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Why does young love have to be so complicated? Just one more year left of school and Ruby had her future sorted by working in her dad's wealthy big business, that’s all she knew and nothing else. There was one thing she was going to miss, walking down Knowles street every day and seeing all the pretty little small shops. Nathan helps his dad working in their shop and to keep it running for generations. He didn't need much to live a happy life, just family and everyone on that street was to each other. One day, her life changed when a boy rescued Ruby and little did she know her heart was going to change direction and meet Nathan. He was only doing a kind thing and falling for Ruby was not part of the plan. With Ruby's strict dad and wanting his claws on the street, could this be the star-crossed lovers that shouldn't of met? Will they be able to have the perfect relationship that they want, or the fact that they are from different worlds tear them apart? It all happened on that one street….

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Chapter 1

Autumn, the most glorious season to encounter amidst its warm hues and cooling breeze beginning to pierce the air. This isn’t because of the cosy knitted jumpers she gets to wear and the thick skin of leggings that cover her faded sun-kissed tan, this is Ruby’s favourite season. It presents St.James park a beautiful place to wander through every day approaching her way to and from school. Sometimes her hands feel a peck of ice chill, a stop to the small coffee stand near the end of the road with the most delightful man serving his small selection of coffee and pretzels. It grew clearer that her familiar face drew his attention, including her sweet smile while she passed by every day made it a pleasant welcoming upon his early mornings and greats him with “Morning Mr.Yung.”

Her thick scarf hiding her neck with her cosy burgundy knitted jumper, black leggings with her charcoal skater skirt and beige ankle boots. Her strawberry-blond hair perfectly shaped into a high top ponytail and a strand each side curl landing on her rosy cheeks.

On one side of the park, the dark mustard church that chimes by the hour and the sun awake behind executes the 17th-century construction glow. On the other side of the park, a small street beside a busy road containing a long-running family business that hold big surprises within each window. The little street draws a close community and considered as a family to one another, recognised as Knowles Street. Ruby lives outside in a high-class estate with large SUVs parked on a driveway with white smooth texture surface and jet black PVC windowpanes. She never enters these stores but is tempted to look through while she passes by. As she crosses the road, she meets her two friends next to Maggie’s Knitting Galore, the start of glimpsing, strolling pass the inadequate quirky stores.

The old mechanisms that chimed within the window of Pete’s Toy shop of a puppet waving away, also the essence of a sweet sensation from the Chocolate shop, Jacksons and sons. Ruby continuously possessed a temptation to go within there, but the fear of trying one wouldn’t be enough and would need to try them all. Implying with Claire’s Bakery too, from the fresh-cut sliced bread and small cupcakes that stand proud through the windows.

Each signage holds character that has existed since the beginning of time and to change would be profound in Ruby’s eyes. Apart from one which looked somewhat new was the Charity for the Dogs and Cats rescue, this didn’t slip into Ruby’s mind as a bad thing, it drives to a good gesture. Right at the end is a little Italian restaurant that held a comfortable commitment, Donati Italians.

‘Doesn’t it smell lovely?’ Ruby said to her friends.

‘You say that every morning.’ Her slim tall friend Lucy mimics her openly of the little things that make her smile. Those dark waves on Lucy’s face breeze gently against the wind and her figure carries that camel overcoat beautifully with her comfortable mid-thigh dress and black tights.

‘Why don’t you try one?’ Gabby states, while she holds onto her books tight to her chest wearing her cosy mustard jumper with her denim dungarees.

‘No, a lifetime on the hips and that’s not included in a ballet dancers diet.’ Lucy firmly addresses her rules, especially when the exams are nearby.

‘I have to agree with her on this one.’ Ruby replies, yet the apprehension remains. All 3 of them met at the Dance Ballet school at the age of 3 and developed a beautiful bond with dance and friendship, they all look out for each other and live with their wealthy parents paying for the high achieving private school that money can’t buy. Ruby doesn’t acknowledge anything different by the lifestyle she’s been brought up.

