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chapter 7

Almost every girl wishes to sit on a unicorn and have a ride on it for once in their life. Like normal girls, I have the same wish. The difference is that girls stop wishing for such things at the age of eleven or twelve but here we are, talking about me. I still keep dreaming about such things at the age of eighteen.

So much to show that I have turned adult.

But who cares?

Anyways back to unicorns. My wish was about to come true. Keyword, about! The moment I was going to sit on a unicorn, I was woken up by my head hitting the window as the car suddenly stopped with a jolt.

What can you expect from a stupid driver like Aaron?

Aaron picked me up from my house today as well but today, I was on time and ate my breakfast at home unlike yesterday.

I woke up to the first ring of my alarm today. Shocking, right? Well, I slept really well last night, thanks to someone.

But again, sleep can never be enough so I fell asleep in the car listening to songs. It’s not my fault though. It’s Aaron’s because that dummy decided to play slow songs in the morning instead of playing some energetic songs. I mean, we are going to college obviously some energy and motivation is needed and when it’s Math as the first class, you definitely need it.

I was about to yell at him for waking me up but I noticed that we were already in the parking lot. “How did we get here so fast?”

Aaron playfully rolled his eyes as he parked the car near a huge tree.

“While you were too busy dreaming about me, you didn’t notice those ten minutes passed by,” he winked and I threw him a glare, sticking my tongue out before opening my side of the door.

“I was not dreaming about you, in fact, I was dreaming about-

“About Mr. Artist, right?” He said, cutting me off with a smirk on his face.

“What? No. Why will I think about him?” I asked raising my eyebrows and feeling some heat making way to my cheeks turning it bit red. Why am I blushing? It’s not like I am lying or something but still I am blushing. Great…

“Because ‘someone’ has a crush on him and don’t lie. You were totally dreaming about him. See, you’re blushing.” He said, gesturing towards my cheeks.

“Shut up, will you? I wasn’t dreaming about him. I was dreaming about unicorns.” I blurted out.

What a way to embarrass yourself.

If you search on Google or try to find its meaning in the dictionary, it will show you something along the lines like a feeling of self-consciousness, shame, or awkwardness.

I feel like one more thing should be added to it. That is the feeling you get when you blurt out something really stupid without thinking.

Here I am, my face all red in embarrassment as my mouth decided to reveal something without thinking.

“Unicorns? Great excuse, Mia.” He said, rolling his eyes and started laughing, but he stopped laughing the moment he saw my face.

“You actually were thinking about unicorns?” He said and stared at me for a minute before he started laughing like a monster.

“Shut. up.” I hissed, hitting him on his chest.

“Jeez, woman. Violence is not allowed in here.” He said, rubbing the spot where I hit him.

“I will not hesitate to kick your ass if you tell this to anyone,” I warned him, trying to act scary but I knew that I failed miserably looking at his amused expression.

He was trying so hard to stop himself from laughing but he busted out laughing on my face.

“I am sorry but it’s just funny, okay? Here I thought you might be dreaming about Mr. Artist but you were dreaming about Unicorns instead?” He said after sobering up from his laughing.


Before I could reply to Aaron, I was cut off by a loud voice calling our names.

I turned to the direction from where the voice came and saw Eva and Ash waving in our direction and Bibs was the one shouting, calling our names.

She was so loud that everyone in the parking area heard it and all eyes were on us.

I waved back and quickly made my way towards them before they attract any more attention.

“Geez, girl. Why the hell were you calling our names so loud?” Aaron asked as he came from behind.

“She had to call your names out loud. We tried calling you guys in a normal human voice.” Eva spoke before Bibs could explain giving us an ‘Are you serious look’.

“Oh, really! Then why didn’t we hear you guys calling us?” Aaron said, raising his eyebrows and putting his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

“Because you two were too busy bickering about something that you didn’t hear us,” Ash said, rolling her eyes.

“What were you guys even quarreling about? Isn’t it too early to argue about something? Bibs said yawning.

“We were not arguing we were just discussing about Mia’s dre-

“I am guessing that someone didn’t get sleep last night, huh?” I quickly asked bibs a question before Aaron could finish his sentence.

That dummy was really going to spill everything. I guess he didn’t take my threat seriously. I gotta show him that I do whatever I say that means he is going to get a serious ass-kicking.

I gave him a quick glare and turned towards Bibs.

“Yeah, I was kinda binge-watching Rick and Morty the whole night and only got one and half hours of sleep.” Bibs said, rubbing her eyes.

Clearly, this girl needs to get some sleep. She looks like a complete mess.

“Typical Biba,” A husky voice came from behind and all of us turned to look who it was and saw Daniel.

“Hey, you all,” Daniel greeted.

“Hey,” All of us said together.

“We have got two completely opposite cases today,” Daniel said chuckling, and all of us gave him a confused look.

“ And What are those ‘cases’?” Ash said, mocking in his voice.

“Mia here is looking all fresh today as if she got one of the best sleeps, and Bibs here is looking like a zombie.” He said and earned a smack on his head from Biba.

“Hey, I was just telling the truth.” He defended.

“Yeah, I really slept well yesterday,” I said, giggling.

“Who will not get a good sleep after chatting with the famous Mr. Artist,” Eva said giving me a smirk.

At the mention of his name, I remembered our texts. Just thinking about him made me smile and blush a little like the girls they show in Romance Comedy movies.

