Big Sister’s Wish

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Usually, when starting my first day at a brand new school, I’d freely be myself, quickly finding a couple good friends untill my next move. Not anymore. My new step sister, Heather, has made sure of that. According to her, the first boy I bump into, I’m suppose to kiss. She said I’m too cautious. That I have no sense of adventure. She told me that she did it, and that her mother had also done it when she’d been my age. I think she said it was suppose to be some sort of challenge all of the women in her family had done. And now that I’m technically her sister, I had to do it too. At first, I’d laughed, recieving an impenetrable glare from her. In a quick attempt to return to her good side, I’d agreed to it. Luckily for me, my chance arrived before I could even think about changing my mind.

Romance / Drama
Morigan Young
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Prologue (edited)

I keep my head down, eyes glued to the dusty hallway floor, so as to not draw any unwanted attention to myself. Ebony colored hair, electric green eyes, fair skin, I myself am not one to be thought of as ugly. In fact, I’ve earned twice as much awareness just this last year, my own body maturing a lot against my own will. And for most, they’d be quite jealous of my appearance.

Not me.

Usually, when starting off at another brand new school, I’d freely be myself, quickly finding a couple good friends until my next move. It was always easy for me, walking down the hallways with everyone rushing for me to sit with them during lunch. I’d take pride in hearing people call me pretty. Sometimes, even beautiful.

My mom, Charlotte Anne Taylor, loved it when I’d come home, telling her about how everyone wanted to be my friend. It made her happy to hear that her only daughter was accepted at school, especially since we happened to move so much.

But now that she’s gone, I don’t have anyone to talk to. When she left, she left me completely alone. . . Yes, I have dad, but he never talks to me. He’s always so busy at work. On top of that, he started talking to this new girl. She was all he talked about for days on end, and now she also happens to be my step-mother, after only two months of mom dying.

She has a daughter, my new step sister, and actually, she’s pretty chill. We talked a little when we first met. . . And again this morning, after I’d gotten dressed in something comfortable- An off-white, loose fitted sweater with my favorite pair of ripped black denim jeans, complemented with my Adida sneakers. As for my hair, I had brushed through it and left it down.

That morning also happened to be the same time when she told me about the secret every female in her family has done. I think she said it was some sort of tradition.

According to her, by senior year, you have to kiss the first boy you run into. She called it ‘A big sister’s wish’.

And apparently, after only knowing her for two days, she’d come to find out that I was way too cautious, that I have no sense of adventure. She told me that she took the dare from her mother, and that her mom had done it when she’d been around my age. And now that I’m her new sister, step or not, I should do it.

At first, I’d laughed, thinking that this was just some stupid prank to get me embarrassed at my brand new school. But when I received that impenetrable glare from her, I knew it wasn’t. So in a quick attempt to return to her good side, I agreed to it.

Luckily for me, my chance arrived before I could very well change my mind.

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