By his side

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chapter 9

My eyes fluttered open but instantly closed as the sunlight shone directly in my eyes trying to turn me blind.

I tried to ignore the pounding in my head as I attempted to open my eyes again. Eventually, they adjusted to the light and I looked around to see that ..that I was not in my room.

That really got me panicked until I realized I was in my living room on the couch. God, I do overreact sometimes.

Anyways, How did I end up here?

“Ugh, my head,” I mumbled putting my head in my hands.

“Here, take this. It will help you with your hangover.” A very familiar voice said. That voice belonged to none other than Eva, who stood beside the couch with Advil in one hand and a glass of water in the other. Such a lifesaver.

“Ahh, thank you,” I said as I took Advil from her and gulped it down.

“How did I end up like this and why am I on the couch? Where are others?” I asked her as she sat in front of me on the chair.

Before she could tell me anything, her phone started ringing. She picked up the call and went into the kitchen. I really don’t know why she had to go all the way to the kitchen. Maybe her secret Romeo must be calling her and maybe wanted to talk nasty?! Hmff… Ugh stop thinking about such stupid stuff Mia.

I tried to think about what happened last night and all I remembered was that I left to find the washroom and everything getting blurred.


I closed my eyes again and tried to think harder.

Someone picked me up, brown hair – angel…” I opened my eyes as soon as I remembered the word angel.

Only one person called me angel till now and that was him….

I recalled the whole conversation that happened with him two days back at 1:00 in the morning because that was the time I finished my assignment.

Mr. Artist: Hey there, You up?

I was surprised to see his message that late but I was happy that I was getting to talk to him so I’m not complaining.

ME:Heya, Yes I am. Also, why are you up at this hour?

Mr. Artist: I just finished all of the stuff I have to submit tomorrow.

Me: Oh really? Well, I just finished my assignments as well.

Mr. Artist:Ohh. Anyways, how was your day, Mia?

Me:It was fine and what about yours Mr. Artist?

Calling him Mr. Artist felt so weird. Well, I don’t know his name so I have no option left but call him Mr. Artist. But calling him that feels weird and well just weird.

Mr. Artist:It was okayish, but now that I am able to talk to you so I’d say it’s good or ending on a good note.

I did not blush at all after reading that sentence. In fact, I rolled my eyes at the sentence and laughed. It was a very typical sentence plus very cheesy. You get to read that sentence in almost all cliché romance novels

Me:If you trying to flirt over texts, lemme tell you it’s not working dummy. That line is too cheesy and old ;)

Mr. Artist: Ahh. You wound me, Mia ;)

Me:Shut up dummy.

Mr. Artist: What’s with you calling me a dummy? My cousins call me dumb sometimes but I am not D.U.M.B. for sure…..

Me:Well, that’s too bad. Because that’s what I am going to call you till you tell me your real name. In fact, now I think it suits you. , ‘DUMMY’, so well that’s what I am going to call you even after you tell me your name.

Mr. Artist:You are so mean, Angel ;)

Me:Me and Mean don’t go together. You are mistaken here, buddy. And why am I being called Angel, it’s not like you don’t know my real name?

Mr. Artist:Nah, I like calling you angel. Plus, that’s the only word that came in my mind after I started talking to you and the word did justice when I saw you. From now on, I’m calling you Angel <3.

Yep, I really had forgotten that he has seen me. He gets to see me but I don’t even know his name. THIS. IS.NOT.FAIR. AT.ALL.

Me:Ahh, um okay.

The response you give when you have no words left.

Mr. Artist:Are you blushing there, Angel?

If looking red like a tomato means blushing, then yes I am, but he doesn’t need to know such information.

Me:What? No. It’s just that no one ever called me Angel. Hell, I didn’t even have any nickname …till now I guess.

Mr. Artist:Well now you have one and let me be clear. Only I get to call you Angel …No one else!

That sentence was enough to send chills down my spine and make my heart beat faster.


Dang it, I should have paid attention to all my English classes I had ’till now. It would have been really helpful right now instead of having a vocabulary loss.

Mr. Artist:Haha, speechless are we? Anyways, we should go to sleep it’s really late.