“Awe, look who’s blushing. You definitely talked to him last night. Don’t even try to lie,” Ash teased, giving my shoulder a bump as she was standing right next to me.

I looked at everyone’s smirking faces but Daniel’s face was just blank.

Ugh, I can’t even control myself from blushing in front of everyone.

Thank god as the bell rang, indicating the first class is about to start before anyone could tease me further.

After all of us groaning and complaining about how we didn’t want to attend the classes, we finally made our way to first class.

Aaron and I had the same class, Eva and Ash were in one class, and Daniel and Bibs were in the same class. All of us had a company in our first-class thankfully.

Like last time, I was not able to complete my notes. I kept on whining on how I don’t like Math the whole class to Aaron.

“Stop whining, it’s annoying. I’ll tutor you with Math and help you complete your notes.” Aaron said in an irritated tone while walking out as our first class ended.

“You are the best, dummy,” I said, giving him a small hug and ran towards my next class.


The time passed by really quickly and all the classes went really well.

I was in Eva’s car on the way to her place as she came up with the plan of having a girl’s night as we didn’t have classes tomorrow because seniors were having some fest. All of us called our parents to see if they are okay with it and no one’s parents had a problem.

Bibs and Ash were in Biba’s car behind us.

Aaron and Daniel tried everything to convince us to let them in on our girl’s night but neither of us fell for it. It’s a GIRLS NIGHT which means no boys are allowed.

“This is gonna be so much fun.” Eva said as she pulled her car in her driveway.

“I know, right,” I said giving her a big smile.

Eva’s house was really big. Not as giant like a mansion of course, but it was huge and beautiful.

“Hi girls,” Her mom said cheerfully as she opened the door.

“You must be Mia,” She said with a big smile on her face.

“ Yes, Mrs. Michel. I’m Mia Jones. It’s nice to meet you.” I said, smiling back.

“It’s nice to meet you too, sweetheart. Oh, and call me Ava. Mrs. Michel makes me sound really old.” She said, chuckling and pulled me in for a hug.

Mrs. Miche, l I mean Ava, looks really beautiful. She looked really young.

“And how are you two cuties?” Ava asked Ash and Bibs.

After talking with Mrs. Michel for a while, we went to Eva’s room.

Eva gave all of us some of her clothes to wear as all of us were almost of the same size.

We were all sprawled on her king size bed after eating the delicious food made by Mrs. Michel and watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix.

It was around 11:00 at night and none of us were sleepy.

“Bibs aren’t you sleepy?” I asked her as I remembered that she didn’t sleep last night.

“Naah. I almost slept in all my classes. So I am okay.” She said and all of chuckled at her craziness.

“So Ash, do you still have a crush on that guy from your Photography class?” Bibs asked Ash and she blushed at the mention of that guy.

“Woah, fill me in.” I said, sitting straight and placing a pillow on my lap.

“I sorta have a crush on this guy for the last eight months. He is in my photography class but we never really talked.” Ash said.

“How is he like?” I asked her curiously.

“He is really smart, kind, funny and really respectful. He likes to play basketball and he’s also good at badminton.” She trailed off with her cheeks turning red and she looked really happy.

“Aww” All of us cooed.

I really hope that they get together. She must really like him, maybe love him a lot. She looked so happy.

“Girl, that dude is so into you.” Eva started saying. “And don’t even deny it. The staring contest both of you had a few weeks back says it all.”

“Awe, that is so cute. Maybe you should try talking to him.” I said, getting all excited for Ash.

“You definitely should talk to him.” Bibs said, clapping her hands.

“Ok, fine. I’ll try but no promises.” She said and all of us pouted.

“Anyways, stop talking about my love life. What’s going on with Mr. Artist, Mia?” She asked, smirking and all of them turned towards me, waiting for answers.

“Tell us everything from the start,” Eva said, looking all eager.

I knew that they won’t stop asking about it till I tell them and well, they deserve to know. They are my best friends.

“So, it all started when I was in Florida-” I trailed off and told them everything from the start. How we started talking and all. Obviously, I left some parts where he was sad and all, including some parts of yesterday. It’s his story. I have no right to tell though they all are my best friends.

“OH MY GOD. So, is he going to meet you?” Eva screeched in excitement and I just gave her a nod with a smile.

“That is so amazinggggggg.” Ash said with a big smile.

“You are one lucky bitch.” Bibs said, chuckling and gave me a hug. Ash and Eva also joined in the hug.

We pulled out of the hug as all of them realized that they are crushing me.

“Are you happy?” Ash asked me.

“Yeah I am. I am nervous as well. He is like a completely mysterious person. I am kinda scared to meet him as well but I am happy.” I replied honestly.

“So, from what you told us until now, do you like him?” Eva asked.

“He seems really good and as I said, I feel a connection with him. So, well, yeah. I like him.” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

“No, what I meant was do you like ‘like’ him. If he asks you to be his girlfriend whenever you guys meet, will you agree to it?” Eva explained her question and that really got me thinking.

All of them were looking at me but nothing came out of my mouth.

“I never thought about this,” is the only thing that came out from my mouth.

It was true actually. I agree that I feel some kind of connection with him and want to be with him, but I never thought about this.

Do I like ‘like’ him? Am I ready to be his girlfriend if he asks me out? I know he probably won’t ask that. The main thing that got me bothering was,

’Do I like ‘like’ him without knowing who he is?’

‘Is it possible to start liking someone over a chat?’………

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