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Paisley and Augustine’s background and story continues from “Betrayal Of The Bayou: The Wolves Betrayal”. [18+] ✰ Mature Content ✰ Adult Language ✰ Sexual Themes ✰ Violence Started: 05/13/2020 Status: Ongoing

Romance / Action
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Birthday Boy

September 10, 2016

Augustine's POV

"Augustine! Wake the hell up, boy!" I heard my Uncle Bryan say, while barging into my bedroom.

"What? What now Uncle Bry?" I croaked. I was exhausted from training earlier today; Adelaide kicked my ass.

"C'mon, get yer' ass up! It's not everyday a boy turns sixteen, and since yer' my only nephew, it's my job to take you out!" he cheered, as he ripped my blankets off of me forcing the chilled air from my air conditioner to hit my skin.

"Moon Goddess, it's not a big deal. Don't even worry about it," I insisted. I was perfectly fine with staying home to relax. Hell, I knew Mama Blackwood would have a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting ready to go by dinner and I bet I could con the guys into playing COD with me; that's all I needed.

"Hell no. I'm takin' you out, now get yer' ass up before I get an ice cold pitcher of water. Wanna sleep on the floor tonight? Wear something nice!" he chuckled before leaving my room.

Ugh. I couldn't begin to imagine what he had in mind for us to do tonight. I just knew that it wouldn't involve Alpha Wes, Kai, or Wyatt because they couldn't stand being in the same room as Bryan for more than five minutes at a time. I wasn't one-hundred percent why but I have caught the impression that he's a bit of a douchebag around the pack; I just thought he was that way because he was my uncle and only a few years older than me.

He was popular with the ladies around the pack but he never kept one around for too long. They would come and go, and it wasn't uncommon for wolves to fuck in the pack house, but Moon Goddess, his room is right next to mine and that was just something I didn't want to hear. I'm kind of surprised that Alpha Wes hadn't kicked him out yet, but I'm honestly glad he hasn't. I mean, he is my family after all.

I rolled myself out of bed before he had the chance to come back and dump a gallon of water on me, because it wouldn't have been the first time, and moseyed over to my bathroom. I was at least lucky enough to have a bathroom to myself, and it was connected to my bedroom for that matter.

I stripped my sweaty, musty cutoff shirt and basketball shorts off and threw them in the hamper. I probably smelled like a wet dog. Hell, I sure did look rough, but I've been nervous this whole week. Sixteen was the age you had to turn before you could find your mate, and here I am. I don't know who she is, and Asher hasn't even felt the Moon Goddess's pull yet.

Kai was twenty-eight when he found his mate, Adelaide, and Uncle Bryan was already twenty and hadn't found his mate yet. I knew it would happen 'at the right time' or 'when it's supposed to happen' but I couldn't feel it. Girls would hang around me a lot; pestering me about who has the prettiest eyes or who can run the fastest, but I never felt anything towards them.

"Ah, fuck," I hissed once I stepped in the shower and jerked backwards at the realization I needed to adjust the temperature of the water. It was freezing cold, and with my luck, someone would've taken their sweetass time in the shower and used up all of the hot water. It took it a couple of minutes to heat up, but after doing so, I grabbed my wash cloth and poured my cedarwood scented body wash onto it.

I scrubbed everything I thought needed scrubbed, and my pits didn't stink anymore so I was good to go. I had to wash my hair, but I didn't have too much to wash because Uncle Bryan buzzed my head a few months ago after I pissed him off somehow. I preferred my hair longer, and so did everyone else it seemed like; they loved my 'floppy hair' but he just had to be jealous when the slightest bit of attention wasn't on him. Why am I going out with him tonight?

"Hurry up, Augustine!" Bryan yelled from the other side of the locked, bathroom door.

"Okay, just a minute," I replied as I stepped out onto the rug. I was dripping wet, but I just wrapped the towel around my waist and shook the water droplets out of my hair.

