Broken Heart Weight

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Hope prayed before she enters the school. She met Anthony in their classroom.

“Anthony, I’ll beat you in this year’s exam!” She said confidently.

“Then I should say, good luck!” Anthony smirked.

Hope remember that Crisha got the third place last year.

From 2007, Crisha, Alexa, Felarie and Epzie are the ones who hated her.

Strangely, Anthony and his friends supported Hope.

“Be patient, Hope,“ what they always said to her.

One day, Anthony stunned her with a strange action.

Hope was walking back and forth slowly inside the class during rest time while trying to memorize the facts on the book she’s holding.

Hope yelped when she stumbles with someone. Almost falling face-first on the floor. Luckily, someone caught her. She stands up straight and try to move away from the person’s embrace but failed.

It was only Hope and the person who is still embracing her from behind inside the class. Hope holds her breath for a second. She turned her head to look at the person behind her.

Dub! Dab!

Their face is very close to each other.


Hope felt her throat closing up, and her face burns hot at their close proximity.

“Beautiful,” His voice brought her back to reality.

“Hey! Let go of me!” She tried to free herself and failed.

‘Oh, god! Anyone help!’

“Ahem!” Someone’s coughed, causing Anthony to let go of Hope.

Hope looked at her saviour.


“Thanks, Eafiz!” Hope says, lowering her head in embarrassment before she left the class. Her book lay still on the floor.

The Exam

Hope answered all questions confidently.

Two weeks after, their result comes out.

For Sem 1 and sem 2, she got 5th place. But, she’s still happy.

“Yes!” She shouted lowly.

“Anthony!” She ran to where he and his friends were standing, looking at their result.

“Why?” Anthony asked, faking confused, hiding his smile.

“Look at this!” Hope said, showing her results to him.

“Wow! Nice! Congratulations!” Said Anthony, and he looks at his friends as he grinned.

They were all smiling, looking at her antic. However, Hope felt offended by their smiling faces. It was as if they’re challenging her.



Aurora is starting school. Seeing Rebecca’s result, Hope was surprised that without her help, she got a good result in every exam.


While Hope was reviewing her notes, She felt disturbed by the noise inside the class. She was the class president that year.

“Hey! Be quiet!” She admonished them.

“Hey! Keep your mouth shut and let us do our thing! We are the school prefects here, not you, class president! Or should we send your name to the disciplinary teacher?”

And now, the situation was reversed. Hope couldn’t stop them all by herself. The noisy school prefects threaten to write and send her name to the disciplinary teacher.

The school prefects who dared to talk back to her are Felarie and Alexa.

So, who’s in charge of that class? The class president or two school prefects who are not qualified to be one?


This year, Freddy has moved to another school.

Hope and Crisha, Hope’s newfound friend, intend to do the same as Freddy. But, in the end, Crisha was the only one who moved to another school. Hope’s mother did not allow her to move.

‘Don’t you dare try to move to another school!’


After the morning assembly, Hope walked back to her class and met Felarie, Alexa and Epzie.

“Hope, we want to apologize. Can we start over?”

‘Huh! I don’t believe you, bitches!’ Hope mocked them inside her heart.

“Okay...” She said before she turns around and leaves, smiling cynically.

After Exam

Hope’s looked at her results and cheered before she ran to where Anthony and his friends were gathering.


“Whoa! What happened to you?”

“I won the 2nd place in sem 1 and sem 2!” She said excitedly.

“What?!” They all gaped in surprise.

“Hey! Flies are going to fly inside your mouth,”

They closed their mouth before they laugh.

Anthony moved closer to Hope and made her hair turn into a messy birds net before running away.

Not before whispering into her ear,

“Congrats, beautiful,”

“Anthony!!” Hope yelled in protest.

‘Damn him! He always won the 1st place in class!’

Upon arrival at home, Hope was praised and gifted a new phone. Last year, he got a watch.


Hope is adopted by a math teacher in her school. It was the school’s regulations that each of the students in their final year in primary school must be adopted by at least one of the teacher.

Hope had been appointed as the school’s library secretary and also a secretary of the science and mathematics association.

Her newfound friend for that year is Felarie.

A new student enters their class.


Helmi is said to be a bright student. But his shirt is untidy. It was rumoured that he’s using some kind of perfume that could make the whole school fainted—meaning, smelly.

Hope, Anthony and Felarie were chosen to participate in the Best Students Camp in another school. They met a few friends there too.

This year, Hope got the 3rd place, but she’s still happy about it.

The Final Exam for primary school also had to be taken by the final year student.

She got a satisfactory result, and before they all ended their last year in primary school, they stayed in school for camping with various activities.

Interesting things started in the next chapter where it all began!

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