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(I am so so sorry for updating after ages,but well in return I revealed who MrArtist is check it out)

“Can I guess where you are taking me?” I asked Aaron cause: first, my guesses are always right, and second, I’m a very impatient person in such cases.

“Sure, go ahead.” He answered chuckling.

“And If I guess it right you are gonna treat me with ice cream, Deal?”

“And what if your guesses are wrong?” he smirked, haa loser that smirk on your face is going to disappear soon, I’m always right in guessing things.


“Then you’ll complete my one wish.” He paused “ But not now, whenever I ask.”

“Hmff” I frowned

“Don’t even act as if you are thinking, cause you are brainless” He teased and I smacked him hard on his head. “Okay, I agree as long as you don’t make me your slave and make me do all your chores” I answered and he laughed.

“Cliff, dam, somewhere top from where you can get the amazing view of Seattle, or maybe uh beach..?” I guessed

Haa I know he is going to take me to one of the places I mentioned. I don’t think there are any more places left in Seattle other than I mentioned.

He turned to look at me with a shocked face as if one of my answers were right. That made me a bit excited and I even started thinking of the ice cream flavor I’ll get but my plans of ice cream went down the hill and my excited expression disappeared as I saw him smiling widely and his famous smirk appeared as he said “Nopee”

“What? None of it? Are you kidding me? I literally mentioned every place that I have read in teen romance books on Wattpad, Inkitt as well the normal books and you are saying none of it.” I exclaimed loudly. I mean obviously I guessed the places on the basis of reading books.

“None sweetheart. Maybe you should use your brain more instead of saying things that you read. See this is why I called you brainless” He said and started laughing and I just glared at him making my eyes small and making them look a bit scary.

“Shut up and just drive” I huffed pouting and folding my hands.

Damm you books, I had so much faith in you but now I’d have to grant his wish. And I am sure he will make me do his chores or make me wash his clothes or something or will maybe make me do all his homework or the worst … he will make me eat the mayonnaise omelet made in his style just to trouble me. Even he hates that omelet but when he figured out that I hate it, he searched on youtube for the different recipes of the mayonnaise omelet and mixed everything and came up with his own invented product that tasted like shit.

No, I haven’t tasted shit to compare the taste ..ew ..but It’s just a saying.

“We are here,” He said as he parked in front of a building.

The building was not big or anything but was okayish and looked nice.

“Come on,” He said as both of us got out of the car and started walking towards the entrance of the building.

“Don’t tell me you are in Mafia or something” I said in a joking way but it came out in a serious and scared tone.

“Yeah I’m in Mafia and I am here to sell you so I’ll get money.” He said rolling his eyes.

I stopped at my place cause honestly, I felt a bit scared.

“I am kidding Mia. I do read books on Wattpad and stuff too….. sometimes” he chuckled.

Phew, he actually got me there at a point. “Doofus”

He dragged me to the third floor as he held my hand. Thankgod I am fit and exercised daily or otherwise, I would have been a panting mess.

He removed the key from his back pocket of jeans and opened the door.

As soon as I entered I was immersed in a strong smell of paint.

Wait what!? … paints?... I sniffed again ..and yes it definitely was the smell of paints.

I looked around and saw that the house wait the room had blue walls and nice white and sky blue colored curtains.

The walls looked bright as if they were recently painted. Ohh that’s why I can smell paints everywhere.

The place wasn’t big it was just a small living room type with a small kitchen and a balcony. I just guessed the small part as kitchen cause there was a table placed and some packets of food and a stove too.

Ahh, I love it. Tho it’s not big but it is cozy and oddly uh... familiar?

Weird right? I am visiting this place for the first time but it feels as if I have seen it somewhere. Might be just homely feeling I am getting here that’s why.

“Whose place is this?” I asked as we went to look outside the balcony. The view outside was just amazing and to add more beauty to the view the color of the sky was turned completely pink.

It just looked so mesmerizing.

“It’s mine. I bought this place when I was fifteen.” He said looking at the sky.

“Fifteen?” I asked in shock to which he noded. “Woah how did you manage to afford it?” I asked him, It’s not common that a fifteen-year-old teenager can afford to buy a place on his own unless he is hella rich.

“Just from the money, I saved after working” He answered and shrugged as if it was nothing.

“What kind of work did you do at fourteen? I wondered “Gosh you ask so many questions,” He said chuckling and turned back to walk inside the room.

“I’m just curious” I pouted and he just ruffled my hair laughing at me.

“Wana have coffee?” He asked as he walked to the side of the room which I guessed as kitchen.

