Where We Met At Sunset Beach

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While Amy is suffering from depression due to a horrifying conclusion that her bestfriend and her boyfriend have been friends with benefits for a long time, someone at school has been watching her -not in a stalkish way- and the surprising fact is that not only a nobody, but the most popular guy in school, not to mention a troublemaker and has a secret that I am not going to put in this description. Join the most humorful (is that even a word) and clicheist (I think that's not a word, too) story, filled with drama, cliche, fluff, cliche, no R rated scenes, cliche, and more cliche.

Romance / Humor
Glandy Kim
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Chapter 1 Part 1

A.N: This chapter has not been edited, proceed with caution.


"Why?! Just... why?!!

Yep. As you can see, right in this very room, are me and my so called 'boyfriend' having a typical fight.

Why are we fighting?

"Why do you have to do the 'It ' with my only bestfriend?! My freaking bestfriend?!" I cried as streams of tears rush down on my freckled face

Yep. I just caught my boyfriend doing 'It' with my freaking bestfriend, who is now standing right beside my boyfriend crying her eyes out.

You're probally confused as H-E double hockey sticks as to why this is happening and why did they do it.

Well, let's have a quick flashback.

Flashback 1 hour ago


"But Ame...." my bestfriend, Jamie, said pleadingly as she kneeled in front of me.

"Jame, you know that I hate parties, I've told you that many times!" I told her. And that's a fact, I really, truely, from the bottom of my heart, hate going to parties. I mean why would someone waste their time dancing in a house that is full of sweaty bodies grinding off on their partner. Just the meir thought of it makes me sick.

"Please, Ame. For me? Just one party, and no more begging for you to come. Besides, your boyfriend will be there, too. Right, Johnny dear?!" she said to Johnny- my boyfriend- hauntingly. She's probably forced my boyfriend to come to Jamie's brother's party. Besides, Johnny's known for partying, I don't even know what he does there. We aren't good on terms with my boyfriend. We aren't even in a proper realtionship. We keep fighting about nonsense things, and when I'm talking about those nonsense things, I'm talking about missing hairpins, missing pantyliners, and missing boyfriends. Yep, he does dissapear without my knowledge. Yeah, I'm little privacy-prying girlfriend , but I have to know some bits on his actions.

"Uh, y-yeah. I'm going, too, babe," he stated nervously .

"*sigh* Okay, I'm going to that stupid party," I agreed weakly, knowing that there's no winning in this match.

"Yes!" She states victoriously.

"But I'm only going to just accompany you. No forcing me to drink anything. No- anything! Okay?"

"Now where's the fun in that?" Jamie stated, dissapointed on me not doing anything at the party.

"Well, what do you think I'm going to do at the party? Grinding my bottom onto someone elses? Oh oh oh, no way. That's way out of league," I exclaimed shockingly.

There's no way I'm going to THAT at the party.

Jamie puts her index finger below her chin, acting as if she's giving it a deep thought.

"I suppose you can just sit at the corner," she says.

"Well, you needn't have to say it, because I'm going to do that anyway," I said in a 'duh' tone.

"Okay. Now let's pick you a dress to wear at the party. And you are NOT wearing that," she exclaimed tauntingly while eyeing my outfit.

Well, what's wrong with wearing a pajama and a sleeveless tshirt at a party? I think wearing this while sitting in a corner is appropriate, since no one there knows me and I don't know them. What's there to lose?

"Amy, I know what you're thinking, so halt your thoughts and just let me pick you an outfit," she scolded as she climbs the stairs towards my bedroom.

I swear that bestfriends have mind reading powers. She knows what I'm thinking everytime we get into an argument.

Few clothe-throwing later, she finally settles on an outfit, and while she's checking it out, I picked up my clothes and dresses that are now scattered on the floor.

"Here, this will look perfect on you. And hurry up on dressing it, I still have to apply you with some make-up,"


"No buts, Amy, now go, where wasting so much time," she said as she pushes me towards the dressing room. (Yes, I have my own dressing room.)

Once I have reached the dressing room, I closed and locked the doors, afraid of someone opening it up while I'm still dressing. With my really skinny body, I'm pretty sure that they'll just laugh at it rather than checking it out. (Hahaaha, what?)

Few moments later, I have finally emerged from the dressing room. While walking towards the mirror, I horribly tried to zip the zipper on this really skinny jeans.

Just as I stood in front of the mirror, the zipper finally travels up to its end, giving me the opportunity to clip the buttons on this jeans. Why do I even have these?

I looked at the mirror and eyed the girl right in front of me. Her leopard coat blends perfectly with her bright blue sweater underneath it.

Jamie has some really good taste in fashion.

Just as I was going to call Jamie, she barges in my room and eyes my outfit.

"Damn, girl, you look cute," she says, ending her compliment with a wink.

Of course, me being me, my cheeks began to change into a hue of red.

"Oh, shush, let's just get this over with," I said as I put a few strands of my hair behind my ear.

"Now, let's start with make-ups,"

So, that's it for Chapter 1 Part 1, hope you liked the story so far. Since this is my first time writing on Wattpad, some mistakes will be mistakenly placed on many of the paragraphs, so apologies for that in advance.

And if this chapter gets atleast 1 vote, I'll post the part 2 of this chapter. That lets me know if you liked the story or not.

Soooooooo, yeah, I have nothing to say so far.

Oh yeah, I'm a boy, though, and writing this in a girl's P.O.V is so hard and weird, so there will be some things that will not coordinate with the real girls in real life. Apologies for that also.

Soooo, yeahhhh, see you later...(I'm not really good at farewells)

Edit: I have changed the name of Amber into Amy. Why, you ask? I was beinh dumb and instead of typing the name Amber, I typed Amy.

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