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Chapter 3

Mia’s P.O.V

Mr. Artist. The guy who is a great artist and his paintings are beyond marvelous. He has won the hearts of more than millions of people. Every single piece of art he has posted on his page has a very deep meaning behind it. I had never seen such amazing paintings in my life. When I saw his work for the first time, I was so fascinated. He is one of the hot topics on every news channel and on all tabloids.

Why? It’s because no one knows him. He has kept his identity mysterious. He is known as Mr. Artist everywhere. He is so famous that although he has kept his identity mysterious, his account is verified on friend’s book.

And right now, I am waiting for his message. Crazy right? Even I can’t believe it sometimes.

I still remember the day when I messaged him that night. I just texted him appreciating his work and asking him for the message and meaning about one of his paintings that’s so enthralling. At that time, I felt so stupid to text him because I knew that he wouldn’t reply to me. I mean, the dude is practically like a celebrity. Plus, he has a verified account. Why in the world will he text me back?

Surprisingly, I got a notification saying I received a reply from Mr. Artist. I was beyond stunned, speechless even. I never thought I would get a reply from him. That night, instead of replying to him I was jumping on the bed like a crazy fangirl. When I got my senses back, I replied to him back and I don’t know how, but we ended up texting and talking with each other every day. In fact, I even dared to ask him why was he talking to me. His reply kind of seemed doomed, but I couldn’t quite understand it because you never know a person behind the laptop or phone talking until it’s face to face.

"You are different, you know. I check each and every message that I get from my fans, but in every message, all I found are similar questions or statements asking that who I am or ’Your paintings are just amazing,′ whereas when I saw your message, it was completely different. You were the first person who actually asked the meaning behind it and actually tried to figure out the meaning behind it.

I really don’t know why, but after his reply I just felt like talking to him and wanting to be there for him. I know it’s ridiculous, wanting to be there for someone you don’t know, a complete stranger and also happens to be a famous person who has his identity hidden.

I can’t help it but I feel like that!

It’s been two weeks since we started talking. I haven’t talked with him for two days. I wanted to, but I couldn’t because of the shifting and school. But now, I can finally do.

I opened his chatbox and saw so many messages from him.


Mr. Artist: Hey. I saw all the designs you made and they are really amazing. You just have to work on some minute details and then they will be perfect.


Mr. Artist: Hey, you there? Didn’t hear from you yesterday.

Mr. Artist: I posted one of my new paintings. I actually want to know what you think about it.

Mr. Artist: I’m so sorry for bothering you with my messages even though you aren’t replying back.


Mr. Artist: I am getting worried about you, you are okay right?

Woah, I never thought he would leave me so many messages.

Without wasting a minute, I replied to him.

Me: Hey mystery guy. I am really sorry for not replying for the past two days. I kind of moved to Seattle yesterday and had school today so I was busy with the flights, shifting, and school, that I didn’t get to come online. I will see your post as soon as possible and let you know. And no, I am not ignoring you. I would never do. Why would I even do that? I mean, unless you turn out to be some creep and stupid hacker behind this Mr. Artist (;. Don’t worry I am totally alright.

I replied to him with all the answers to his questions in one big text. After sending it, I realize that it looks like a big stupid paragraph.

Not even a second passed and I hear a ‘ding’ sound on my laptop saying I have a message from Mr. Artist.

Mr. Artist: Hey. Thank god you are okay. Wait, last time we talked you were in Florida and suddenly you are telling me that you moved to Seattle? Are you trying to stalk me, Miss Mia Jones? (;

What the heck does he mean by stalking him? Does it mean he lives in here, in Seattle?

I have been talking to him for two weeks and the only thing I know is that he is the same age as mine and that he is single.

No, I wasn’t the one who asked him about him being in a relationship or not. He just told me that he’s single and honestly, I don’t even know why.

Let’s go back to the stalking thing.

Me: STALKING? Does that mean you live in Seattle? Dont you dare to lie. You know my name, age, and even where I used to live. You owe me at least this much.

Mr. Artist: Yep. I do owe you that much. In fact, I owe you so much more than that. To answer your question, yes. I do live in Seattle.

Me: For real?! Woah, that’s a big coincidence, right? And doofus. How can I stalk you when I don’t even know your name nor have I seen your face.

Mr. Artist: Yeah right:/

Me: Why are you so secretive about yourself?

I couldn’t help but ask him this question. I was going to ask him this one day, but we got engaged in talking about art. I wanted to ask him that for a long time, and I finally did today.

Mr. Artist: . It’s getting really late and I need to sleep. You should sleep as well. Good night, Mia. Sweet dreams!

With that, he went offline. He totally ignored my question. I just replied a short goodnight and went offline as well.

Why doesn’t he want to reveal his identity? Why is he so mysterious? He has got such a talent that is being admired by millions of people all around the world. What is it that keeps him back from the real him? I haven’t talked with him face to face or even a call but every sketch and painting of his hold a deep message. The way he talks and his words in the messages expresses that he is sad though he never directly said that.

“Ugh, Mia. Why are you even bothering yourself thinking about the person you don’t know and maybe won’t ever know.” I mumbled to myself, closing the laptop and keeping it on the nightstand.

He said that he was worried when I didn’t reply to him. Why? Why was he worried when he doesn’t even know me? Just knowing someone’s name and talking for like two weeks is enough to be worried? Is it?

“I guess so? Technically, I don’t even know his name nor where he lived, until now. Still, I think about him and stress my mind trying to figure him out. I feel like I should be there for him, so him being worried is normal, right?” I answered my own question.

I don’t know why, but he intrigues me so much. I don’t know who he is, but he is always in my head somewhere. I have to stop thinking about him or I’ll go insane.

After deciding that I am going to ignore all these stupid thoughts, I set my alarm to 6:00 am to get up for the college. I switched off the lights, and tried to sleep. Very soon, the darkness overhauled me and I was deep asleep.


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