“Nope. I have a date later, remember?” I said as I sat on the bean bag.

“Right,” he said giving me a tight smile.

“So you like Daniel ha?” He asked me but I couldn’t answer. I wasn’t prepared to answer for such questions he just caught me off-guard with the sudden question. But I should have seen it coming.

“I uh I don’t know” I stuttered.

“Then why are you going on this date?” He asked with confusion clearly on his face.

Should I tell him the truth of Daniel being Mr.Artist? But that’ll make his mysterious identity reveal and I don’t know if it’s okay with him or not. But … it’s not like Daniel has confirmed it yet so it’s not wrong in telling him.

I know it’s not right and it’s me who is trying to find reasons so I can tell Aaron and convince myself that I’m not doing something wrong.

And I trust Aaron, a lot I might add. He won’t tell anyone even if Daniel confirms it. Yes, he won’t and I just need to tell this to someone. I need to talk about this to someone.

“I think Daniel is Mr. Artist,” I said loudly and very clearly.

“What?” The sound of Aaron yelling what echoed in the room cause it was pretty much empty.

“Yes. I think he is MrArtist cause literally everything that has happened till now has some kind of connection with Daniel.” I stated.

“Why do you think that?” He asked and with that, I trailed of telling him everything since the start.

“And what if he is not?” Okay, I didn’t expect him to ask him this question right after I told him all the resemblances of the situations.

“Why would you ask that?” I asked him cause I didn’t know the answer to his question.

“Just answer, Mia.” He said blankly.

“Then I don’t know,” I answered truthfully

“Would you still date him if he asks you out?” He asked. His questions were really making me confused.

“Maybe yes. I will” I answered and I was surprised at my own response.

“Why? … and what about Mr. Artist then?”

“Cause … he – he is sweet and caring. If Mr. Artist really cared about me he would have told me who he is instead of being so secretive. I’m just so frustrated. It’s been over two months that we are talking. He didn’t even tell me his name.” I took a breath. I didn’t know where everything is coming but I know one thing that I need to let it out. “ As you said I gave him time, I didn’t push him into telling anything. But what I got in return? confusion and stress. That’s what I got.” the tears of anger and frustration were building up in my eyes now and were threatening to fall.

“I did nothing but was waiting patiently for him to open up and talk but he did not... even once. I don’t even know if he feels the connection between us that he mentioned or was it just a mere joke to him to play with my feelings.” I scoffed angrily

“I am tired of waiting, I want to be there for him and talk to him but what can I do when he doesn’t want to open up. That’s why I’ll date Daniel and I am sure maybe with time I’ll start liking him that is if he is not Mr.Artist. Today is the last day of me waiting, I’m gonna confront Daniel and ask him if he is MrArtist or not. If he is I’ll just sort everything out with him and talk with him and if he is not then I’ll just try to move on. Cause I’m tired now, I tried, I am trying and I am willing to keep on trying if he gives me a reason too or otherwise I’m gonna move on.” I said as few tears rolled down my eyes.

Aaron didn’t say a thing the whole time, he did open his mouth numerous times may be to say something but he didn’t, but I’m glad he didn’t cause I had to let everything out of my chest.

“Mia – I” He started to say something but he was cut off by ringing of his phone.

I just looked at his face, he looked sad so many emotions were present in his eyes. Well obviously he will be sad I am his best friend after all but honestly, I don’t like it if anybody gets sad because of me.


“Yess, I’ll drop her there in 20 minutes,” he said and hung up.

“You okay?” He asked looking concerned as he shoved his phone in his pocket.

“Yes,” I nodded as I bit my lower lip. “I am guessing that was Daniel on the call?” I asked and nodded sighing “Yes, he is waiting for you in the restaurant two blocks down from here.”

“Well okay, let’s go then,” I said and spun on my heels before he could say anything. I heard a loud sigh accompanied by footsteps.

The door was only two steps away but my foot had some other plans. The plan consisted of making my butt come in contact with the floor, but again I’m used to this plan. This falling thing at every new place I go has become like a ritual. I was waiting to feel the impact and was preparing myself to get all embarrassed in the time which was merely a second but instead two strong arms grabbed my waist and rescued me from falling.

The ritual is broken, yeah.

I didn’t realize my eyes were closed tightly until I opened them and was met with blue eyes filled with amusement looking at me.

Ha yep why would he not find this situation funny.

“If you were not glaring at me right now I would have been laughing real bad, but you glares are kinda scaring me.” He said chuckling as he helped me stand steadily.

