Mafia Boss Possessive Love

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This is the story of a university girl and the mafia boss. What will happen in this story when the mafia boss kidnaps this girl?

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Chapter 1

The second semester of his university was going on. Today was his last paper. How was the paper?

By the way, thankfully, we will go to have lunch with these papers tomorrow. Sara asked Inaya with a sigh of relief who was walking with her.

The intentions are good and the paper is very good but I will also get tired. I will be able to roam under this pretext. Inaya also said happily.

Sarah held her head and thought it would never improve.

Another friend of hers, who had run away from the distance, came. She looked happier than him. It was as if she had to wear a hat in all the papers.

How are you guys

Well, at least we didn't go down without explaining ourselves first. She knew in that look that he had survived

I have broken the mouths of some boys. They were trying to be free from me. They don't know me yet. I have taken karate classes.

She was speaking as proudly as if she had broken the world record.

And you have failed once in the same class. Inaya said seriously. The three of them laughed when they saw each other's face.

The friendship of these three

Invaluable was the fact that these three were famous all over the university, one was fast in reading and the other was running away from reading, while the third was completely different from each other, the one who knew the whole university and knew everyone's secret vein from it. The friendship between the three of them was deep and they were going to kill each other. If anyone was in trouble, they would leave all the work and go to help each other. They had such a unique friendship.

Once Sarah's paper was not good, she was weeping on the steps of her department with her head bowed, then they both reached there looking for her, she was crying on her knees, then she came running to him and "Why are you crying so much?"

Sarah cried and said, "My paper is not good. I will fail. You guys do something. If I fail, I will be insulted in the whole family." She raised her head and said.

"You should think about it first. Read how much I used to talk to you, but no, they just don't care about social media. Now talk to these fans and they will let you pass," said Alishba.

"Oh, you guys, stop fighting, they think something," so much so that I saw the same professor whose paper I was afraid of failing.

I went to the professor and said, "Sir, I have something to talk to you about." I pretended to be innocent. I feel like he has all the innocence, but who is behind the innocent forms? The shapes are innocent and the mind is evil. Her eyes were such that she could fool anyone. She also looks innocent. Brown eyes, small nose, pink cheeks and cover in every scarf made her hair even more beautiful.

"Sir, her grandmother has passed away. The girl loved her grandmother very much. Her mother was like her, so she was not given any paper today." She was mourning her head with tears in her eyes. The arrow was going to hit the target. Inaya thought to herself and when she saw her head she was crying and she was shaking herself. You should explain to her as if she was talking. Alishbaa was supporting her in her false expression even though she didn't want to. She was thinking in her mind, I had to take a bath with her, I also had to keep the illusion of friendship.

Tell me, where is your friend? He was also a little emotional type, otherwise the rest of the professors wouldn't even pay attention . The three of them asked him, "What happened to your grandmother?" Was watching Then seeing the mischievous smiles on both their faces, he understood a little and said to his head

His head was very bad

He didn't say much, I didn't know what they both said

"Sir, my paper didn't do well either," she cried again

The head was not even given the paper. The poor thing was missing a lot. The poor thing has come back from the brink of death. Inaya said in a sad tone.


The three of them said together in amazement. She had said a little too much in over-acting. "I mean, she had reached the hospital. Her condition had also deteriorated. We have handled her head very hard."

"It will be all right, one day everyone would have gone, so don't worry, may Allah give you patience."

"Sir, there is a request from you," Alashaba said sadly. Sir also began to ask sympathetically.

"It can't be that they are all against the roll" Sir tried to explain to him. He seemed to be failing his plan. Sir, you understand his condition. Please do something. Inaya said with a little hope.

I can try but he doesn't promise that he will look at Sarah with sad eyes. He remembered his grandmother who had passed away some time ago.

If he didn't pass, Sarah said in distress

Hey, you guys don't worry, he has his hand on the aching vein of his head, he will pass it in such a way that you will be confused when you see the result, that it is really my mark. Started laughing



"Ji Bose has delivered the goods, so far it will be delivered."

His secretary said

"Hmmm, if something goes wrong, don't show up tomorrow."

He hung up the phone

The secretary wiped the sweat from his face and looked at the phone

"If there's some grumbling, Bose has to chew it raw. All is well."

He began to say to himself


She was crying on her knees. Suddenly there was a sound of the door opening. She could not lift her head in fear. She knew who the person was coming. She still did not have the courage to raise her head and look at him. It was getting faster and faster as he was moving. His heart was beating faster. He had his eyes matched. The man was sitting on the ground in front of him with both knees and raised his thumb with his index finger in fear. His face was red. His eyes were swollen from crying. He shivered when he touched it. He kept looking at it like this for a while. Gone from Murray


"Dude, put me in an army or a PAF. I like extremists very much. If there is someone who says get up and go and do something for your homeland, I will never ask why you put me in, but alas, it can't happen."

Abash put both hands under her and said sadly

The three of them were sitting in the cafe, only to be fed up with Sarah's repeated slogans of hunger. As they entered the cafe, Sarah pushed her away from Katie, as if she would not eat. She was a little raw. She starts to feel dizzy when she is hungry. It's a different matter. She used to feel hungry only when she saw someone else eating. Now she had to be fed. Gayi Abash took out his mobile phone and checked his Facebook.

"Friend, don't do anything. Send me to the army. If you can't send me there, then send me to the army. If you say so, send me."