Me:Nope not all. I am very full of words. (Note the sarcasm) And yes you are right, We should sleep. Talk to you tomorrow. Good night, dummy

I felt a bit bad while saying bye but considering the fact that I have a very long hectic day in college , going to sleep was the best option unless I wanted to look like a zombie in the college.

Mr. Artist:Sure. Goodnight, Angel. Don’t think about me too much ;)

Me:You wish.

This was the conversation I had with him the other night. Not to mention , that was the night, I slept with a big smile on my face and maybe thinking about him instead of my stupid unicorn and prince charming dreams.

So the only person I know who called me Angel was him.

Does that mean he was the one who carried me here?

But how??

“Ugh, this is so frustrating” I got up from the couch and made my way to the washroom which was downstairs. I had no energy to go all the way upstairs to my room.

“AHHH” I shrieked loudly looking at the person in front of me.

The person was none other than me. I mean I was looking at my own reflection.

But it didn’t look anything like me. The girl I was seeing in the mirror looked like the female version of Alan Parrish in the movie Jumanji. The scene when he returns back home after spending half of his life in the jungle. The difference is that it was his beard that looked scary but in my case, it was my hair.

My hair looked like a big blown balloon, frizzy and messed like the fur on Persian cat.

And no , I was not exaggerating. I actually looked like the things I mentioned.

Anyways back to the main problem..

If it was not him that carried me, then I doubt any random person would have called me an angel if I was in this state after drinking and dancing. In fact now I think that, even if it was him who carried me ,and saw me in this state, he will definitely stop calling me Angel .

I came back and sat on the couch after washing my face.

I saw Eva coming downstairs with a mug of coffee.

When did she go up? She was in the kitchen….

“Your coffee is on the table that is in front of you if you have not noticed,” Eva said as she came and sat on the chair. I saw my mug that was on the table and grabbed it.

“When did you go upstairs?” I asked her seeping on my coffee.

“ After I finished my call with mum I made coffee for us, and when I came out after making it I saw that you were not here, so I thought you might be upstairs in your room with girls.” She said… Oops …well I misunderstood earlier, it was her mom calling and not her secret Romeo.

“Bibs and Ash are upstairs?” I asked.

“Yepp, but they are still sleeping not to mention, like a dead horse.” She shook her head and I chuckled.

“So what were you saying before my phone started ringing?” She asked raising her eyebrows.

Oh right, the most important question I asked her and I need the answers as my drunken self couldn’t remember anything.

“How did I end up here? On the couch? And who brought me home? In fact who got all of us home?” I asked all the questions without taking a single pause.

“I don’t know the whole thing but I saw Daniel putting you in the car. After I saw you guys I went to Ash and Biba and dragged their drunk asses to the car. Thanks to Nick who helped me with Ash who was acting like a seven year old child with the energy of hulk, remind me to thank him later. Anyways Aaron had to deal with someone as per Daniel said so he suggested that we should leave. The moment we reached home, the girls went upstairs and were sprawled on your bed leaving no space. Your parent’s room was closed so Daniel suggested that he will keep you on the couch. I slept on the mattress that was laid near the bed.” She told me.

“Wait a second. So you are saying that Daniel brought me home.” I asked her in shock.

I was shocked because I was being carried by a guy who called me Angel…

Why would Daniel call me Angel?

I know I am not hallucinating about the angel thing cause though I was quite drunk I remember that the person who carried me had brown hair…and his husky voice when he called me Angel.


“What are you thinking about?” Eva asked me looking at me.

“Uhh-Nothing” I mumbled.

What are you planning for me, God? So many questions and confusion.


Though Eva is saying that Daniel brought me here and she saw him keeping me in the car and it might be even true, but I feel there is more to this. I know I might be overthinking but my instincts are telling me something else happened and my heart is making me believe in something else as well.

Though Daniel carried me home, I know one thing….. The voice that called me Angel was familiar but it didn’t sound like Daniel at all.

Again the question here is whose voice was that?

Why did it feel so familiar?

Was it the person who I am thinking or some stranger?

Am I overthinking?

God, what is happening with me?

Who are you ‘dummy’?

Who is the person behind that mystery mask?

I hope we meet soon.

Iwant to see who are you, dummy!

I want to listen to that voice that called me Angel once again…..

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