Dark Beginning

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Grayson had been on the run for years now, his attempt to outrun his past seemed too hard to get away from. Everything was bound to catch up to him eventually. The things he'd done, were too unforgivable. The pain he'd cause was too high, and everyone around him wants him dead. Grayson knew nothing of his family, being held captive by the creatures of the dark at a very young age, he'd forgotten. Only to be taught one way of living. Death, everywhere he went he only brought death and destruction, he was too blood thirsty to have any control and he didn't know why? As things begin to unravel and unfolded: secrets start to reveal themselves and a prophecy bound to happen.

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Once again he had hit rock bottom. He felt cursed, a curse that he couldn’t break. Clicking of the velvet liquid dripped, splashing down on the dusty floor. His energy levels that once flowed high within him, began to lower like he was being pulled under, he was etching near to the deep end, as the current of the darkness that was just around the corner, made it’s way slowly.

His own mind consumed him with frightful thoughts, What was happening to me? He began to lose control over his tormented, aching body, an ache that hurt and throbbed his muscles. he felt nothing like himself anymore... A stabbing motion kept violating his flesh, needles being jabbed in with an aggressive motion leaving a throbbing pain behind, a liquid so heavy and vial its poisonous chemicals intoxicated his bloodstream.

Wolfsbane. It corrupted his veins as it began to quickly spread, it burned, a painful burn from the inside. In that moment he felt fear, an emotion he couldn’t brush off, he knew wolfsbane was a highly poisonous plant, that would repel his wolf, killing both of them. It was a power plant that would kill any werewolf within seconds of reach, he knew he was going to die from the moment they had injected it in him.

The leather against his skin rubbed on his wrists, burning at the amount of friction as his skin began to slowly break. He thrashed his arms and legs in hopes of breaking free but nothing happened, the cuffs on his limps wouldn’t budge. He was bound, the helpless feeling he so desperately didn’t want to feel consumed him, as it feed on his hopes hungrily. Silver burned his exposed back, touching his worn out body, he laid helplessly, wishing he had the strength to break free but the wolfsbane and silver had weakened his ability to do so.

Smoked cigarettes and dried blood. That’s all he could smell, beside the the burning of his flesh, he was too disgusted- it made him nervous though, he didn’t want to die like this, he was way too young to die. A piercing scream left his dried lips, the pain intensified, it became ten times more painful that it originally was, What was happening?

His body began to rapidly thrash, a desire to break free. No, he needed to break free but couldn’t, multiple cold touches held his body in one place as they pushed him against the silver beneath him, a stench of burning flesh consumed the air, he tried fighting them off but they were too strong, a strength he could not beat. He was at their mercy.

“Hold him!” A voice commanded, what were they going to do to him? Questions flooded his thoughts, he knew he defiantly wasn’t going to survive this, he had known it the moment he was poisoned, but he was just too weak to do anything, another scream left his lips as another needle broke through the barriers of his flesh, it’s poisonous liquid abused his insides, “P-please s-stop...” he was helpless, begging for mercy, for someone to help him but there was no one. His voice felt like whispers rather than a demand as his voice broke with each word he spoke.

The wolfsbane was just too strong, he couldn’t hold on anymore... Dizziness took over, the light above him began to blur and his vision began to spin as his body departed slowly, giving into the darkness that awaited him, that started to consumed his surrounds, maybe then he would find peace. Slowly his eyelids became heavy and started to shut, “I will make them suffer-” A mischievous voice spoke, the hate that linger within those words, made him shiver, every word was spoken full of hate and anger but his hearing suddenly shut down, he couldn’t hear anything.

Who was ″them″? Why did that man want “them” to suffer? Questions and more questions remerged the surface but before he could have the chance to even ask the person, darkness took over-

The sun had gone to rest, the moon taking its place as the darkness surrounds him, he drove through the night trying to not stay at one place, he had to stay on the move. He was alone. Always had been, he had no one.

It had been three years since his escape from that hell hole, wanting to get as faraway as possible from the people who had used him as a form of a weapon, tormenting him for years and years.

They had always said it was “For the great of good” and what really angered him was that fact that he had started to believe them, but it was all lies. BIG. FAT. LIES. Lies that he believed. He’d never understood that, “For the great of good?” how is killing innocences for the great of good? For years he was forced to do things, he didn’t have a choice but to do them.

The vivid images of the day when he’d took another innocence’s life, it lingered in his mind, it never left him, it lived there. The begging and pleading for him to have ‘mercy’ and ‘stop’ but he had no choice, he had to do as they said, he hated himself for not controlling his actions but he didn’t have a say in the matter. He had no control. He hated them for taking his innocence away from him. Leaving Blood within his hands. Blood that would stain his hands forever.

Driving through the night wasn’t easy, the constant stress and the lack of sleep, was permanently straining his features, but it was the only way he could getaway without them gaining on him. He had to getaway. The constant torment he’d been afflicted was not something he could endure anymore. It wasn’t the physical abuse that was afflicted but the blood that held a permanent stain on his hands, he couldn’t do that anymore. He couldn’t live in pain and torment, it was something that he couldn’t do. He would rather die a thousand times than to see another innocent die in the hands of him.

An old, rusty gas station sign appeared in his view, he had to stop he couldn’t go through the night without some quick pit stops for gas and food.

