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It's a story of two fated souls whom at a young age found love but was brought apart by certain circumstances in life. Gab, an inspiring and soon-to-be fashion designer who works as a executive assistant to her ex-childhood best friend, Luke--the arrogant, silly boss who takes sweet revenge on her. After long years of being apart, does the saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder but presence makes the heart in danger" enough to mend the pain in the past? Will their love be enough to surpass everything?

Romance / Drama
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“Emergency.” Emergency…” shouts the paramedics as they rushed the victim to a nearby hospital. “The patient is in critical situation. She losses her consciousness right after the collision and that’s approximately 30 minutes before arrival.” “Okay, prepare the ER immediately.” Gab was rushed to the ER and was given immediate medical treatment but no one is sure if she can survive. While, Luke was still in shocked, waiting outside the operating room. He even don’t care if his shirt is full of blood. He feels numb—as if his brain were still processing everything. Even his tears won’t stop flowing.

16 years ago.

Gab noticed a red car parked at the front of their house as soon as she arrived from school. Aunt Yoly said that a young lady came and was having a serious talk with her grandfather. So, Gab hurriedly went home. As the door opens, she saw an elegant woman. Before she could talk, the woman hug her so tight. “Are you Gab?” The woman asked. “Gabriella Emmanuel Gonzales?”

Gab lives a peaceful life at the farm. Even though at early age she experience the most painful part of her life any child could ever imagine. Her father died even before he knew he had a child while her mother passed away a minute she was born. At 12 years old, her smile is as bright as the rising sun—you wouldn’t think she has been through a lot at a young age. But thanks to her loving grandfather Ben who raised her with all the love in the world. And with their caring neighbourhood—Lola Fely, an old widow and a great friend of Lolo Ben; sometimes strict but has a warm heart for everyone. Aunt Yoly, a hardworking housewife of Uncle Pedring and a mother of two—Cherry, the youngest spoiled lass who treats Gab like a sister and Chad, the eldest who became Gab’s best friend. Gab’s life is indeed as colourful as the rainbow being surrounded with loving people.

Life in the farm was really simple yet full of fun and adventure. Gab wakes up early in the morning. As early as 5 am, she immediately rush to the kitchen and prepares the breakfast. While cooking, she prepares the table and clean the house simultaneously. Then, she sets the table. She even watered the plants and vegetables. Feeds their hens, pigs, cows as she greeted them, “Good morning Pitchy! Do you have a good sleep? Please lay a lot of eggs, okay?” “Oh, hello there King David, here is your food.” “Hi, Solomon. Eat some more. I made this specially for you.” As soon as the sun rises, Gab finishes all the household chores.

“Yes.” “Why?” Gab responded.

The woman smiled. “She’s your aunt Gab. She’s the younger sister of your mother. She’s Aunt Ingrid.” Her grandfather explained.

But Gab was so surprised. She was glad knowing that she has another family aside from her grandfather. She asked, “How come I haven’t met you?” “How come I haven’t heard any news about you?”

“I’ve been studying abroad after I got a scholarship. After finishing my degree, I luckily landed a job in a prestigious company. For five years, I’ve been busy working my but off.” The woman narrates. “I’m really sorry, dear. I haven’t visited you even when your mother died. I’m so sorry for your loss.” I love her so much that I cannot take seeing her lying in a coffin, breathless. I just can’t.” she added crying.

“It’s okay. It’s all in the past now. I know she’s happy and peaceful wherever she is right now.” Gab said with contentment.

“I know.” Her Aunt nodded.

“Well, enough with the drama. What’s the most important thing is the reason why I’m here.” As she wipes her tears and continues with a smile.

“What do you mean?” astonishingly asked by Lolo Ben.

“I wanted to support Gab’s schooling until she finished college.” Her Aunt explain.

By looks of it, Lolo Ben is not happy to hear it—he feels something is off. He knew her youngest daughter is up for something. The two continues to talk as Gab was instructed to go to her friend’s house for the meantime. The conversation ended without any agreement of the two parties.

“Just leave, Ingrid. Just leave.” Shouted Lolo Ben. “You came here on your own and for sure you knew your way out. Please. Just go.”

Ingrid feels disappointed. She leaves the house with the expression that this is not the end—she will be back and next she will get what she wants.

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