Broken Heart Weight

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It Started Here

Hope goes to City High in her secondary year, and she lives at the hostel provided by the school. She becomes a quiet girl once she settles in.

Hope chose to learn music and participate in Photography Club. She was also appointed to become the class president.

She had a crush on one of her classmates. But, she never told any of her friends about it. Hope can only watch her crush laughing happily with his girl-friends in jealousy.

His name is Dell Cooper.

Her president title is a headache she doesn’t want. Especially when her class are full of trouble makers. However, Hope kept her head high all the time.


Hope doesn’t want the person she’s texting with, knows who she is. The unfair point is that she knows who he is. Her friends had pushed her to text him anonymously.

Hope gave him her fake name, Queen. Saying that she was studying in another school.

It’s confusing even for her. Then, she made a mistake of letting one of her friend, who is an expert in disguising, to reply to his messages.

Sometimes, she would also reply to his messages.

The guy must be confused as hell.

He shouldn’t of reply to their messages at all. He shouldn’t of take an interest with some stranger who suddenly got his phone number.

But, lies can’t be kept for too long. Some day, secret’s will eventually be revealed.

Bryant Thompson.

They go to the same school. Bryant knows Hope. But, he doesn’t know that she was the one who texted him all day and night. He was her senior, only two years older than her.

Crisha and Hope met in City High again. It only deepens their friendship after being separated in primary school.

“Hey!” Crisha elbowed Hope’s waist.

“Ow! What’s that for, Cris?” Hope glared at Crisha, rubbing her waist.

“Look over there,” Crisha nodded her head to Bryant and his friends’ direction.

Hope look at the same direction the moment Bryant snapped her pictures with his phone. He seems like he’d been doing it for some time while she was too busy watching the drama competition on the stage.

Hope’s face reddens in shyness. She felt so lucky that she only notices him when the drama ended. Meaning, end of school for the day.

“Let’s go,” Hope fidgeted, wanting to run away from the anxiousness she’s feeling.

“Whoa! Slow down. Why are you such in a hurry?” Crisha innocently walks as slow as she can.

Bryant and his friends are moving towards the exit where Hope and Crisha are still standing.

“If you’re not hurrying up, I’ll go first. I’m hungry,” Hope said before tagging along with Ocie as they sprinted off to the canteen.

“Mission failed,” Crisha murmured disappointedly, shaking her head.

What Hope didn’t expect is that Bryant and his friends are talking at the gate of their hostel.

Hope tried to hide her face and move as sneakily as she can behind Ocie. They passed through the gate and Hope sighed in relief.

She can’t make any mistakes.

It was good that his friends body was blocking his view.


Hope stiffen before turning around slowly.

Why did his friends call for her?

“Yes?” She asked, giving them a blank look.

His friends pointed to Bryant.

“Ahem! I-uh...” Bryant rubbed his neck, feeling speechless.

Hope felt her stomach twisting and couldn’t help but look for Ocie for some support.

Only to realize that Ocie had walked ahead of her.

Damn, Ocie! She must be possessed by Crisha’s spirit.

They want to be her matchmaker.

“I’m sorry. But, I need to go,” Hope said to them before catching up with Ocie with a sour face.

In the next few days, rumours fly saying Bryant wanted her number. Hope face immediately paled and she felt light-headed upon hearing this.

It was confirmed that the rumour was true when Crisha talked to her.

“Hope, Bryant says he wants your number,” Crisha looked at her with mischievousness dancing on her eyes.

“No,” Hope said sternly.

“You’re no fun. You know I would still do it, right?” Crisha rolled her eyes before posing a cute face.

“Crisha, please,” Hope shakes her head, hoping Crisha would take her seriously.

“This is for your own good, Hope. Sometimes, you need someone to take you out of your damn study chair,” Crisha said before tapping on her phone.

“Crisha, no!” Hope grabbed Crisha’s phone. But it was too late.

Her number shouted at her from Crisha’s phone screen.

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