“I dare you to laugh” I threatened him making my face scary. Tho I was laughing in my mind looking at his scared expression. “Keep that thing in its right place before someone else falls” I said pointing at the brush.

“Oh don’t worry about someone else falling. You are the first person I brought here and I don’t think I’ll be bringing anyone else here other than you anytime soon.” He said with a small smile but his voice held seriousness.

Wow I was the first person to come here…I feel special. But well I know who will be the next girl that Aaron will be bringing here….the girl who is in his thoughts always, the one who he daydreams and night dreams about, the girl who makes him smile like an idiot, his DREAM GIRL. I am happy for him and that girl, at least both of them bring smiles on each other’s faces.

Maybe my fate is cursed in the love department, that’s why I am considering the option of marrying my bed in the future.

“Hello?” Aaron called out loud bringing me back from my marriage thoughts.

“Ahh yeah”

“We should get going, don’t want to keep your date aka Mr. Artist waiting now, do we?” He asked and I nodded walking out of the room.

We quickly sat in Aaron’s car and Aaron started the car. It took hardly five minutes to reach the place where Daniel was going to meet. The whole till there was silence. I was too embarrassed to speak anything after my outburst and well I am guessing Aaron didn’t talk because he didn’t know what to? I just received glances from me after every minute with a sad look in his eyes. I know he was trying to ask if I am okay or not but couldn’t bring himself to ask.

Aaron parked his car in front of the restaurant named Bluestone…. hmm, fancy name.

I saw Daniel leaning against his car with the phone is in his hand. Aaron honked the horn which caught Daniel’s attention and he gave a bright smile as he waved at us and came towards the car.

“I – I hope you have fun tonight Mia. Take care” Aaron said looking straight into my eyes with a blank expression and a tight smile. Before I could say anything to him Daniel opened the door of the car with a bright smile on his face.

“Thanks, Man,” Daniel said to which Aaron gave a nod with the same expression. Did he just glued that straight face expression to his face… he didn’t even smile even once the whole time in the car, showing his amazing dimples.

As I got out of the car Aaron gave us a “have fun” look and drove away. I bet he woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

I was the one who had an outburst just twenty minutes ago and Aaron is the one with a sour mood. Shouldn’t I be the one with sad and long face? Boys are so damn confusing and I bet they are the one PMSing...

“You look beautiful, butterfly” Daniel complimented and my cheeks turned red. Thank god it was almost dark in here or he would have seen me blushing and I didn’t plan to embarrass myself for the second time not even in half-hour.

First, by almost falling in front of Aaron and well now with my blushing

“Thank you” I replied and looked at him that’s when I noticed how good he looked. He was wearing a white t-shirt with top buttons open and sand-colored pants. He really looked hot. I never thought that I’ll go on a date with such a good looking guy. “You dressed up good too.” he smiled.

“Let’s go, shall we?” He asked and I nodded with a smile following him towards the entrance of the restaurant.

I was about to pull the door to get in but he pulled me back and opened it for me instead.

“Oo such a gentleman” I teased

“I am a gentleman” he winked more like tried to wink but failed miserably which lead to me laughing like crazy.

“A gentleman who cant even wink” I smirked and he just glared at me playfully.

“I can wink, I just did that to make you laugh” he defended

“Haha sure, whatever.” both of us chuckled and went inside.

We sat on a table near the window with an amazing view. The place was beautiful and lavish. I never visit such luxurious places. I do sometimes but that is very rare I just like small and cozy places.

“Thank you for coming on a date with me, you really made my evening.” He said with a bright grin on his face. “Ahh you don’t need to thank me, in fact, I am happy that I am on a date with you,” I said smiling genuinely.

And then ….we fell into an awkward silence. I somewhat hate the silence especially the awkward one.

“So hows life going?” I asked trying to make a conversation.

“It’s going well. You say?” He answered.

“It going fine I suppose” And that’s how we started talking on random topics.

Daniel was busy on his phone texting and calling and telling me about his some super cool friends that live in uh .. I don’t remember cause I hardly paid attention to what he was talking as I was busy in thinking of a way of how I can woman up and ask him about the answers that I wanted to know desperately.

Why is life so unfair? One moment it gives hope, happiness and the next moment everything is gone.

Confused and angry would be the perfect words to describe my mood after the talk I had with Daniel in front of my house when he walked me to my door.

I prepared myself the whole time while we were having dinner, and talking and also the time in the car, just thinking about the ways I could confirm what I was thinking and wanted to know.

