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Pearl Carter is a collage student with a life full of dreams and hopes, living her life to the fullest. Henry Alter is a bad boy but an extremely brilliant student who has a heart of gold. At first these two feel like they have nothing in common but as and when they get to know each other, they realise they’re more alike than they thought. They fall deeply in love. Even the misunderstandings are not able to break them. But the circumstances start changing and makes it difficult for them to be together. Will they have a happy ending??? Lets find out.

Romance / Erotica
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Don’t you love it when things go your way. For a long time your life seems to be going exactly as you want it to go. Well its been like that for me for the last two years.

When I joined Stanford University two years ago, I had a dream to explore life as much as possible. I was an average student, student business economics. My parents were extremely proud of me. My father, Patrick Carter is a Chartered Accountant and my mom, Veronica Carter is a house wife.

My parents are extremely simple people but extremely proud of their image. My father had worked extremely hard to make his name and keep it intact. My mom also put a lot of pressure on me but in a good way to become independent and follow my father’s footsteps. I love them to the core. They are my support system.

I came here with my two best friends, Rachel and Paige. We’ve been together since 9th grade and we’ve been inseparable since. Rachel and paige have polar opposite personalities. Rachel is a complete extrovert, practical and outgoing person. If you need a reality check, that’s who you go to. Paige was a complete opposite of that, she was shy, dreamy and an optimist. I am a combination of both. I am an extrovert with the people I’m comfortable with or I’ll not speak at all.

Two years ago I got a taste of real love and heartbreak all at once but I didn’t allow that to change me.


Hey Kieran, I’ll be coming to your house but a little late by 7-ish. xoxo.

I sent this text to my very loving and carin boyfriend. I met him in the first year I came to Stanford. He was a friend of a friend, Sid. Sid and Rachel fell in love with each other and I found Kieran. Paige was not comfortable with either of them so she stayed away.

Kieran and I became good friends before we started dating and now its been 8months that we’ve been together.

Rachel told me that she needs to speak to me urgently so I’m meeting here now at our favourite cafe, starbucks.

“Hey” Rachel said nervously. She’s never nervous.

“Hi, wassup. What’s wrong?” I asked

“How do you know something’s wrong” I gave her a look that said “seriously”

“I have to tell you something, please just listen and don’t be mad at the messenger”. She said and I could see her palms getting sweaty.

“Rachel you’re scaing me, tell me what’s wrong. Did Sid do anything, I swear I’ll punch the fuck out of him”

“No no, he didn’t do anything, its about Kieran. He’s cheating on you with Romalia.” She held my hand said it in one breath. I felt like my heart stopped beating. I felt sad and anxious and angry all at once. I looked at Rachel and she had tears in her eyes. I took my hand away and looked at her angrily.

“I don’t believe you. Do you have any proof of what you’re saying. Rachel he loves me, only me. It must be just a moment or lapse of judgment. Kieran would never do that to me. No. No.” With that I left the cafe and went to Kieran’s house to speak to him about what a horrible best friend I have who wants to break us up.

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