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Chapter 4

Mia's P.O.V

It feels so good to be in a park, sitting on a swing, feeling the cold breeze hitting my face, enjoying with friends, and looking at the beautiful view around me.

This is what I need to keep my mind away from thinking about him. It annoys me so much to feel connected to a complete stranger who I have never met nor seen. I don’t even know his name. I don’t know why, but I believe him even though I know he can be lying about his age or anything. I still believe him.

How can I be so free to a person who I just talk to online? So what if his account is verified? That doesn’t mean he is an amazing person and not a douche. I try to convince myself with this every day. My mind almost gives in but my stupid heart is too stubborn to listen and understand.

Ugh stupid me I am thinking about it again….anyways

It was 4:00 in the evening and all of us decided to hang out in this park. After our classes ended, we went to our houses to keep our bags, freshen up, and hang out at this abandoned but beautiful park as we had no homework today. Eva picked me up from my place since I had no idea where this park is. However, now that I know, I can come here often as it is very close to my place.

I wonder why nobody comes here. I mean this is such a beautiful and soothing place.

I was enjoying the silence around me until I heard a very loud noise coming from the slide.

Aaron was trying to climb up the slide, and Daniel was sliding. Both came and stopped in middle arguing about who came first and who should back off


“What are they? Five?”


“Way to ruin the silence.”

Bibs, Ashley, Eva, and I said at the same time and all of us burst out laughing loudly. The sound of our laughter caught the attention of those two idiots who came running to us.

“What’s so funny? We want to laugh too.” Aaron said in a baby voice which proved that he was a five-year-old child with the body of an eighteen-year-old guy.

“You both! That’s what’s funny.” Ashley said, shaking her head.

“Haha sure. Anyways, let’s do something fun.” Both the boys said.

“And what do you think we should be doing as ‘fun’?” Bibs asked mocking them.

“Truth or Dare?” Daniel suggested.

After three people saying yes, two of them whining and complaining, and the rest just shrugging, we finally decided to play it.

I was the one saying yes as well. It’s a fun game to be honest, unless some evil dare or some stupid question comes your way.

All of us sat in a circle on the soft green lawn. Surprisingly, Daniel was sitting on my right side. Yeah, I was surprised because both of us never really talked. I know that it’s only the second day, but I got along with everyone as if we knew each other for ages, but Daniel didn’t talk with me much like others. He always kept staring at me with cold eyes.

As we didn’t have a bottle to spin we were using the number technique that Ashley knew. None of us quite understood the sense behind the technique, but we just kept on playing. I should say the game was more of a truth game instead of truth or dare. There was not much to do as a dare as only six of us were present in the park, so we decided on just playing the truth.

“So I used to like this guy in my junior year and one day, I was so busy ogling him while he was playing football that I didn’t see the ball coming my way and it hit me hard straight on the face. Due to the speed of the ball, I lost my balance and landed straight on my butt. The horrible part was that the guy I liked came to me, just took the ball, and went off but not before laughing at me.” Eva told us her embarrassing story as she was asked to tell one.

“Mia now it’s your turn to answer. All of us have already finished our turns so you are the only person left.” Bibs said and everyone agreed to it.

“Hey that’s not how this game works. Bibs, I thought you’re my friend? Friends don’t set their friends up.” I tried to protest and glared at her.

“Oh shut up duck head. Don’t be a whiny baby.” Aaron said to me and I stuck my tongue out at him.

What is it with him calling me duck head? Do I look like a duck? Remind me to ask him later about it. It’s time to answer whatever the stupid question they ask.

“Fine. Who is going to ask me the question?” I asked looking at them.

“Meeeeee” Ash shouted so loudly that all of us had to cover our ears otherwise it would have caused serious damage to them.

“Geez woman, stop shouting or you will make all of us deaf.” Aaron said to her while rubbing his hands over his ears.

“Oh stop with the overreacting and let me ask her the question.” Ashley said rolling her eyes at him and he gave her a ‘Really?’ look but didn’t say anything.

“So Mia, do you have a boyfriend or had one ’til now?” she asked. All of them were looking at me, waiting to hear my answer. I felt Daniel becoming stiff as he was sitting very close to me by now.

I knew this question was coming on my way. “Uh-mm well I did have three boyfriends like ages ago but it wasn’t that serious. And for now, I am single.” I told them honestly and all of them made ‘O’ shape and Daniel left out a breath as if he didn’t have the inhalation and exhalation process known as breathing for a few minutes. This guy is definitely weird.

“Woahh, three boyfriends? Who knew innocent-looking Mia will turn out to be a player.” Aaron said teasing me and all of them started laughing.

“It wasn’t funny at all.” I said with an annoying look.

“So is there any guy on your mind right now?” Bibs asked me suddenly.

“uhh- No –nope” I lied .Because there was this certain someone known as Mr. Artist who is always in my head, messing it up.

“Hell, there is one. You are a shitty liar Mia.” Eva said and everyone turned at me looking at my face again expecting answers.

“No- There is no one and besides you guys only get to ask me one question according to the rules and that you did, and now this is the second one so I am not answering it.” I defended.

“Fuck the rules.” Bibs said.

“Come on you are our best friend now and best friends know everything about each other. Come on spill the beans.” Eva said making puppy eyes.

I do wish that I wasn’t this easy to get. I mean, those puppy eyes really make me lose my will and people always get what they want from me.

“Pretty pweaseeeee” All the girls and Aaron said together making puppy eyes. Only Daniel wasn’t the one. He was busy tapping on his phone.

“Ugh fine.” I gave in.

