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There's No Going Forward SAMPLE (Book 3 of The Triad Series)

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2. What's In A Name?

Shelly flipped the switch off to the TV and stood up. She had been spending more time at Stefan’s house than her own lately, and she was like one of the family now. Callie and her twin husbands seemed to take it in stride, though, and she was like treated like blood to them.

As it was date night out for the older Reznicks, it was date night in for Stefan and Shelly. They weren’t the type to have to go out to have fun, and that suited the two of them just fine.

“Drink?” she asked, making a move toward the kitchen to refill her empty glass.

“I’ll get it,” Stefan told her, heaving himself up from the plush couch and walking toward her.

“I know where everything is and I can get it myself.” She looked amused that Stefan, even after all this time, still treated her like a guest when Callie, Ethan, and Emmett insisted she treat the house as her own.

Only her own house was actually a small studio apartment and…well, lonely most days.

She hated feeling that way. Shelly had been alone since she had aged out of the foster system at age 18 and was sent packing by the state. A year on the street and a kind old woman later, she decided to go to school as a massage therapist, and had moved to South Lake Tahoe only a year before when Mrs. Wilkerson, the old lady who had taken her in when she was still only 18, had died and left her a little money to start a new life. One that was far away from the mean streets of Sin City.

Being with Stefan was like adopting a new family. They certainly treated her as such and were more welcoming than any of the foster families she had lived with growing up. It was a mixed bag she had lived with, some of them nice, hard-working people, and the others barely giving her a glance unless she specifically addressed them, but they had always treated her as a long-term visitor to their house and nothing more. And none of them had shared with her why she was in foster care and neither of her parents had ever come looking for her, so she assumed they were dead. At least she sort of hoped they were. There was nothing as depressing as thinking of your parents not wanting you—both of them.

Shelly loved the fact that she felt so welcomed into the Reznick’s large family. It felt like home again, with a support system she had been lacking since the age of ten.

She had been working for Every Season Resort and Spa for almost six months before she had run into the twins that helped run the place. Or rather the younger twins that were learning the business of managing a resort as large as this one. She had first seen Caysen from afar, his tight slacks cupping his ass nicely as he bent over a desk in the front lobby to look over a female’s shoulder and point out something on the large computer screen they were both staring at. He had never seen her and she couldn’t dawdle and ogle his fine ass before being called away by one of the other massage therapists that was telling her that her next client was ready for her. Then she went from a nice, ridged body to that of a flabby, middle-aged man’s hairy back. The difference couldn’t have been more profound.

A week after staring at the fine backside of her future boyfriend’s brother, she met Stefan. At first she had thought it was the same man until realizing that there was a slight different in haircut. Stefan’s hair was more spikey, whereas Caysen grew his out a bit more. If it was simply to differentiate between the two, it didn’t seem to be working. Few persons at the spa seemed to catch the slight difference, though it seemed obvious enough to Shelly.

As the days passed, she noted that Stefan was always the more professional of the two twins and dealt with the back office more efficiently than Caysen. Caysen, ever the flirt, would charm the capris off the young to the old women with assured wit and light banter. He seemed to welcome everyone in whether they were old and decrepit, or young and lively. He treated each client equally; charming and witty to the ladies, blooming bromance with the men.

Stefan was more manager material. He was concise and quick, but he didn’t have his twin’s easy rapport with their clientele.

Altogether, they were a matched set that worked quite nicely in the customer service business.

The two of them walked into the kitchen quietly, happy to be alone. It always bothered them when Case was around, and stifling their moans as they made love wasn’t ideal to any degree.

Shelly added more ice to their glasses while Stefan picked the Brita water jug out of the fridge. He filled their glasses before taking a big gulp of the icy liquid.

Instead of going back to the living room, they both took their drinks upstairs to Stefan’s room. It was a rare night that they were alone, and Shelly hoped that Stef’s promise of finding a place for himself soon would come to fruition. Unfortunately, the only places in his price range were farther away than he would have liked, and everything downtown was prime real estate, therefore above his paygrade.

Stefan had also mentioned their work at ESRS might be only temporary. His fathers—as weird as that still sounded to her after six months—were looking into opening up a new resort in southern California or Florida.

That might have been a few months in the future, or years from now, but it still bothered Shelly, who was just getting used to being a part of the Reznick clan. She didn’t want to be alone. Again.

As Stefan guided her upstairs, she grinned. Sex with her boyfriend was always phenomenal, and now that she didn’t have to be quiet, it was likely to be epic. She was unceremoniously tossed onto the bed and let out a squeaky giggle just after putting her glass down on the nightstand.

