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chapter 8

“It’s such a beautiful morning, isn’t it?” I asked myself and stretched as I got up from my sleeping position and sat on my bed from one amazing ’undisturbed’ sleep.

“You should say afternoon honey.” Mom’s voice boomed in startling me. I saw her standing near my room’s door with a laundry basket in her hand.

“Jeez mom. You scared me,” I said keeping my hand on the chest and she chuckled looking at my scared expression.

She really did scare me. I totally didn’t expect her to be in my room when I wake up.

“What do you mean by afternoon isn’t it like-” I opened my eyes wider to find the clock which was lying on my table, brushing my hand through my messy hair I looked at my watch to see the time. “Sheesh, its 2:00 pm already?” I asked her not believing if it’s the actual time.

“Yes it is.” She said rolling her eyes.

“Damn, I overslept but who cares. It’s Saturday today.” I mumbled rubbing my eyes.

“Anyways mom, what’s up? How come you are in my room?” I asked her while I got out of my covers.

Ahh I already miss the warmth of it.

“I just came here to collect your laundry. I thought I’d do it before we leave.” She answered while picking up my top that fell down from the basket.

“We?... Are we going somewhere?” I asked, not understanding what she was saying.

“Oh. I mean me and your dad. I was going to tell you yesterday night but it slipped from my mind. Your dad and I are going out in an hour for an event held that your dad’s boss is holding in his farmhouse. We will be returning home tomorrow evening as it is a bit far from here.” She explained and I frowned.

“What? You are going in an hour and you are telling me this just now. You should have told me last night mumma. Why didn’t you wake me up? What if I wouldn’t have got up now and--”

“Baby, I am sorry. I know what you were going to say so before you start arguing about it let me tell you that we weren’t planning to leave without telling you so don’t worry. I was going to wake you up earlier but I didn’t because I knew you’d go all bonkers on me saying ’how could you wake me up from my amazingly peaceful much needed weekend sleep’” She cut my rambling and answered to my unasked question, more like I didn’t get to ask as she cut me off and said the last part mocking me.

Ahh my mom knows me really well ..but this is not an excuse.

I know this is not an excuse but your dad stopped me as well saying ’don’t wake my baby girl up. She needs sleep after a hectic week’”. She answered the question that I didn’t even ask and this time she said the last part mocking my dad. Awe my sweet dad, he is the best!!!

“Ugh fine.” I groaned but from inside I was happy thinking that I’ll be having the place for myself for almost the whole weekend.

I smiled as I thought I could call the girls to spend the night today. It’s been three days since we had a girl’s night at Eva’s place. It’s been three days since I am asking myself the question which girls asked me that night.

To be honest, I didn’t think about it much though as girls told me to stop thinking about it too much and that I’ll find answer to it as time passes.

I wanted to talk about this whole thing with Aaron as well but the last two days got all of us really busy in college, catching up on the assignments and stuff. All of us barely got to talk though even if we shared classes.

That’s why I thought I should call girls tonight to spend time and well, I’ll fill Aaron about everything happening with my mind once he picks me up for college on Monday or if we decide to hang out somewhere tomorrow.

I didn’t even get much time to talk to ’dummy’ aka Mr. Artist because of the assignments. It feels weird to always call him Mr. Artist, so I gave him a nickname, ’dummy’.

Not talking to him kinda made me feel really sad as well. It’s not like we didn’t talk at all. We did talk a bit every day but that wasn’t enough for me to feel satisfied ..and I think even he felt the same as me. He even mentioned how happy he felt the little time we used to get to talk. It’s like talking to him was in my daily routine and I liked it very much.

Even he seemed busy as he didn’t post any picture in like four days. The last I talked to him was yesterday after I returned from college and I guess I won’t be able to get to talk to him today as well because girls will be coming over tonight.

I felt a bit sad because I won’t get to talk to him today, but I guess it’s good in a way. Some time off from thinking about him won’t be bad. Plus, it will be fun spending time with the girls.

It will be a perfect night lots of food, Netflix and chilling with girls, I smiled thinking about it.

My smile instantly disappeared as I thought about one important thing.

I guess my mom noticed that my smile disappeared as she looked at me with confusion.

“Aww sweetie you are worried to stay alone and will miss us? That’s what you were thinking right?” She said and I gave her a weird look.

“What? No. I am not worried about staying alone and mom come on its like only one night it’s not like you guys are going for a month or two.” I answered. ’I am eighteen years old not eight to be worried about staying home alone. yeah I know I act like a child but still’. I thought to myself mentally facepalming.