She started shouting at Inaya

Inaya, who was watching Sara coming, was confused

"Become a human being. You scared me. You have the goodness of a human being, but not in you."

Inaya put her hand on her chest and said

"Even though you know it's not possible. Your family sent you here. They also took you as a booty and thanked you. Many girls are also deprived of this thing."

And it was also very true. She got a university permit after praying because she was good in Prahai and that is what helped her to move forward.

Seeing his downcast face, I tried to explain to him, but I did not expect him to understand.

But give me a chance and I will make my own record in the army

She said thoughtfully

While Sarah was doing justice to the burger

In the same way, she was getting angry with Alashaba's words. From above, Sara was busy eating in such a way that she did not know the time.

"You two get up or I go alone"

Alishba said calmly

"No, I'm having a lot of fun. I'm having a good time. I'm thinking. I'll bring my own bed tomorrow. I'll do another job. I'll give it to the professor. We don't have to go to bed. Give him a cafe instead of a box."

Pointed to Sarah

"And if any of you are going to join the army, let him marry her."

Inaya said with a cannon

While they were both trying to hide their laughter

And you just don't know how to eat

Inaya picked up her bag and spoke

Sarah hurriedly put the towel in her mouth and picked up the bag and started walking towards the class.

Abash also looked at the mobile with love and started walking carrying her bag


"I gave you some work."

"Bose, we're trying to get things done quickly, but it's very risky."

The secretary tried to explain it over the phone

"I asked you the reason ?? I know how much risk there is in what work, so be careful before you go any further. Do as much as you are told."

He hung up the phone

The poor secretary kept looking at the phone


Hassan had been interested in joining the army since his childhood, so he worked hard day and night to bring 3.98 gb and test the officer in which he topped.

Allah had endowed him with intelligence as well as masculinity. Allah had placed a distinct light on his face which made him stand out from the crowd. He entered the academy at a very young age and mastered his intelligence. If some people look at him with jealousy, then who knows with jealousy, whose love or whose and whose jealousy hinders his destination ...


"Mama is very hungry"

Inaya will come from the tired Hari Uni and sit on the sofa

In the meantime, his nephew came to see him

"Hey, how is my doll's aunt's life? Did my child remember my uncle's food?"

Inaya asked lovingly on his cheek

That's a different matter. The old man can't answer her but she talks to him every day as if he answers everything.

All she wanted was to live in the village she lives in. Her name was also given by Inaya

"Come put the food"

Amy said, placing the bread on the table

"My mom just came. My baby will eat with me."

Inaya picked up Thoban and said

His family was small. He was a father who ran his own business with his only son. His son had grown his own business. He was married three years ago and Allah had blessed him with a beautiful blessing.

"Amy, why do you cook so much when we have no shortage of maids?"

Inaya spoke after seeing her mother and sister-in-law working in the kitchen

"I know, my daughter, we have no shortage, but your brother and father love my food and we don't mind working anyway, so what do you do?"

His mother said while working

"Yes, that's right, but I don't like seeing you working like this and my sister-in-law won't let me in the kitchen either."

Inaya put a spoonful of rice in her mouth and spoke

"Yeah, now you pay attention to your studies. There's no need to come to the kitchen. You rest until the wedding, then do as much work as you want."

Sania laughed and said

He has always considered Inaya as his younger sister

"God bless you"

But who knows what is written in the destiny ...


"I've reached university"

He was notifying someone via a Bluetooth device

"Keep an eye on who's going where and take pictures of beautiful girls in particular."

He said wickedly

"Sir my money"

"You do your job, you get paid."

He hung up the phone


"You eat"

He spoke to her affectionately

"Don't eat me. Keep your food with you."

He said angrily

"Look, you have to eat. You eat quietly, otherwise I can feed you in my own way."

He took a spoonful of biryani from the plate and took it to his mouth without taking his anger into account.

"I told you not to eat. I'm not afraid to do what you have to do."

He was looking at the little girl who had fear in her eyes but was stubborn

"Now you haven't eaten this food, so you also know what I can do. You've seen a proof a while ago and you have to look for some proof ..."

He said he started to get up

He put a spoon in his mouth

"That's like a good girl."

When he did, he began to feed her again

She could do nothing but seek help from Allah

In her heart of hearts, she started abusing him, making bad faces and eating from his hands


"Dude, where are you left? When will you come? It's time for class."

Alishba ate while the clock was ticking

"I'm waiting for myself. I don't know where she died."

I saw Sarah coming from Uni's gate

"She's walking so smoothly. Our class is going here and she's not taking a break from the catwalk."

Inaya said as she walked away

"Hi girls"

"You guessed it, our class is going on here and you're having so much fun walking around and where have you been? How long have you been lying down now?"

Inaya turned to the class and asked him

"Dude, my cat was crying. She was trying to calm him down. I don't know what happened to her."

Sarah said in a depressed tone

"You didn't ask her why she was crying ??"

Abash asked hiding his smile

"I asked, man, maybe his BF left him."

Hearing this, both Alishba and Inaya looked at him in astonishment and then saw the smile on his lips and understood.

"Dude, why are you so serious?"

I am just kidding

"Never laugh."

Sarah looked at both of them and said

"Just happy now let's go to class."

Alashaba laughed and started walking towards her department

From behind, they both laughed together ...

to be continued

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