Broken Heart Weight

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HOPE HOWARD "I don't give up, Bryant Thompson! Just wait and see. I will make sure you don't get what you want!" THIERY FOSTER "I've been looking for you for a very long time, Hope. Can't you remember? Have you forgotten our childhood memories?" BRYANT THOMPSON "I'm sorry, Hope. I didn't mean to talk to you like that. You know me. I would never do something like that to you, you know that, right?" VIENNA SANDERS "You don't deserve to be his lover! I mean, look at yourself! He's mine, and he loves me, not you! Never you!" SHARON YVONNE "Come on, Bryant! I know you love me more more than this ugly duckling! I've known you since childhood. You always wanted your partner to be perfect in every aspect. Beautiful and rich, isn't that what you want?" ETHAN COLEMAN "Hope, I love you, and I'm not joking," Such complicated relationships and it all started the day she was born. Born in a world full of broken things. Maybe even living things themselves. Knowing heartbreak while growing up, added with some spicy juice of jealousy, and a full spoon of domination. Suffocated is all she could feel. She only wanted one thing she never has, freedom.

Romance / Drama
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“La da dee,

La la la doo,

La la da me,

La la da you,

La da dee,

La la da doo,

There’s only me,

There’s only you...”

“Urgh! Shut up, alarm! I’m trying to sleep!”

Hope’s hand reach out behind the blanket and towards her phone on the nightstand. Lifting one of her lids, she looked at the phone screen.

5 a.m.

Hitting the snooze button, she closed her lids back.


Hope jolted back awake at the shouts of the person in the next room.

“Urgh! What does that ghost want now?” Hope grumble as she got up and walk to the room next to her.

What did I say? Ghost? Yeah, this kid literally turned into a ghost in the early morning.

Hope looked at her sister from top to bottom, bottom to top.

With hair like a ghost, one side of the pants folded to the knee level, the other end hit the floor and the shirt on the left tuck in, but the right side isn’t.

Plus, with her face wrinkling still feeling sleepy and annoyed.

“What are you screaming for this early morning, ghost?”

Hope asked innocently watching her sister scratching her hand and yawn.

“Ghost, my ass! You’re the one who screams bloody murder!”

Rebecca looked at Hope with dissatisfaction. She could have accidentally landed on the hospital for heart attack.

“Fine! I’m sorry. Bye,”

Hope quickly walk out from her sister’s bedroom and into her room. She stretches her arms and legs before grabbing a towel and went into the bathroom lazily.

“Damn you!” Rebecca screamed angrily.


“Mommy! It’s cold!” Hope shouted, shivering in cold, forgetting to turn on the heater.

“Hey! Shut up!”

Aurora’s voice on the other next room made Hope bit her lips, feeling irritated.

“Bad fate indeed,”


Their parent is famous. But, they are so busy it felt like they forget they had children to take care of. They just want to compete with their business enemy to get a high place. They don’t care what their children are doing. They would preferably hear gossip...


Hope covered her ears with the pillow beside her.

“Urgh! Why? Can’t you not scream only for one day? All of our neighbours must’ve heard you! Feel ashamed for a bit. Respect people who’re in La La Land,” Hope said, rolling her eyes.

Hope glare towards the person who is transitioning into a vegetable...Hey! She looks green! Looks delicious, but no. Because she’s furious.

“Urgh! Sister, I’ve been speaking with a stump this whole time!”

Rebecca pouted in dissatisfaction and continued her nagging in her head. Her forehead is wrinkling as a hint.

“Okay, okay, fine! Spill your story. What’s so exciting, anyway? Awe me!”



“Okay, It’s like this...”

When will mom and dad wanna change?

“Damn it, sister! You broke your promise! We’re no longer friend! Bye!”

Rebecca got up and stomped her foot and went out of the room before closing the door shut harshly.

“Oh, my. Sorry door. This is the life of a sixteen-years-young girl with her teenage sisters,”


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