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chapter 15

A/N: This chapter is a bit short cause its type of a filler chapter, but the next chapter is going to be full of surprises.

Mia’s P.O.V:

There are two things that I love deeply from the bottom of my heart. Food and Sleep.

All I asked my mom was to make something yummy that is cheesy like pasta or lasagna but no. My mom decided to make mixed vegetable rice.

I even offered to help her with cutting vegetables and stuff but she said “No,” straight away.

That’s so not fair.

Do I not deserve a nice, delicious dinner after a long day in college which was full of awkwardness.

After I had dinner, I went straight to my room and plopped myself on the bed. The dinner was filled with me sending glares at my mom after every minute while keeping a frown on my face as if it was glued to my forehead and my dad trying to control his laughter.

I’m lying on my bed since I came into my room after dinner.


Ticking off my clock was the only sound I could hear right now.

Usually, college people and even high school girls and boys have parties and go out on Friday night but here I, Mia Evelyn Jones, ate mixed vegetable rice and am sitting alone in my room, full of silence, trying to figure if I was stupid since birth or just lost my mind cause I fell from the bed yesterday morning.

I am crazy.

I am stupid

No, it’s not actually me who is crazy. It’s my stupid brain and a big mouth.

My braid decided to stop working I mean thinking, when Daniel asked me out and my big mouth decided to answer without giving my brain time to start thinking.

At least my blabber of mouth made someone’s day. *cough* Daniel’s day *cough*

After he asked me if I wanted to go out with him or not, I answered: “YEAH SURE” and a small smile. I swear I saw him smiling like an idiot for the first time since I met him.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to answer then and I still don’t know whether I want to go on this date or not.

But I have no option left other than going since I said yes to him plus a part of me thinks it’s actually good, cause that’s the way I can get to know him more and I can tryna find if he is the person I have been talking for like a month now.

The person I feel connected too.

I just hope everything goes well.

Daniel is really sweet, caring, and even looks hot. These qualities of him are enough to make a girl swoon but I just feel a bit of awkwardness when I am with him.

By awkwardness, I meant that before telling him about myself or acting who I really am I just think, cause I don’t want him to judge me.

That’s not how I feel when I chat with Mr. Artist... maybe that’s just cause I just chat with him and not talk to him face to face.

My phone lighted up as it received a message. I saw it was a text from Mr.Artist.

Mr. Artist: I hope that you’ll have a great evening tomorrow.

That got me confused. Why would he suddenly say something like this.

Good evening?

Tomorrow evening... OMG I have a date with Daniel tomorrow, in the evening.

Daniel.. ...Mr. Artist.

Okay now I am feeling hella nervous and scared and... ugh I don’t even know how am I feeling.


Me: Why would you say that suddenly?

I still asked him. I still don’t have any proof that says Daniel is Mr. Artist though all the things happened ’til now says that. I can’t just jump into that conclusion.

Mr. Artist: Just like that. I got to go, talk to you later Angel ;)

Such a jerk. How dare he say something so irrelevant and trouble me. If he had to go why did he even text me in the first place?

Why is he playing such mind games with me?

Does he want me to try and find who he is and surprise him by saying ‘Oh yea I know who you are LOVE’.

Ugh that’s it I am so tired with all of this stuff.

For sure I am going to go ask Daniel if he is Mr. Artist or not... Maybe, cause I don’t know how to confront someone.

“And what if he says yes?” My subconscious asked me .

“Then- uh – I”I tried to think about what I’ll do or how I will react but I couldn’t think of anything. Everything just went blank as if my mind was filled with fog and clouds and all the answers to my questions are hiding behind it.

The annoying feeling you get when you stand in a line to get a ticket for the movie and when it’s your turn they say “sorry, all tickets are sold” or just close their window saying it’s “Lunchtime” yes I am talking about that annoying feeling when you just feel to punch or slap someone, that’s how I am feeling right now. The answer’s I want, the mystery is so close to getting solved but then that jerk dummy says ”I got to go, talk to you later angel“, Angel my ass, can’t he just clear it up for good.

To trouble me more, my subconscious starts asking weird questions, and the horrible part is that I don’t have answers to it. I wanna cry nowww....

The subconscious should not even have permission to speak whatever they want. They just do nothing but make you think too much and trouble.

My phone dinged again and I quickly opened it hoping dummy would answer me on why he said that but instead I saw Daniel’s message.

Daniel: I’ll pick you up at 6:00 in the evening. See you then beautiful, I hope you will have a great evening tomorrow : ).

Me: Yea :), night.

I know I kinda replied in a rude way but I am just so irritated with everything....

That’s it. I am so gonna ‘woman the hell up’ tomorrow and ask Daniel if he is the artist, though now I feel that he is Mr. Artist.

The message is so similar. Mr. Artist said the same thing....

Ugh, all of this is so puzzling.

I turned my lights off and I closed my eyes thinking about my whole day.

How my mind thinks Daniel is Mr. Artist but my heart is saying something between yes and no and making me go crazy.

How Daniel asked me out for a date the same day I acted like a detective and tried to join the dots.

How I don’t have answers to the questions asked by my own mind.

How hard was it to hide about the date from girl’s and especially Aaron. He tried so hard to figure out the reason behind my silence the whole time in college.

How awkward was it to face Daniel the whole time in college.

After going through all this, I just asked for a yummy dinner but I had to eat MIXED VEGETABLE RICE for crying out loud.

Today’s day is going to go in my diary in the Stressful day’s section.

yeah I do write some specific days in my diary ′sometimes’. I don’t know why but I just do.

And well yep I have section’s in it.

But no one knows it so I don’t have fear of getting judged and someone laughing at my dumb ass.

And well the last thing which I forgot to add in what all I did today and how I feel.








*COUGH* I am *cough* gonna reveal *cough*who Mr.Artist is *cough*

Well wont be talking much..

i’m kinda stressed for my result that’s going to come in two days.

I am gonna cry...

Anyways take care yall

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