“Ohh I just assumed it seeing how your smile disappeared.” She said giving me a small smile.

“Oh that, no, It’s not because of that. I was thinking about the food.” I said to her.

That important thing I mentioned was food. Yep, I sound crazy but food is important …….

“And here I thought you will miss us. Anyways, I have kept money in the drawer of the table in the living room you can order pizza or anything you like.” She said giving me a playful glare and I grinned at her like a child as I heard Pizza.

“Ugh now stop with your questions I need to get ready.” She said and walked out of the room before I could say anything.

I am sitting on my couch reading my favorite book ‘TO ALL THE BOYS I HAVE LOVED BEFORE’ by Jenny Han. It’s so amazing. I am reading it for like the sixth time now. I texted him..’ Mr. Artist ’, earlier nothing much but just Hi, but I guess he was busy because he didn’t come online. I waited for his reply for like half an hour but then I got bored and closed my laptop.

My parents left like an hour ago. I asked my mom if I can call the girl’s to spend the night though I knew she would be okay with it and as I thought she was totally cool with it. And now I was waiting for girls to arrive. They said they will come by 5 and its 5:20 now.

What’s taking them so long?

I was about to call them but before I could the doorbell rang.

“What took you guys so long?” I asked as soon as I opened the door.

“Hello to you too Mia.” Bibs said and all of them laughed.

“Well you see, packing some sexy dresses and makeup takes time.” Ash said showing me the bags that were there in her and Eva’s hand.

“And why do you guys need that?” I asked raising my eyebrows confused as to why would they bring it.

We all directly went into my bedroom with their stuff.

“Because we are going to a party.” Bibs said squealing.

“Oh wow, really?” I said getting excited. I know most of the girls don’t like going to parties and stuff. It’s not like I love partying but I do like to go to parties. It’s fun and according to me every experience is a must and we shouldn’t miss out on these days of college life until we stay in a limit and don’t make bad decisions. Living a little is good than regretting about it in old age. But again everyone has a different opinion about it and some might have bad experiences because of the drunk-ass teenagers, so can totally understand. But If I am given a choice whether to go to a party or watch Netflix and cuddle the whole night, watching Netflix and cuddling will be my answer.

“Earth to Mia,” Ash said, clicking her fingers in front of my face, snapping me out of my train of thoughts.

“Ahh, sorry. I was thinking about something,” I said giving them a smile and all of them nodded.

“So, whose party is it? You guys didn’t even tell me before you dragged me to Mia’s place with all of my party clothes in my closet.” Eva asked them as she plopped on my bed.

“So you didn’t know about this as well?” I asked her and she shook her head.

“I had bit of an idea about it because these two do this every time there is a party.” She said pointing at Bibs and Ash and I chuckled.

“It’s Bryan’s party. He is the captain of the basketball team.” Ash said and we nodded.

“Also his parties are the best and he is a total hottie.” Bibs said excitedly.

“Oh. I guess someone’s got a crush on Bryan,” I said, teasing her and she just rolled her eyes saying we should get ready or will get late for the party.

All of us spent the next half an hour getting ready. Eva chose an outfit for me, Bibs did my makeup and Ash did my hair.

Eva has got the best dressing sense like really. The outfit she chose for me was perfect. It was a navy blue colored sleeveless top paired with black shorts. I had the perfect sneakers that matched the outfit.

Eva, Ash, and Bibs were looking smoking hot. Eva was wearing a black colored tank top pairing with jeans. Bibs and Ash were wearing a dress.

My three girls looked gorgeous. My beautiful besties.

“Whose car we are taking?” I asked as we left my room and walked into my living room.

“Guys are coming to pick us up.” Bibs said as she typed something on her phone.

“You mean Aaron and Daniel?” I asked them and she nodded.

“They are here. Let’s go.” Bib’s said showing her phone and at the same time we heard a car come into my driveway and honk the horn loudly.


Loud music greeted us as we entered through the double doors that resembled those mansions they show in the movies. But honestly this house was not less than any mansion. It was huge or should I say gigantic.

I could smell the combination of liquor, food, and cigarettes even before we entered the house.

“This is one hell of a party, isn’t it?” Bibs yelled in my ear because of the loud music.

“It really is,” I yelled back to her.

“We are heading to meet some of our friends. You girls will be okay, right?” Aaron said pointing to a group of guys.

“We are not kids, Aaron,” Ash said rolling her eyes. “We will be fine. Now go to your friends let us girls enjoy our party.”