Stefan was suddenly on top of her, taking her lips with his and devouring her pouty little mouth and soft moans.

As he undressed her, Stefan thought he couldn’t have been luckier than to have found her when he did. It was true that Shelly was more his brother’s style than his, but something about her made him forget the buxom blonds he was use to.

And he was so glad he had seen her first.

“Careful! I have neighbors next door!” Laura scolded as Case’s hands snatched her up and gripped her wrists above her head.

“I don’t give a shit they know we’re fucking,” he told her before punishing her lips with a harsh kiss.

“Yeah, well I have to live here. You don’t,” she reminded him.

“Fucking frigid pricks next door,” he cursed, his lips brushing against hers. “Maybe they could learn something from those sweet little squeals you give when you’re coming all over my cock.”

Sex with Case was never gentle, Laura found out. It was a lesson in being ridden rough and put away wet, something she had zero problems with at the moment. After having had her loving boyfriend of a couple years leave her for her own mother—AKA his new Sugar Mama—she didn’t want gentle and slow. She wanted something to take her out of her head and push away all the feelings she could have had for anyone she fucked.

That’s what she wanted. Fucking. No love, no promises that would be reneged on when the guy she had feelings for found something better, no feelings whatsoever. Just a quick smash, get off, and roll over.

Case practically tore the shirt from her body and unsnapped the clasp of her bra in a hurry, taking one of her nipples into his mouth with a suck as soon as it was bared to him. A light pinch of his teeth had her gasping, then moaning as she tossed her head back against the wall.

As his mouth licked and sucked, his hands were already on her jeans, unzipping them with a rasp and a pop of the button before he was sliding them down her soft, creamy legs.

Laura had legs to die for, and Caysen was pretty much a leg-man. And pussy. And definitely her fine, full tits.

As he rubbed her over her panties, his mind flashed to seeing Shelly and Stefan, sitting cuddled up on the couch, her head on his shoulder and laughing.

Fuck, he wanted that. Not with Laura, but with…


Why was it that what you couldn’t have was all you ever thought about?

But when he thought of the smaller, rounder tits of Shelly in comparison to the fuller, heavier ones of Laura, he found himself straining at the fabric covering his crotch.

He flung Laura onto the bed before pulling the light pink lacey panties down her legs quickly.

She gasped as she watched him, his eyes darkening and a hungry look on his face.

“I…I thought you were going to fuck me up against the wall,” she commented, her tone both wispy and sultry.

“Next round,” he told her as he pushed his pants down to his ankles and stepped out of them at the side of the bed. His thick girth pointed straight out at her, and he removed a packet of condoms from the right pocket of his pants before ripping one off and tearing the foil with his teeth.

He kneeled onto the bed between Laura’s open thighs, rolling the latex down his length with steely precision before leaning forward and pecking at Laura’s lips softly.

It was a surprising gesture, and when Laura looked at his face, she wasn’t altogether sure Case was seeing her underneath him. The only time she had ever seen Caysen look so soft was the one time they had run into Stefan and Shelly in town. They were at a local bar and the two had come in for a cocktail to start a date. When she had looked at Case, she saw what he really felt for the girl. It went well past the “like” stage and was teetering on the “falling for” ledge. It was almost the same sad look her ex, Jason, had given her as he broke up with her and let her know he was sleeping with her mother as well.

Laura had wanted to hurl, she was so disgusted. He had broken her trust in all men and she vowed never to get close to one again—with the exception of the occasional fuck.

Shooing the unwanted images from her mind, she focused on Caysen who was placing his engorged cock at her slit and sliding the head up and down, bumping her clit on the upward strokes.

“This first time’s gonna be fast and hard,” he told her as he slowed his motions. “But there will be seconds and thirds, if I have anything to say about it.”

He started to slide into her before Laura’s hand halted him on his chest.

“I know you think of her when we fuck.”

Caysen opened his mouth to protest, but she cut him off.

“It’s okay and I understand.” Giving him a soft smile, she continued. “If you want to say her name, I…I don’t mind.”

Case studied her face, waiting for a sign she was being insincere. He found none.

“You…you sure?” he rasped.

She nodded her head back up at him.

“I’m positive,” she told him. “I don’t listen to half of what you say when we fuck anyway, no offense.”

Caysen nodded too, looking resigned.

“Same here,” he told her before kissing her lips as he speared her with his shaft slowly.

And when he came in her three times that night, he called Shelly’s name. Every. Fucking. Time.

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