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I have friends, sure but how do I tell them about my personal life. Will they hate me? Fear me? Judge me? Leave me? My name is Allison Reeds. I suffer from anxiety, I have for almost all my life, and I'm only 16. I'm insecure and fear judgement. I want someone to care about me, love, I want a true friend or partner. Someone I can rely on who will protect me and always be there for me when I need them. That's when I met him. Do you wanna meet him? You will soon. For now, some background information. It's important.

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My family meant everything to me. Keyword: meant. Until..... Yes that's right. Disaster struck. A tradgedy. A terrible accident. No.

I was 10 at the time, only in primary school. I didn't know what was going on. I stood in a big room beside my Auntie Alice and uncle Desmond, who towered over me. My mom was sitting behind a large wooden desk, thingy beside another woman wearing all black. Yes , I was in court.

I was 10 years old when my mother lost custody over me and my brother Christopher. I was devastated. But I wasn't entirely sure what was going on at the time.

I remember my mother crying, and my uncle scoffed at her attempt to make them feel bad for her to let her go. But she wasn't going anywhere. She needed to pay for crimes.

I remember driving home with my aunt, who later died 4 months after of cancer. But that was 8 years ago. Now I bet your wondering, what about your dad?

He left when I was 2 years old. Just a baby, and it was all her fault. My Mother. She was never the same after their divorce and that's when her drinking problem started. She cheated on him, she was selfish and only wanted his money. She never hurt me, but she hurt Chris, many times before this incident.


I came home from school and I wanted to play with Chris, he was like my best friend. He had a half day at school before our summer holidays. My mother said he was in his room. But he wasn't so I waited for him there.... Then I heard the front door lock and just reached Chris' bedroom window as the car drove away. She came back about 2 hours later with Chris in the passenger seat. Drunk off her ass and angry as hell.

Turns out she forgot him and he was at Brandon's house. His friend at school.

I hid under Chris' bed and covered my mouth scared as hell as I heard her voice screaming at him about where he was. But he yelled about how she forgot about him.

I heard a bang in the kitchen and I ran out of there as I heard Chris scream in pain. Both sounds shattered my ears as well as my heart.

There on the ground lay my 14 year old brother,and in my mother's hand. My dad's gun. He kept it in his dresser in case of an emergency. So why did she have it?

My heart was racing and beating loud in my chest. I was asking myself multiple questions besides, helping Chris. I screamed and felt tears roll down my cheeks.

Family, the most important thing to a person, to me....and here my mother was, killing and destroying it, tearing my family apart.

I rang 911 on the house phone like I was taught to in an emergency and finally stuttered out the situation as my mother collapsed on the ground before she could stop me and the gun fell and clattered on the floor. I sat down beside Chris as he bleed out and I cried trying to comfort him. But I was scared shitless.

Blood was leaking out of his would and fast. He put pressure on it and told me it would be fine. He told the police our address and that he needed an ambulance.

Soon I heard sirens in the distance as he started to cry with me looking at my unconscious mother on the floor.

Last thing I remember was sitting in a hospital waiting room while they treated both of my family members. My brother had called my aunt to watch me while he had surgery to remove the bullet. When she came she hugged me tightly as I cried on her shoulder as she was kneeling on the floor.

Then we were in court. My mother was sentenced to life in prison. Turns out she killed 2 men in the bar she was drinking at before collecting Chris from school.

She had blood on her, smelt of alcohol and was carrying dad's gun. Chris asked her about it and she screamed at him for questioning her. He only noticed the blood when they were home and after they were inside the house...

That's when she shot him his left shoulder. Our family was never the same again. Once my mother was imprisoned my aunt took care of me. Until she died 4 months after as she had cancer. My uncle was devastated and was supposed to take care of me but he...gave me up.

After that I was put into Foster care and sent to visit a therapist. That's when I was diagnosed with anxiety. That day was apparently too much for this little girl. As I panicked and cried and struggled to breathe seeing my brother shot and my mom unconscious.

It was obviously too much for me to handle that traumatic experience pushed me to my limits.

So then I was put into therapy with my pediatrician, Dr Lily Davids. I didn't feel comfortable with her and found it hard to explain how I felt everytime I had to see her.

That's when I got adopted. That day was the last day I said I was gonna be scared ever again as I got in a car which started as the beginning of a new life. A new family. But a fresh start.

Until I met him. The one and only, egotistic, sarcastic, smirking mystery himself.

Jaxon Parker...

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