He was dressed in his 'signature 'Bry-the-Guy' look', a fucking grass green polo, khaki pants, and a pair of shiny, black dress shoes. I was surprised that he wasn't wearing a cotton sweater tied around his neck.

I rummaged through my closet and pulled out a long sleeved maroon button up shirt, put on a pair of dark washed jeans, and a nice pair of boots. My shirt clung to my body and muscles tightly. I've always been muscular and had abs, sports made that an easy achievement. I've been on the varsity football team since my freshman year.

I run some gel through my hair, and fix it the best I can before putting on some cologne. After walking downstairs, Uncle Bryan yanked me backwards and pulled me through the backdoor of the packhouse.

"Hey!" I shouted at him out of startlement.

"Shh! I don't need anyone knowin' where I'm takin' you, so shut yer' trap," he whispered harshly at me.

Next thing I knew I was in the front seat of Uncle Bryan's blue Prius and on our way towards town. The drive didn't take too long before we were pulled up in front of a club called 'Saints & Sinners'. The line was wrapped to the edge of the building and it consisted of women dressed in very short, tight dresses and six inch heels. We had to wait in line for about fifteen minutes before we were at the entrance to get inside the club. The bass of the techno music was booming through the doorway of the metal doors and the multicolored lights were escaping onto the concrete sidewalk.

"Hey Jake!" Uncle Bryan chirped up, going in for a 'bro-hug' with the bouncer covered in tattoos. They spread across his bulging arms, up his neck, and around his head.

"Who's the kid?" he asked coldly, nodding his head in my direction and ignoring Uncle Bryan's greeting.

"This is my friend, and it's his birthday," he said with a fake sense of humor, handing the bouncer our ID's. He glanced from what I assumed was a fake ID, that Uncle Bryan just so conveniently had already, and back to me.

"Hmm. Arms out," he replied, waving the metal detector bar up and down my body and legs, and across my arms. He did the same to Uncle Bryan and then allowed us to pass through the red, velvet rope and into the booming building.

"Let's get you ready, boy," Uncle Bryan slapped my back and led me to the bar top counter before ordering three shots of Vodka and bourbon for me.

I downed all the shots one after another and the sweet burning sensation melted down my throat, causing warmth to spread through my chest. I drank the glass of bourbon, while the bartender placed three more shots in front of me. I shot Uncle Bryan a puzzled look and he just shrugged, but motioned for me to drink them.

"They came from her," he nodded his head towards the skinny, blonde girl sitting at the other end of the bar. She took the straw of her pink alcoholic drink in between her lips and smiled seductively at me. I threw my head back and swallowed all three shots and wiped my mouth across my sleeve.

"I'm Rebecca," she said with a sultry voice, as I walked over to her, feeling the alcohol course into my veins with each step, and suddenly pulled her to the dance floor with me.

"I'm Augustine, baby," I replied with a velvet tone. She swayed her hips as we walked and excitement tightened in my jeans when we slipped past the sweaty, grinding mass of bodies, and into an open area on the dance floor.

She stood in front of me, and her ass rocked against my concealed, hardening length and I pushed my hips forward, applying pressure to the friction. Her body was moving in sync with mine, moving to the beat of the music, and dug my fingers into her hips, pulling a moan from her.

I buried my face into her neck, taking in her fruity scent. I growled out, feeling Asher ready to tear into her and nipped and kissed at her soft skin. I reached a hand around her, wrapped my long fingers around her throat, and pulled her head back allowing me easier access to move my mouth to her jaw. Her breathing became heavier and she laced her arms up my body, reaching her hands into my styled hair.

She sprawled her fingers through my hair, pulling my natural curls from the gel that held them flat. I inched my free hand down the curve of her side, feeling the smooth, cool metallic fabric against my heated palm before I grazed the skin of her thigh.

I gripped the hem of her dress, that barely covered her ass, between my fingertips and played with it while she pushed her ass against my length. This encouraged me to push my fingers further up into her dress, and I pulled her lace thong to the side, and flicked my fingers against her wet slits.

She yelped a moany breath, and grabbed onto my wrist in between her legs. I plunged a single finger into her tight, soaking pussy before she twirled around, causing my digit to leave her insides.