“Once again thank you for coming on a date with me, I honestly was worried about your answer, I mean until I asked you to go out on a date I thought that you liked that Mr.Artist guy and something was going on with you two. I am sorry for thinking like that, I should have been sensible. That guy seems like a dork tho he is quite famous, who refuses to get famous plus keeps his identity masked with some stupid name like Mr.Artist. Anyways that’s not the point I am just happy you said yes to go out with me today and I hope you had fun today”.

I had to close my mouth that I had opened to ask him the question but I guess I didn’t have to ask.

After what he told me I just said “Yes, it’s late I need to go inside. Thank you goodnight” I didn’t even wait for his response which was not very nice of me and more off too rude to the person who took me on a date. But I was not able to control my emotions. I was so confused, if he wasn’t Mr.Artist then how did each and everything happened till now linked with Daniel.

Everything is just so confusing . It’s like the more I want to know the truth, the more my way towards the answers is extending. This is the half description for my mood and the half which consists of anger have two reasons.

First, I somewhat -err, okay who am I kidding, I did not like the way Daniel spoke about Mr.Artist at all. Nobody asked for his opinion.

And Second, the most bothersome reason is that I am angry on my myself for not feeling disappointed. I thought I’ll be too disappointed if MrArtist is not Daniel but I feel nothing other than a bit sad and being confused.

My mind was so positive of Daniel being Mr.Artist but….

“Ugh” this is the fifth time I’m groaning and I need to definitely stop pulling my hair out of frustration before it comes in my hand.

I tried to do everything to take my mind out of it. I tried to watch Friends, Korean drams, listened to songs, tried to dance which ended with me falling on my knees and hurting my elbow.

“WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO” I yelled while covering my mouth with a pillow.

A ding on my phone brought me out of my groaning. I picked up my phone and saw that Aaron sent me a snap as usual which I never open. Yes, I do maintain my snap streaks but I’m too lazy to open and check snaps of everyone. But I guess now is the time to open snaps to distract myself.

I opened Biba’s snaps which were of sunsets and selfies after a shower, Evys were of doing assignments on a laptop , Nothing from Ashley cause she deleted her account and Aaron had sent me tons of snaps.

Some of them were of him in the gym, some showing the ball and some drinking coffee. One particular coffee snap caught my attention and I wasted no minute in calling him because I was freaking out practically.

I tried calling him two freaking times but it went straight to voice mail. I opened the latest snap he sent me five minutes ago. It was a swing with the background of the dark sky taken in the park that I got familiar with which was near my house.

I wore my hoodie,tied my hair in a bun, grabbed my key, and made my way out of the house as quietly I could.

I just ran without stopping till I reached the park. I was running out of breath but it was important to meet him before he leaves.

I prayed with everything in me that he would still be there. Sweat was dripping down from my forehead because of the running I did. I took a long breath as I reached the entrance of the park. I went inside with my fingers crossed. I looked on every bench to see if he was sitting there or something but he wasn’t there. I closed my eyes in disappointment and turned back to return home but I heard some music coming from the direction of swing. Nobody was sitting on the swing and I couldn’t see any further because of the dark and the bush was covering it.

I walked up to them slowly and my heart started racing as I saw Aaron laying on the grass with the bottle of alcohol beside him.

“Aaron” I whisper yelled, but he didn’t hear it.

“Aaron” I called him again and this time my voice caught his attention as he turned towards me.

He got up with a surprised look on his face and whispered something I couldn’t hear. But as I saw his face in the dim street light pole that was in the park my eyes started filling with tears. His eyes were turned red. He looked broken, the bright smile which was always on Aarons face no matter what was nowhere there.

“I want to know something,” I said as I took one step towards him.

“What are you doing here” Aaron asked with confusion.

“Don’t ask me anything, Answer my question” I said ignoring his question.

“Why did you lie to me?” I said as tears started rolling down my face for no reason.

“Wha-at? How..?” I cut him off and this time I shouted in so much anger “Why did you hide such big and important thing from me? Whyy?”

He didn’t speak a word just looked straight in my eyes, those blue eyes which always makes me forget everything. But this time no .. I want my answers.

“Wh-what are you talking about Mia?” He asked with a croaked voice.

“You very well know what I am talking about Aaron..or should I say ..MrArtisr?” I yelled as I ran towards him and smacked his chest .

He was standing with a hurt and shock look on his face, pain evident in his eyes.

“Please tell me Aaron, answer me” I sobbed…

He closed his eyes tightly giving me no answer but opened his mouth““I had to ..ANGEL” he said and opened his eyes which were filled with tears.

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