Broken Heart Weight

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My Good Little Girlfriend

Hope sat on the bed after studying past 10 p.m.

Her phone rang at the same time she pulls the blanket to cover her legs.

She grabbed the phone beside her and saw Bryant name flashing on the screen.

Sighing, she slides her finger across the screen to answer the phone.

Maybe, it’s time to tell Bryant the truth.


“H-hi,” Hope stutter a bit when she heard his voice.

“You’re not studying late today?”

Hope knows Bryant always study until late at night.

“No,” His voice sounds cold.


“Because of you. You owe me an explanation,”

Hope takes a deep breath upon hearing his demands.

“I’m sorry. This might sound stupid. But, I got your number from one of my friends, and they pushed me to chat with you. At first, I don’t know who you are, so I lied about my name, my age and my school,” Hope hoped that Bryant would not ask more question.

“That’s all?”

Unfortunately, he sounds unsatisfied with her explanation.

“And sometimes, I lend my phone to my friend so she can chat with you,” Hope closed her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose.

“How dare you?!” Bryant’s angry voice made Hope flinched.

“I’m so sorry,” Hope bit her lips guiltily.

“You lie to me for so long, and you asked me to forgive you? If I forgive you, doesn’t that mean I don’t mind being lie to? I’m not stupid,” His voice is full of hostility.

“Please forgive me. I’ll do anything as long as you forgive me,” Hope utter the words in panic.

It was too late when she realized what she’s promising.

Bryant was silent for a few seconds before he gave the final verdict.

“It’s good that you still know how to take responsibility for your mistake. You know who I am. From now on, you’re my girlfriend. My good little girlfriend. You’re not allowed to reject me, and you’re not allowed to get close with other men,”

Her eyes widened in fright when she heard his words.

Hope sat upright, and her chest immediately felt stuffy.

“Bryant, what do you mean by this?”

“Listen, I don’t care if you’re in class and there’s a teacher inside, or when you’re studying past school’s time. When I wanted you to go out with me, you will do so without any protest,” Bryant continues.

“Bryant, this is too much! You can’t do this to me!” Hope eyes immediately turn misty.

If she knows this is the price for lying, she’d rather spend her time on her books.

“No rejection. No objection. No refusal. You made me take a liking on you for so long. You made me restless and sleepless. So, you have to be punished for the damage you’ve done to me,”

Hope snapped.

“Take a liking? The one you like is not me, Bryant! It’s someone else! You like the person who texted and called you, not me! In that case, you can’t punish me as you please! Punish yourself for liking the person you think is in another school!” Hope roared.

“No objection,”

Hope felt a wet liquid sliding down her cheeks. She regretted everything.

“Greet me when we met, text me every day, I want you to say I love you to me, every morning and night,”

Hope bit her lips to stop her sobs from being heard.

“Fine,” She replied after a few seconds before she lay on the bed uncomfortably.

“Good. I’m going to bed,”

“Okay,” Hope breathe in relief.

“Did you forget something?”

Hope stomach twisted in a knot. It was so uncomfortable.

“I-I love you,” Hope stuttered.

She never imagined that she would say these words to someone she doesn’t love. The situation is completely out of the board. It was forced, and it felt bitter.

“What? I didn’t hear you,” Bryant’s voice sent a deep warning.

“I love you,” Hope repeated her words.

“What?” He deliberately asked her to repeat the words.

“I love you!” Hope raised her voice feeling annoyed and bitter at the same time.

“Mm...Nice, I love you too. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye,”

Hope isn’t moved by his words at all.

“Bye,” She sighed before ending the call.

She looks at the ceiling, wondering if she made the right choice.

She smiles bitterly.

Bryant is too demanding. Moreover, his demands felt so childish and illogical.

Hope drummed her fingertips on her arms. Her brains run fast, and a question popped into her mind.

Why would she listen to him?

Feeling exhausted, Hope closed her eyes and immediately fell asleep.

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