His Slave

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Rosella is your average 17-year-old teenager. She's trying to make a living like you and me. But she lives in hard times. Mid 19th century to be exact. A slave is what she is. The lowest of what anyone can be. She doesn't matter. She's no one. Now, meet Dimitri. The king the whole world fears. He's got it all. Looks, trillions, status, fame and the throne. What more could a man want? But behind the gentlemanly facade, he puts on for show, is a monster. One who drinks blood. One who kills for fun. What happens when blood meets dirt?

Romance / Erotica
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Letter Of Introduction


Dear fellow ladies, gentlemen and readers. Welcome to His Slave.

If you are here that can only mean one thing. You made it past the summary and decided to try this book out.

Let me just WARN you now. Once you continue on there is no stopping. This is your last chance to back out of the series. But I recommend you don’t.


Through this book series (there will be a lot of books in the series) you will experience human emotions. There will be good times, bad times, sad times and more times. There will also be times that you want to punch or kiss the characters. (I advise the kissing).

But most times you will want to punch me for not giving you what you want and taking too long to give it to you or just leaving you at a cliffhanger. It will be for the best.

This genre is a historical romance ( which you should kind of infer) and there will be things based on real-life or my fascinating imagination.

Example :

Places, people, history, me & you (probably not), genders, science, religion, math, (any school-related subject you can think of in a cool way), and royals.

There will be supernaturals like vampires and werewolves (and probably those two) because who wouldn’t want to see a vampire sparkling (like Edward) and some shit like vampire diaries.

Did I say shit? Yeah, you have to get used to my swearing.

There will be romance, betrayal, family-friends, humour, heartbreak and (sexual tension and themes that aren’t so bad. If you aren’t comfortable then don’t read but I do recommend this book).

The rating of the book is 18-25, but if you know me by now I’d say 16 and up. I know there will be some people who are actually like 13 or 14 and they’ll want to read to so if you don’t like sex scenes just skip them.

I mentioned science awhile up and let me explain.

If you want sny science videos on the universe or the flash tv show (that says something so complex about science once every episode) then you’ll know that there is a theory of trillions of earth planets out there and another you may be doing what you’re doing right now.

But some of these earths are a century or decade ahead or behind our year. In this case, it’s behind us. So queen Victoria might have not been born or maybe was but in a different year. There might have been no war of Independence (I live in Canada. We are very nice and say sorry for almost everything. We also let people go in front of us. GASP!)

On this earth, there might be no Snapchat in the future but I wouldn’t be that cruel. There could be no COVID-19(in the future)

As you also know this is a HISTORICAL romance. If there are things I mention, like a crinoline, and you don’t know what it is, you can go on something called the INTERNET. Use it, fellow readers.

Now onto His Slave.

Enjoy. Or like the French say, bon appetit!

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