“We will be back soon,” Daniel said and both of them left to meet there friends.

This party looked really amazing. I didn’t attend many parties in Florida because they were pretty boring and I had no one with me to go attend parties.

The song changed and I immediately recognized it was Savage Love by Jason Derulo. The four of us instantly became very excited and euphoric!

We made our way to the dancing area which was surrounded by drunk teenagers.

After dancing for a while, Eva went to sit on a couch as she was tired. Bibs and Ash went to get us drinks, so I was left alone. I thought of dancing till the time girls return with drinks and that’s what I did.

I didn’t feel awkward to dance alone at all. I loved dancing. I’ve been dancing since I was twelve years old. I used to go to dance classes in Florida. I guess I should join some dance classes here in Seattle as well.

I was lost dancing on the beats when suddenly I felt someone’s hands on my waist from behind and that someone was trying to grind on me pulling me close to the body. Looking at the hands I could definitely tell it was a guy.

I tried to get out of his hold but I couldn’t cause his grip on my waist tightened.

“Dude, what the heck! Leave me alone.” I shouted but I doubt if he heard that because of the loud music and I guess he didn’t hear because he didn’t leave me.

After struggling for a bit, I finally managed to get out of his hold and turned back to see who was that asshole.

There stood a tall guy with dirty blond hair, greyish-blue eyes, and a sharp jawline.

“What the hell is your problem?” I yelled at him.

“You look sexy” He slurred eyeing me. I scrunched my nose in disgust as I got a sniff of horrible smell of Alcohol and Cigarette coming from him.

“Come on, hot stuff. Let’s dance.” He said trying to come close to me.

Before he could come any closer to me, he was pulled back by an angry-looking Daniel.

“Don’t you dare to come any close to her.” A very angry husky voice said or should I say barked. But that voice didn’t belong to Daniel. It came from my side. I turned to look who it was and saw Aaron looking at the guy with an ‘I will kill you’ look.

“I didn’t know she’s taken, man. She’s really hot.”

I wish that dude didn’t say that because that sentence received him a very hard punch from Daniel who was holding him with one hand.

“You are so dead.” Aaron who was standing beside me roared. Aaron’s fist was like an inch away from hitting that dude on his nose, not to mention again. But I pulled Aaron’s hand back to stop him from getting into a fight.

“Aaron just let it go. He got what he deserved from Daniel, please don’t get into a fight.”

I guess whatever I said worked because Aaron stopped and gave him a death glare.

“Get the hell away from here right this second.” Daniel who was looking like a hulk right now said pushing him to the other side.

“Are you okay?” Aaron asked me looking concerned.

“That douche didn’t do anything right?” Daniel asked as he came towards us.

“You guys, I’m completely fine. It’s not a big deal.” I answered to them.

“But-“ Daniel was about to say something but was cut off by Bibs, Ash and Eva who came with drinks in their hands.

“You guys here are the drinks. LET’S GET WILD.” Ash said excitedly. Looking at the way she is speaking I’m guessing that she is a bit drunk already.

“Evss I thought you were sitting because you were tired,” I asked Eva who handed me the cup.

“Oh yeah. I just saw them coming so I helped with the cups.” She said and nodded.

Ash asked what happened here because she saw DanieI pushing that guy. I told the girls the whole story as I finished my first glass of drink.

Daniel and Aaron left a while ago as some guys came to call them. They were hesitant to leave us girls alone at first but then they left eventually as we girl’s assured them that we will be fine.

For like the next half an hour girls introduced me to some of the students from the college.

Ash disappeared fifteen minutes ago as she met her crush and they started talking. His name was Nick and he really looked handsome. They both will really look dam cute together. Bib’s met her childhood friend so she was busy talking to her and Evs being the shy one was sitting on the couch nearby scrolling through her phone. I bet she must be looking through some scientific things. She is a typical scholar student. I, on the other hand, was trying to find the washroom with the red cup in my hand.

I started feeling a bit dizzy after I gulped down my third glass.

I don’t drink much. In fact I only drink on occasions, but today I lost the count with the fun going on around me.

I felt like I was about to fall now because everything in front of me started getting blur.

I was waiting for the impact I’ll get after falling but instead someone scooped me in arms.

I tried to open my eyes but I failed miserably. But I got a glimpse of the brownish hair of the person who was carrying me.

“You are drunk let’s get you home… ’Angel’”

That was the only thing I heard before I dozed off.

Angel… that name feel’s familiar.


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