Her father, Mr Stoke owns the biggest constructing site in the country and has no planning of slowing down. He has the classy 80′s American appearance with high waist jeans and checked flannel shirt tucked in, beige ankle boots and smooth coffee-coloured hair geld back. Mr Stoke would desire his company to continue and want his children, his grand-children to continue onwards, he is secretly disappointed not to have a son, only Ruby and her sister Effie. Her sibling takes her father resembles more and career-driven features as him, Ruby assumes she takes after her mother more. All the things she remembers about her mother, she was loving, caring and loved baking on rainy days. She transferred the golden blonde hair and sky-blue eyes her mother had, the only thing Ruby cherished of her. Effie has no recall of their mum which saddens her heart, perceiving she would of loved her too.

The only women Effie identifies as her mother is their step-mum, Cassy that lives under their roof. Ruby wasn’t keen towards the idea, as she would never replace her. However, Effie grew to love her and saw happiness in her eyes. Therefore Ruby couldn’t hate Cassy for trying and taking the motherly role with no experience of having children. Ruby concluded that Cassy was only around for her dads’ wealth when she spent on plastic surgery for the first two years. Ruby keeps her distance from Cassy, just sufficient for her to believe she is bonding.

The warmth through the thin cheap material peeps through too early for his eyes, and bares to open them and check the time grasping it’s only an hour left until the heavy siren beeps for a sign to arise. Nathan never obtained an early person, though he’s conscious at 5 am, most of his companions will be up towards 6 or 7 am. He’s up early because of the business he lives below, Jacksons and Sons. His parents put their heart and soul into it and to continue as his dad promised his dad. The scruffiness of his dark hair messed up from rolling in his sleep and the t-shirt he never stripped off the night before, he tries hard to sink into a deep sleep but starts to surrender and makes his way to the kitchen.

His dad already there, mixing the chocolate, creating a smooth texture before moulding into their distinct shapes. Nathan picks up his apron and arranges the trays on the table, and he never talks with his dad, Thomas, it’s best to ignore Nathan in the mornings. His short fibre and heavy top moustache resembles a 1920′s Victorian butcher beside his pinned striped apron.

The teenager phase in Nathan has shown intensely, Thomas wishes his mother was around, she grasped on calming him down when his tempers surface. Since Nathans’ mother passing, his bold attitude towards others has caused his farther more hassle than he needs. Thomas wishes the phase of his temper will disappear when the teenager inside has gone. Nathan produces the repeat actions he does every day to build the chocolates, and he thought he would get sick off these smells, but he doesn’t and brings him some warmth remembrance of his mum.

Nathan prefers to keep to himself and has one friend at school, Declan and keeps his head down during the long 6 hours he dreads, then to work several hours in the evening with his dad. At least he’s glad to be paid and owns the motorbike that he always wanted. It’s his pride and joy, and he knew his mum would desire him to possess a car, except he’s a lone wolf and always will be.

The basic t-shirts, hoodie, hip denim jeans and converse shoes were suitable to approach school and assured he passed enough without working too hard, because he perceived his future would already be; The owner of Jacksons and Sons.

Declan is a social butterfly and shares a social circle of mates, with his success being on the football team. The muscular build, self-confidence and short-styled shaven hair draws all the girls in the school. Nathan hasn’t seen Declan since he’s dating the captain of the women’s football team, but it didn’t bother him. Nathan imagined he could share that intermate with someone, he had been with a few girls in the past but only because they fancied him. The recognition he got gave him a high expectation for a couple of weeks, but it fizzled quickly, for him to call it quits.

After school, Nathan weaves through the hectic roads, with his standard route taking 15 minutes. He takes a turn before and picks up daffodils from the petrol station, and parks in the local towns hall cark park. Walking to the cliff top and overlooks the coast, even on the most blustery days, he makes his way up there. At the top rests a bench he’ll perch on grasping onto the daffodils wrapped in plastic and recollects the closing days he spent beside his mum. Some days he would weep, but has remained stronger as he sits there. Once he goes back to reality, he replaces the flowers that finally willowed away and fasten the fresh one. He faces towards the bench and views the plaque of her name carved what his dad used to call her. ‘My shining flower; Mary-Anne Jackson’. He kisses his fingers and touches her name.

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