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chapter 16

“Mia- Oh sweetie, you look so beautiful.” My mom said shocked as she saw me wearing the sundress she gave me last Christmas.

It was a light purple sundress with small bow type things designed on it. I love this dress but I wore it like only once since Christmas and now it’s September. I never got the chance to wear it because of my love for hoodies and sweatpants.

I remember this one time in Florida, I went to this function type thingy which was at my mom’s friend’s place, wearing a white-colored hoodie and black sweatpants and my hair tied in a nice looking bun. In my opinion, I looked nice and descent but I guess nobody liked it cause of the stares I got from everyone, especially my mom. The way she glared at me after looking at my outfit, ahh I still get the chills if I imagine her scary-looking face.

But today, I get to wear this simple yet beautiful dress for the second time. Not because I have to attend some function or party but cause I have a DATE with Daniel…. Cue claps and hoots

Thanks, mom,” I said, smiling as I grabbed my mug of coffee from the table and went into living room.

It’s 5:30 in the evening right now which leaves thirty minutes for Daniel to come here and pick me up.

I sound super excited for this date cause I am all ready or can say all dolled up in Ash’s language, and thirty minutes early.

But it’s not like that. Yes I am a bit excited for two reasons.

First, I am going on a date after ages that too with someone so sweet and good looking.

Second, I will finally get to greet Mr. Artist aka Daniel in real.

After lots of thinking last night instead of sleeping, I managed to convince myself and my stubborn heart that Daniel is Mr. Artist.

I sacrificed my sleep.. poor me…

All the things that happened till now perfectly relate to Daniel’s reaction. It’s not like someone will intentionally go all stiff and go on spitting water in the grass after listening about Mr.Artist. There are fifty percent chances of it being a coincidence but then what about the butterfly thing.

How do I see the same picture of a butterfly that was on my top?

According to Eva, Daniel carried me home on the night of the party. That’s the same night I heard the person who carried me call Angel. I know I said that voice was nowhere similar to Daniel’s voice and I was sure about it but well I guess I am wrong…

Plus the random message I received from Mr. Artist last night and the same text I got from Daniel.

All of it just can’t be a coincidence right?

So after summing everything up I managed to convince myself with Daniel being Mr.Artist.

Yeah I know, I don’t get the same feeling with Daniel as I get with Mr. Artist, but that might be because until now Daniel and Mr.Artist were two completely different humans in my life. I was looking at Daniel differently, guess that’s why I feel that way. But maybe after I spend time with him I’ll eventually start feeling comfortable.

The foreign feelings I get when I am with Aaron? Well, it’s better that they remain foreign cause he clearly likes someone deeply. It’s written on his face, all the time he came home to help me with Math, and whenever we used to talk about ‘that topic’ he used to zone out and not just zone out but with a true, eye reaching smile on his face.

Any dumb person can tell that he has someone in his heart. Therefore it’s the best I just forget about it and be happy about having a person like him as my best friend.

“Hey kiddo, why are you dressed up, going somewhere?” Dad asked me as he sat on a chair in front of me with his cup of tea.

“Uhmm… I kinda have a date in some time.” I answered nervously .

Looking at his reaction I am guessing that mom didn’t fill him in about me going on a date. Me going on a date is not a problem with him but well he is a bit protective plus whenever I mention about a date or whenever mom talks about dating a guy or my future marriage, his protective dad side kicks in.

“Oh, well I hope you enjoy it and remember that I am just a call away with the pocket gun kept safely in my drawer.” He said giving a fake smile and I just rolled my eyes on his sentence.

“Dad quit reading and watching books and movies having mafia in it. For the hundredth time, you don’t even own a gun,” I said to my dad.

Sometimes I wonder if I got me being weird genes from my dad. Geez, what is with him and his imaginary gun threats.

“Fine,” He huffed “I am just trying to look for you.” He said, pouting. No wonder my mom calls him a kid sometimes.

“Well, I’ll be okay dad. Don’t worry, if anything goes wrong I’ll call you okay?” I said and went to hug him.

I have the world’s amazing, funniest, craziest and the sweetest dad.

Dad went into his room after ten minutes and it was already 6:10 pm.

Bad start, Daniel. A guy should never be late on a date …you made a very bad impression lmao

I was about to text him where he was but before I could my phone rang.

But the person calling me was not Daniel but was Aaron.

Why is he calling me?

“You will know the answer to it if you answer to his call” My subconscious spoke

“Oh yes right.”

“What’s up?” I asked as soon as I picked up the call.

“Hello to you too Mia,” Aaron spoke chuckling. I bet he is rolling his eyes right now.

“Yayay, now speak”

“Come out,” he said and I sort of yelled “What?”

“Come outside, bye.” with that he hung up.

Did he just hung up on me without answering? ..Such a Jerk….

But well why is he calling me outside???

I kept the book that I was reading on the table and went outside not before shouting goodbye to my mom.

As I went outside my house I saw Aaron sitting in his car which was in my driveway.

I went up to his car and knocked on his window cause that idiot was too busy to notice that I came out because of his loud ass music which could be heard from outside.

I feel bad for his ears.

“What are you doing here?” I asked yelled as he rolled down the window.

“Get in,” He said as he lowered the volume of the music.

“What? No, I have a date with Daniel. He must be on his way to pick me up” I said giving him confused looks.

“I know you have a date with him, Don’t worry … will you just get in.” He answered rolling his eyes.

“Well …. okay” I answered as I opened the door to the passenger’s side and got in.

“Did you not hear me saying that I have a date with Daniel and he must be on his way to pick me up?” I asked him as he started his car.

“I very well know that you have a ’date’ with him.” He said in a sassy yet bitter voice while stressing on the word date “But he had some work with his mom so he’ll be late. That’s why he asked me to hang out with you for an hour and then drop you to the location which he is going to send me.” He answered while he reversed the car from my driveway and started driving.

“Why didn’t he inform me?” I asked frowning.

“That I don’t know,” He said shrugging and the same time my phone dinged showing Daniel’s message that read ‘Sorry : (, but will see you in an hour or so.’

“He informed me just now,” I said showing his message to him to which he nodded.

“So where are we going?” I asked him.

“Remember I told you about my favorite place?” He asked and I nodded. “Well, that’s where we are going,” He said smiling cheekily.

“Ohh, I’m excited now” I answered with a big grin on my face.

“I hope you like it”

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