The Strings That Tie Us

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Ashley Larson is a 17 years old girl with a school life like any normal girl. Then, she meets Nick Grayson, the school's Mr. Popular and her life completely changes. She thinks that she has found love but meeting Andrew Grayson, Nick's brother, makes her question her choices. With all the drama in her life and complicated people from her past, her life's surely going to change. But for the good or worse?

Romance / Drama
Cruel Summer
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New Beginnings

Ashley’s POV

“I am so sorry for your loss” she said. At this point I don’t even know half the people who attended Lucy’s funeral. Lucy Aniston was the only person I had left, who was my family.

When my parents died in a car crash, I was only 7. The person who helped me survive the crash and took care of me ever since was Lucy.

She was like my mother, my best friend and my family. Losing her was like losing my parents all over again.

6 months ago, we found out that she was diagnosed with cancer stage-3 and had only few months. I had prepared myself for this day, but no preparation can help us avoid the pain of losing our family.

I smiled a fake smile at the lady and thanked her. Finally everyone was gone and the house became quiet.

“Are you okay?“, Chris asked. He was Lucy’s boyfriend. He was a very nice person, but there was something about him that was weirdly unsettling.

Even though Lucy was ill, he did not leave her and I was thankful to him as he helped her enjoy her last few days.

“Not right now, but I will be” I answered. He reached into his pocket and took out a envelope. he gave it to me and said, “Lucy asked me to give you this letter after she, you know.....” he trailed of. I took the envelope and gave him a small smile.

″Thankyou Chris, for everything.” He gave me a hug and said, “Call me if you need anything.” He went home and finally, I was all alone.

I decided to go outside this house, as it has all of the happy memories I had with all the people I have ever lost. I take Lucy’s letter and start walking to the graveyard. I sit besides Lucy’s stone and open the letter.

My dear Ashley,
I am so sorry that I left you. You came into my life when I had no one to love, filled my life with happiness I didn’t even know existed and treated me just like a daughter treats her mother. Everyday that I spent taking care of you has been the best days of my life. I love you so much darling and I know you do too, so please listen to me one last time. I want you to live your life happily, without holding on to the past and the people that you have lost. I know that you blame yourself for your parent’s death, but the truth is that you cannot blame someone for things destined to happen. So, my dear, I want you to start over, and to start over, you need to let go of the past, the people in your past and me. Don’t waste your time in grieving dead people, life is too short for that. This is the only thing I have asked for.
I love you Ash.
Lucy : )

Tears start streaking down my eyes and I immediately wipe them of. I am going to do exactly what she has said, start over. Let go of the past.

“Hey, are you okay?“, I heard a deep voice saying. I looking up, I saw piercing blue eyes filled with concern, boring into mine .

“Yes, I am.“, I answered, but my voice betrayed me, cracking at every word.

“Don’t lie. It is okay to not feel okay when you lose someone. I know how you feel, you know.” he said, lending me a hand to get up. I take it with a small smile and thank him.

“What is your name?“, he asked.

“Ashley”, I said in a small voice.

We stand there staring into each other’s eyes until his striking blue eyes make me look away. Even though I didn’t want to, I start walking away from him towards my home.

“Where are you going?“, he asked from behind me. “Um, home?” I said with a questioning look in my eyes.

“Can I walk you to your house? You look like you can pass out any second.“, he asked.

“Okay.“, I said.
I know you must be thinking why am I walking home with a stranger, but looking at him, who wouldn’t?

We start walking towards my house. “Three years ago, on this day, my father died. I come to visit his grave every year and talk my heart out. He was like my best friend, you know....“, he said.

“I know.“, I answered. Then I told him all about Lucy and her death and by that time, we reach my house. I felt very connected with him.

I told him all about my feelings as I know we are never going to meet again. This though makes me feel sad but I put that feeling aside. I really liked him.

“Thank you. Goodbye.“, I said.

“Goodbye Ashley”, he said with a sad look in his eyes.

He turned around and started walking. I stared at his back till he was out of sight. I smiled at myself and then it striked me.
Dang. I didn’t even ask his name.

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