at us three “The thing that you were doing was not talking but screaming and it was damaging our eardrums.” He accused.

Guys have such poor hearing tolerance. No offense but it’s true.

My dad always says that mom and I don’t talk decently but instead, keep on shouting in the house though we are standing at a distance of two steps or so from each other. Why would we shout for no reason? I mean why would I shout for no reason? I can understand if he is complaining only about mom cause well she keeps shouting for no reason, but well why me? Anyways....

“Haha,” Bbibs said, fake laughing and glaring at them.

Ten minutes were still left until the first class started. Today, I didn’t have math luckily but had Designing with Daniel.

Aaron left, well, was actually dragged by one of his friends five minutes ago.

“Guys, I have to go to the library to get some books for my history project.” Bib’s said, looking at the watch and we nodded.

“Wait. I’ll come too. I have to go in that direction as well.” Ash said to Bibs. Both of them left saying that they will meet us in the cafeteria.

“So ..butterfly, how are you doing this morning?” Daniel asked me, slinging his arm over my shoulder.

“I am doing totally fine,” I said giving him a tight smile.

Daniel has been acting a bit weird since two-three days. Weird as in he is literally walking me to every class which is very sweet actually. Well, I think it’s sweet because no one actually did such things for me ever.

He has been even texting me wishing me ‘Good night, beautiful’ and all that sweet stuff.

I even told girls about this and they think Daniel likes me but I don’t believe them.

Why will he like me? Maybe he does but just as a friend. Obviously! A guy in his right mind wouldn’t like me. I am not saying that I am ugly or something. I know I look good but well every girl has her insecurities in some way.

“Mr.Artist likes you, maybe” My stupid subconscious decided to pass an unnecessary comment but like everytime I ignored it with a mental eye roll.

“You just look like an angel when you are thinking.” He said, winking at me.

Way to flirt- wait did he just call me Angel? Oh my – why would he call me that. It can be a coincidence but.....

I looked at his face and zoned out trying to see some signs on his face.

Whenever we talked about Mr. Artist he used to get tensed. In fact, if I remember correctly, he even choked on his water when I told everyone about Mr. Artist.

The butterfly drawing, Daniel calling me butterfly, the day he started calling me with that name was the same day Mr. Artist posted the picture of a butterfly. HOLY SHITT !!!!

I looked at Daniel in shock.

Is he Mr. Artist? Is he the one who I was talking with the whole time? Is he the one behind that mystery mask....

I tried to speak but I couldn’t.

A part of me was happy cause well the person I was determined to find from so long might be the guy who is standing in front of me.

But a part of me was hoping that whatever I am saying was wrong. Because a part of me didn’t want Daniel to be Mr. Artist. I don’t know why but thinking of him as Mr. Artist made my heart feel something similar to pain and disappointment.

Why am I feeling disappointed when I was the one who was eager to meet him and wanted to meet him from days!?

“Because you don’t feel anything when you are with him, like the way you feel when you talk to him or .. Aaron.” My subconscious said.

“Why the hell are you bringing Aaron in here?”

“Just like that”

“Oh shut up”

“Hey,” Daniel said, clicking his finger in front of me and bringing me out from my argument with my sub conscious.

“Uh, yea?” I said softly.

“So, I wanted to ask you something?” He said scratching his neck.

I just nodded because I was not sure of my voice. I was feeling a bit weak and nervous.

“I know it might- a- umm sound weird ..but I-I wanted to ask you ...if that-” He said rambling and I just looked at him in confusion.

He let out a sigh and said the thing I didn’t even expect.

“Would you like to go on a date with me?”


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