By his side

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chapter 6


“This can’t be just a coincidence right? Something so similar just can’t be any coincidence.” I kept on reciting this sentence in my head

Does he know who I am?

Has he seen me?

Is he someone that I know? But I don’t have many friends other than those five idiots.

So it’s definitely not someone I know.

Who is he then? How did he paint the exact same image?

All answers to my questions can be answered by only one person and that is none other than Mr. Artist but I doubt he will answer any of them.

“Ugh! Gosh, why is this so frustrating?” I groaned, throwing the top I was holding to the other side of my bed.

This is not fair. I asked for a change in my life and I got what I wanted by moving to Seattle but I didn’t know that this offer came along with it.

“I asked for a change, not guy problems,” I frustratingly mumbled and placed my head in my hands trying to calm down.

“I guess I should try to get answers from him, right? At least try to get them.” I asked loudly to no one in particular as there was no one in my room.

After having a battle in my mind for five minutes, I decided to log on to Friends Book and go to our chat.

I even considered the option of ignoring and shutting everything down and just go to sleep but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep with hundreds of thoughts and questions in my mind.

Taking a deep breath I finally clicked on his name, opened the chatbox and started reading the messages he sent.

Yesterday 7:00 am

Mr. Artist:Good morning. I’d really like to apologize to you for my behavior yesterday. I really didn’t mean to be rude. It’s just that the topic is really complicated for me … I just can’t talk about it even if I wanted too.

I got this weird emotional feeling in my heart as I read the last part.

If I want too…? What does that mean? Does he want to talk about it but he can’t because someone might be blackmailing him?

But who will blackmail him? His kidnapper? But why in the world will someone kidnap him?

“Ugh, Mia get your head out of your stupid imagination.” My inner voice yelled in my mind.

Right. I am thinking about useless stuff. I should really stop watching those thrillers and mysterious movies. They’re messing up with my imagination.

I pushed away my thoughts and started reading the following messages.

Yesterday 7:10 am

Mr. Artist: I really am sorry, Mia. Please forgive me.

“Should I?” I thought to myself.

“Maybe I should. It’s not completely his fault. I mean, it’s hard for some people to open up and on top of that, I am a stranger, not someone he knows personally. Yes, I should forgive him.” I replied to my own question. I replied to my own question. I know I did not just answer my question but tried to defend him and find a reason to forgive him.

His sentence, I am sorry, Mia .. came in my mind again. Reading my own name felt so different. I wish I could hear my name coming out from his mouth, in his voice. I felt this sudden urge to listen to his voice but sadly I cannot.

Yesterday 11:30 pm

Mr. Artist: I have a feeling that you will :)

Oh, you are right about that. I do forgive you…

I was about to reply to him that yes, I do, but he beat me to it and his message popped up.


MrArtist: Oh, I get it. You are still pissed at me and you don’t forgive me. I am really sorry… I just..

Ugh stupid guys and their assumptions

Me: Do you have glasses?

Mr. Artist: What? No, I don’t have glasses. Why would you ask that all of a sudden?

Me: I just thought that you have glasses and didn’t wear them because you said that I am pissed at you when I did not once mention that. Hell, I didn’t even reply ’cause I didn’t get the chance to. How could you assume it on your own?

I really tried not to be sarcastic while replying to his messages but I failed to do so. I just get irritated when people start assuming things on their own without clearing the stuff out.

Mr. Artist: I just…

Me: I’m not mad at you and yes, I do forgive you.

Mr. Artist: Thank you so much. You don’t know how much that means to me.

Me: You’re welcome. I didn’t mean to push you with this topic but I want answers to some questions. PLEASE.

Mr. Artist: Okay!

Me: Have you seen me? Not from the pictures I posted, but in person?

I finally asked him the question that was eating my head from inside.

I started feeling restless when I saw that he is typing. I was curious and nervous at the same time, wanting to know his answer. I closed my eyes to calm myself down from the nervousness.

