My Innocent Love

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The story of a girl who fell in love with her teacher. What will be the result of their love?

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Chapter 1

Why are you so upset Dua. I was sick last week so I missed all the lectures.

So no matter I will give you all the lectures. Ali, who was a member of his group, entered immediately. Hahaha ​​thanks Ali, let's go, Miss Zainab's class, hurry up, everyone.

Have you cast a spell on me that my heart is not filled with you? Her husband was leaning on her neck and madly kissed her neck ...

It was as if burning lead fell on him ...

Please, I have to go to university in the morning. I have a paper.

There was a lot of fire in you, don't put an end to this fire now ... Please, my paper is in the morning ... Ahhh my Innocent Fairy, He pushed her onto the bed and stopped all the way. Many men in the university are crazy about you, you ugly woman ...

I'm not a crap. Well, you say, a woman like you. Suddenly he placed his lips on Dua's lips and Dua felt as if she was holding her breath and then her husband unbuttoned his shirt and took off his shirt and threw it away and then he also took off Dua's shirt and threw it away. And began to kiss her and start making love.

She knew in that look that he had failed her.

Dua my dear! You came from the university. Yes Mama and I am so tired.

Mama i can't see isha where she is.

Isha will be in her room.

Okay... Mama i am very hungry. You wash your face. My doll has come from the university. dua immediately hugged Hamdan, yes brother i'm back.

Isha Sister, Why do you read so many novels? Dua After reading my novel, I get lost in their world and I forget all my sorrows and cry with them. Laugh with these characters. They have taught me to live again. Well, my dear sister, come to eat quickly. Hamdan bro has been waiting for a long time.

Dua how is your study going. Dad, my studies are going very well. I just missed some lectures. No matter, doll, I will help you in your studies. Hamdan said laughing. Thanks bro ...

I was wondering why not have a party at home and Hamdan bro has also come.

Ahmed Shirazi had two daughters, Dua and Isha. Isha was three years older than Dua. Dua was the dearest daughter of the house, everyone loved her ... His family was his life. Being the youngest, dua was everyone's favorite.

You got up. Go now and make my breakfast quickly. Get up now. What are you thinking? Right. I haven't done anything wrong. Why are you going crazy. I'm your husband not a stranger. She was hearing such words from her husband on the new morning of marriage.

Dua you know whose lecture is today. Today is the lecture of the handsome sir. Hey, the same sir that is very handsome. Oh well, I'll put this guy on the line. He is Keep insulting me all the time Hmmm, I have a plan. Tell me how

Ali also took part in the middle. Why don't we prove this sir bad ...

Dude, look how much he disrespect dua in front of the class .. I will take revenge for that ..

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