"Not here," she sighed out pleasantly, pulling me behind her towards the staircase. I brought my moist finger to my mouth and sucked her sweet juices clean off, and followed behind her hungry for more.

The bombshell pushed open a black door and walked us into a dark room. She flicked on the light switch, causing a red glow to fill the room. Without wasting a second, I pushed her against the door, closing it in the process. She reached behind her back and turned the lock, while wrapping a leg around my waist. I latched my hands onto the sides of her small, tanned face and crashed my lips into hers. She parted her lips, and I plunged my tongue into her mouth and kissed her hungry with lust.

Asher let out a husky growl, and I felt my eyes glow behind my closed eyelids. Rip it off, he commanded, and I did just that. I gripped onto the center of her dress, and tore it in half, hearing the sweet fabric tear so easily between my fingers. Her perky, plump tits bounced out as the fabric fell to the ground behind her and I pinched her pink bud in between my fingers as she moved her core against the denim, desperate for friction.

She hastily moved a hand to the crotch of my pants, and undone the zipper. Her hand dipped into my black, tight boxers and gripped onto my hardened member. I used my free hand to push my clothing off, freeing my throbbing cock.

She dropped to her knees and took the tip of my cock in between her luscious lips, teasing the head with her wet, warm tongue. Her manicured nails grazed the skin of my shaft, evoking a hiss from me, and I thrust my member all the way into her mouth.

I wrapped my hand around her platinum locks and pushed until I felt myself hit the back of her throat. She looked up at me through her thick black lashes and almost grinned when my thrusts became faster, more forceful. She continued to pump my cock with one hand, while sucking me up and down simultaneously.

"Fuck, baby. You suck my cock so good," I groaned out, as wet gagging sounds filled the room.

"Do you like the way my dick slides perfectly down your warm, little throat?" I asked, and she nodded in response as her mascara started to run down her cheeks from her eyes watering.

I didn't want to cum yet, so I removed myself from her mouth and helped her to her feet. She wrapped her arms around my neck and attached her lips to mine, moaning into my skin. I cupped her ass, and pulled her up to wrap around my waist. I walked us over to the mahogany coffee table in the middle of the room and laid her on her back on the cold hardwood.

"Please," she whined as I teased her core by rubbing my member against the edge of her skin.

"Please what?" I asked, knowing what she wanted.

"Fuck m-" she cried out, as I slammed into her before she could finish her sentence.

I took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked on her smooth skin. My tongue flicked her erect nub and she arched her back, allowing me to bury my cock deeper inside of her. I knew I hit her sweet spot when she wrapped her legs around me, hugging me tighter against her sopping center.

"Yes, just like that," she cried out, and I felt her pussy clench around my pulsing length. I gripped onto her hips, increasing the force of my movements in and out of her. The mixture of sounds enveloped the room as her moaning became louder, my grunting became deeper, and the sound my balls slapping against her bare skin became more prominent with my speedy thrusts.

"Fuck, baby, this cunt is going to make me cum," I grunted as I drew figure eights around her clit as she came undone around my shaft. I pulled out and she hopped to the floor, ready for my release. I stroked my length as my and shot my warm cum onto her tongue.

After we were finished, we were both sweaty, panting messes. I gathered all of my clothes and threw them on, while she managed to make a make-shift dress out of the tattered fabric. More skin was showing, but it didn't seem any less fitting than before for this club.

She sauntered over, licking my lingering orgasm from her lips with a piece of paper in between her hot pink fingers. She slipped it into my pocket with one hand and grabbed onto my concealed groin with the other, pulling a hungry growl from my chest. I could ravish her body again before going back to whom I'd assume would be a 'proud' Uncle Bryan, but I knew we should get back soon.

"Call me," she said seductively, and winked at me before turning on her heels and sauntering out the door. I felt a smirk plaster across my face as I made my way to find my not-so-bright uncle, ready to drag his ass out of this place so we could go home to the packhouse.

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