“So there is this guy, I have been chatting with him for like two weeks now. I don’t know why, but he is always in my head. Whenever I try to sleep, he is in my head. Whenever I try to draw designs, I think about him. It’s so annoying, thinking about the person who is a complete stranger to me.I don’t know how he looks like or his name. He is a mystery man.” I said all of it one breath. It feels so good to tell these things to someone else rather than keeping it in my mind and stressing over it.

After telling everything, I looked at everyone’s faces which were looking at me in shock because of my sudden frustrated outburst.

“Hey girl, It’s okay. Don’t stress yourself out.” Bibs said, keeping her hand on mine, giving a light squeeze.

“He must have a username, right? We can try to do some digging if we can.” Ash suggested and all the girls nodded.

Aaron and Daniel said nothing the whole time. They were just looking at all of us. Daniel looked a bit angry, looking at his face, but he covered it up with his usual cold look.

“Yeah she is right. What’s the username?” Eva asked.

“umm- ahh –Mr. Artist” I stuttered and I don’t know why I did that.

After listening to the name I said, everyone went dead silent other than Daniel. He choked on the water he was drinking and spilled it all over. Thank god it was grass and not some floor.

“Are you talking about the Mr. Artist who is all over tabloids?” Ash asked and I nodded.

“The guy who has kept his identity hidden?” She asked me again and I nodded again.

“You talking about the Mr. Artist who won the International Art award, but never showed at the award function so his identity doesn’t get revealed. You’re saying that you are talking to him SINCE.TWO.WEEKS?” she asked again, stressing over the last part.

“YES, the very same person who you are describing ash.” I said because I was tired of nodding.

“OH. MY.GOD” the girls screeched in excitement.

Aaron had a shocked face and Daniel looked bit pale and somewhat sad.

“That is so -… unbelievable and great.” Eva said and hugged me. Now, I was on the ground with three girls on top of me hugging the life out of me.

“Oh my gosh this is so exciting. We want to know everything. How did you guys started talking and-” Bibs started saying but was cut off by her phone ringing.

It was her mom asking when she was coming back. As I looked around me, I saw it was getting dark cause it was already 7:00 pm now. We actually lost the track of time.

“Ugh, stupid fucking time. I am so excited to know everything.” Ash said while Eva pouted.

“Well, I guess this will be the story for another time. Let’s go home right now before our parents call us for like a hundred times.” I said and got up dusting the dirt on my jeans so did the others.

After the girls squealed again and hugging me for the fifth time in excitement, we finally bid our goodbyes and decided to head home.

Aaron offered to drop me home as I got here with Eva. I could have gone back with her, but her parents are kind of strict with the timings and it was already getting late so I agreed to Aarons offer and decided to go with him. I saw Daniel clenching his jaw when Aaron offered to drop me, but before I could ask Daniel anything he walked off. There is some serious problem with this guy….

The five minutes ride to home with Aaron went listening to Spanish songs and laughing over the stupid lyrics he was saying.

“Today was really fun.” Aaron said as he pulled over the car in front of my house.

“It really was. Thanks to you guys for accepting me as your friend otherwise I would be at home right now dying out of boredom.” I said laughing and Aaron chuckled.

“Thanks for giving me a ride back home.” I said and opened the door to get out.

“Hey Mia. Don’t stress out much thinking about the ‘mystery dude’ okay? Just go with the flow without overthinking. Just give him time so he will open up to you, maybe.” Aaron said before I could step out and gave me a beautiful smile.

Yeah, he is right. I should just go with the flow….

“Thanks, Aaron.” I said and hugged him. I really needed some advice on it and a friend who I can talk with.

“You don’t need to thank me duck head. If that douche doesn’t treat you right or cause you to stress much, just ignore him. You have an amazing, hot ass best friend like me. I’ll make you experience the best time of your life.” He said, winking and I gave him a slight push on his shoulder playfully.

I always wanted a guy best friend who can understand me and give me advice. I guess I have found one now. Aaron is quite understanding and funny, even though he acts like a kid all the time. He really makes me forget about Mr. Artist with his stupid jokes and mainly makes me feel alive. The time or little moments I spend with him in the class or the cafeteria and even todays ride are the best ones. Tho he acts like a kid, but I know he does that purposely to make everyone laugh.

“Bye Aaron. Have a good night.” I said looking in his blue eyes and got out of the car.

“Bye Mia. Sweet dreams. I’ll see you tomorrow at the college or how about I come to pick you up and we can go together?” He asked me, raising his eyebrows. I guess that isn’t a bad idea. I hate driving in the morning as it is.

“Sure. Sounds good. Be there at 7:20 am, sharp. Don’t be late.” I said in my warning tone.

“Yes ma’am.” He said, rolling his eyes at me.

“Bye,” I waved at him and walked towards my home. I saw him waving his hand at me and then he drove off.

I took a warm shower and had dinner with my parents. We kind of have this thing of eating the dinner together and asking about each other’s day.

I told them that I had an amazing day with my new friends and mom wanted to meet all of them. She was so excited to meet these new amazing friends I made.

After kissing my mom and dad goodnight, I went upstairs to my room.

It took everything in me not to open my laptop and talk with him. I decided not to talk with him today and give my brain some time off from thinking.

I switched the night lamp off and laid in bed, hugging my favorite pillow just thinking about today’s events.

I really had fun today. I am happy that all of my new friends are really amazing.

I don’t why, but Daniel was acting really weird the whole time.


And about Aaron’s advice, I think he is right. I should not push the topic and give him some space. He might open up to me one day.

I wish that day comes soon….

With that, I slept, hugging my pillow tightly.

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