The Last Man Standing

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My name is James winter. I'm a military man that loves his job but one day my whole unit got wiped out I was the last man standing.

Romance / Action
Danielle Martin
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The first day

Today is my first day of training for the army. I have to ride all the way to fourth worth in Texas which is not far from my house. I live in Texas with my mother Jody. I'm the only child my dad passed away when I was a baby but I heard great things about him. He is the reason I joined because it runs in my family. Mom, are you going to be okay while I'm gone? Yes, sweetheart stop worrying I will be fine your Aunt Jane be here with me while you have gone just remember come back in one piece sweetheart. I will mom I love you, mom. Just remember when I get back home we will be going to visit dad's rest area and then we are going shopping before I have to go overseas okay sweetie. Get going we don't want you late for your first day of training now do we? No, we don't want that. See you later mom I love you. I gave my mom a hug and kiss and ran out the door. I really didn't want to get into trouble on my first day of basic training. Which never fails. I was late but at least I wasn't in trouble the officer said not to let it happen again I won't ma'am. I went and joined the others. I get in line with the others hopefully they don't notice but that fails because I got caught by my sergeant. ladies and gentlemen, please tell Mr. winters what happens when you're late. We have to run laps 5 times and do 100 pushups. Maybe you will learn to be on time ain't that right Mr. winters? Yes sir it will never happen again, sir. Good now, let's get to business. Today you get to know your unit and learn about them. You will learn their weakness and their strength. I went to my bunk to meet my unit. What's up, everyone? My name is James Winter. Nice to meet my name is Donnie Baker those two are Jack and David Marshall they are brothers. That's John we call him a jackass because he really is a jackass at times. It's nice to meet you all. I'm sorry I was late today it won't happen again. good because I will kick your ass next time. Then everyone laughs at jackass because we all know he won't he was scared of me I just dust him off and laughed. Good night everyone, good night man

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