Possessive Alpha Mate

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Jenny is a beautiful girl and an Alpha's daughter. She is turning 18, that's means she's going to meet her mate. But what she didn't expected is her mate is the most strongest Alpha, Daneal Willson. Daneal is a very good looking guy but he is so demanding. He is obsessive and possessive Alpha. He try to make jenny fall in love with him and accepy him the way he is.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Jenny Pov....

I wake up earlier today cause i'm turning 18 today. Today is my birthday and i'm so excited. I'm going to meet my mate today i'm so excited. I always been dreaming of having a wonderful mate. A mate that will protect me, love me, grow old together, always be there for me and make me happy.

" Jenny come here right now". My brother Adward yelled frome downstair. Ugh he runied my day dream. Adward is my big brother and he is very protective of me and he is the next Alpha in line. He is 21.
My father is Alpha James from Blue Moin Pack. We are the second strongest largest pack in North America. I jumped out of the bed and went downstair.

I walked into the kitchen and saw everyone are waiting for me. My family and Carl my best friend and the Beta's Son is there, as soon as their eyes landed on me they all pulled me a group hug and wish me "Happy Birthday".
"Honey Happy Birthday, Oh My God my daugher is turning 18. My mom said hugging me tightly. "Ammm mom you can let me go now I-cant-can't-breath" i said.
After my mom let go of me my dad came and hugged me "Happy Birthday Baby Girl" my dad said to me. Thanks dad, i kissed his cheek.
Then Carl hugged me and wish me Happy Birthday too. We are best friend since 2nd grade. I have a little crush on him since 4th grade. I wish that he is my mate but i don't feel sparks when he hugged me.

"So have you found your mate?". Carl asked nervously. Well that's odd since when did he's nervous talking to me?. Dude i just woke up this morning, i replyed. Well tell me if you found your mate, he said and walked away.
"I wish you won't find him", he mumbled. Okay what is his problem?. Thanks to my warewolf hearing i can hear him. That is werid maybe someone on his period.

"Where is my cake???. I yelled asking. I love cake so much. I love chocolaye flavour. Oh girl don't worry we bought for you a giant chocolate cake. We know you love cake so much, Adward said that and taking out a giant cake from refrigerator. Wow its really big and yes chocolate...

I cut a big slice of cake and dig in. Mmmmmhhh, it taste amazing, i moaned. I ate about half cake. I'm so full now. Its 07:30 now, school started at 08:00. I better go now.

Jenny Pov....
I started walking towards the school entrance, scanning the crowd hoping that i will found my mate but no just my luck.
"Happy Birthday Girl" Stella shouted at me. Slow down, my ears are bleeding. I shrieked covering my ears. Hahaha so have you found him? She asked curiously. I shake my head no.
I'm a little scared, what if i don't found my mate? What if Oh God maybe my mate died. No way he must be somewhere in this world.
Girl don't worry you will find him soon, Stella said that with smiling at me. Sandy is my best friend and stella is carl's sister and beta's daughter. She met her mate about 1 year ago. Her mate is Brandon, he is a good guy. I'm so jelous when i saw them together, the way they look each other so caring and loving.
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