My eyes opened to the noise that came from my laptop. It was a ‘ding’ sound of a notification popping saying I have a reply from Mr. Artist.

As I saw his reply, my heart started racing so fast that I could hear the thumping of my heart. I couldn’t process the reply in my mind.

After reading his reply “Yes. I have seen you in person.” I didn’t know what to think or how to react.

Confused would be the perfect word to describe the current situation of my mind.

Should I feel happy that he has seen me? Or should I be creeped out by the fact that he has seen me in person when I don’t know who he is?

I know, originally I planned to ask him the question about the butterfly painting but I guess I don’t need to ask that anymore. He must have seen me today, obviously. That’s how he painted the picture. I wanted to ask him if he did see me today but ended up typing something else.

Me: Are you stalking me?

The instant I hit the sent button, I regretted it. Out of all the questions like When? How?, Where?, I chose to ask him if he is stalking me?

Way to act like a mature person Mia.

Mr. Artist: Out of all questions, this is what first comes into your mind? You really are something else.

Great! Now even he thinks I am weird. It was just a question that came into my mind. I have no say or control over the questions my brain decides to come up with.

Mr. Artist: To answer your question, No. I am not stalking you. It was a coincidence and I’m guessing what your next question might be, so before you ask I’ll tell you that I have seen you more than once.

Shock was written all over my face. I was not able to take my eyes off the sentence….

I have seen you more than once’ I kept rereading this sentence for the next five minutes. I had so many questions in my mind but I couldn’t type any. I felt like my hands were frozen.

Me:You are kidding me, right?

Please say yes. Please say that you are joking.

Mr. Artist: No, I’m not… I swear

It’s so unbelievable. This guy, who I have been stressing over, has seen me more than once.

I don’t know why, but I am not angry when I should be feeling angry.

He knows me. He knows my name and how I look. He has seen me with his eyes, not just once but many times but I don’t know anything about him. Not even his name.

Why am I not angry then?

Because you are a bit happy that you might get to see him soon as well if he is somewhere around you.” My inner voice answered me.

One more ‘Ding’ sound brought me out of my thoughts and I saw his message.

Mr. Artist:I know you are shocked. Maybe even angry at me as you know nothing about me. But believe me, as much I feel like telling you, I can’t right now. One day I will give answers to all your questions.

Me: When?

I don’t know how but my hands typed it on its own.

Because that, ’When?’ came out of my heart together with hope. It sounds funny, right? But this is what is actually happening to me.

I felt like my prayers to find out who he is are coming true as I read his reply.

Mr. Artist: The day we MEET.

Meet? He is going to meet me. He is going to tell me who he is….

“Oh my god,” The words leave my mouth out of shockwave. All the time from when I started texting with him today, I opened my mouth just to bite my lips when a tsunami of questions was flowing in my mind.

Mr. Artist: I am not lying about it. I promise, I will meet you one day and it will be soon. Just give me some time. I know it sounds weird but I feel a connection between us. I’m not saying this because I have seen you or I know you. I felt this connection after a week from when we started texting and when you were in Florida as well. I don’t why, but I feel like trusting you, opening up to you…. and meeting you.

The flood of emotions I was feeling in my heart and the foreign feelings I got in my stomach while reading the message cannot be described.

I got an answer to one more question that I kept asking myself for days, more like every day from the time I started talking with him.

It’s not just me who is feeling this way for a stranger. I am not the only person who is feeling this connection, urge to trust him, to listen to him, to understand him, to be by his side.

Me: Take all the time you need. I’ll be here :).

That’s what I replied. I didn’t need to say anything else. I know that he will understand my feelings and what I want to say behind that sentence.

I didn’t wait for his reply. I just closed my laptop and kept it aside. I switched off my lights and lay on my bed pulling the covers on me and hugging my pillow.

I had a genuine smile on my face.

I felt somewhat relieved, happy, and excited all at the same time.

Lots of things happened in just one-hour but here I am, smiling with my eyes closed and not stressing about a single thing.

The only thing in my mind was a hope.


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