The door made a Ting! sound as he gracefully entered through the arched door, he scanned the small aisles of filled up shelves of food. The musty smell caught his attention, a strong and distinctive smell, it wasn’t unbearable but it wasn’t peasant either. He traced a finger along the shelf slowly as he walked through the aisle of junk food, stopping swiftly when he came across the one food he loved more than anything. It was his one true love. His only love. Oreos. One of his all time go to food, if it was the end of the wold he would just binge eat on the delicious chocolate, creamed cookies, he could simply just eat them for eternity if it was up to him.

Suspicious eyes stared and glare straight at him wiry of his new customer, as if he was going to steal food off his shelves and make a run for it but he wouldn’t blame the man behind the cashier desk, no doubt he gets plenty of people who would do just that.

Beep, beep... a repeated sound coming off from the scanner as buttons were being pressed rapidly on the cash register, “That will be $14.28” The old man clearly seemed bored, tired even you could clearly see the dark bags under his eyes that had formed from long hours of work.

Dropping a fifteen dollars on the counter, “Keep the change” Grayson’s voice came out rougher and more intense than he had intended it to be. The old man seemed scared at Grayson’s tone, Grayson could smell it, it was strong and distinct but the old man kept his mouth shut, he knew better than to cross the young man before him, although he was more curious and intrigued about the young man that stood in of him, coming to a conclusion of the young man being temperamental and could hold up a fight if deemed necessary. But that was his first impression.

The lights shun down on Grayson’s face, shadows corrupted his parts of his facial features causing them to shift in mere seconds as he made his way to his car, something seemed off as he came to an instant stop just half way, the smell of death consumed his lungs almost causing him to choke in mid-inhale of oxygen. A piercing scream caught his attention the old man, realising as to what is happening or more specifically who.

“Did you really think you could get away that easily” Whispers surrounded him, the voice came out in all directions around him, he couldn’t pin point the location of the voice as it moved before he could grasp it. He knew it was a distraction to prevent him from know where the mysterious creature resinated although he paid a close attention to were the thing kept moving and re-positioning himself. Trying to catch a pattered to his movement.

On his shoulder an ice-cold hand came in contact with his skin. An open opportunity for Grayson to quickly grab hold of the creature’s hand and bash his whole body forward in mere seconds, the creature’s body hit the ground hard with a loud thump, as a painful moan left his mouth. Grayson was used to this, the hunt for him. It wasn’t the first time this had happened, he’d been in this situation. Grabbing the creature’s pale throat, as he tightened his hold on its neck so hard as the motion came naturally to him, making it hard for the creature to grasp even a slight whiff of oxygen.

The creature’s blood, thirsty eyes filled with so much thirst and desire, a desire it could not control, a thirst it could not bare to ignore, it was in its nature to feed themselves with the blood of other innocent, helpless human beings, it was the same feeling a human got when they were just about to indulge themselves with a big mac.

Small, purple veins made their way to his blood thirsty eyes- he really did look monstrous, but then again he is not in a position to talk. He held the same eyes as the creature in front of him, his eyes were worse actually.

The struggle to break free from Grayson’s hold was very visible in the creature’s eyes, but that didn’t stop him from releasing a laughter so wicked and vile it gave Grayson a slight shiver running down his spine. It’s dark pigmented lips slightly parted as it began to speak, “Master is gonna kill you-” it let out, looking very pleased with itself as if it had won a big award, or it had achieved something great, it took in some air as the creature let out it’s other few words,

“I thought you were smarter than this Gray doll-” Grayson tightened his hold on the nickname the creature had given him, causing it to squint its eyes in pain, “your gonna lose doll face.” he carried on, speaking with pride and gratification, but it’s big ego didn’t understand something, he was nearing it’s last second of living.

“We’ll see,” Grayson said. A deep, terrifying voice that would haunt the creature’s nightmares as a flicker of wickedness and madness showed the creature that he was ready for whatever came at him. In truth he was, he was ready. Even the creature knew that. Everyone knew that.

They new exactly what he could do, they had seen it play before their eyes when they angered the beast that was ready to resurface once again.

The creature knew exactly what its fate was next, With an aggressive motion, Grayson plunged his clawed hand in the area where the creature’s heart kept beating, tearing through layers of flesh. The blood that once flowed within his veins gushed out as his skin came in contact with the creature’s flesh and blood.

He felt its beating heart rapidly beating with a fast rhythm, Grayson started to slowly pull on the heart as it began to take away from its place as he force it out of the owner’s body.

The once blood red eyes faded into a light brown, looking almost human, as he fell to the ground, with limbs that didn’t move, but just laid their lifeless. His short, auburn hair stained with blood; crimson. His eyes were wide with shock but his irises held a sudden sadness to them as he laid there. Dead.

This wasn’t the first time Grayson had killed, he had done this way too many times to even keep count anymore, it was something he was forced into enjoying.

“I hate vampires.” He whispered to himself, still holding the creature’s heart in his hand, blood still kept dripping. Grayson knew him, he grew up with him, Alaricus was his name. He was human at the time though but guess that had changed very quickly.

Alaricus’s heart fell out of his hand, as it fell on the gravel beneath his feet, splashes of blood splattered near him staining his combat boots.

Grabbing Alaricus’s legs he began to drag the body to his car. He knew too well he couldn’t leave him there, it would draw too much attention.

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