The love i lost

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A 17 year old girl doing the thing she love's to do, she had a dream about a boy who named Anthony. But it look like she has lost her memory of him, who is he? How did she know him and will that dream means somthin?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 it was a dream

His arm's was bleeding Anthony are you ok? While i was looking at the full moon and look down on him. I'm fine Ri you dont have to worry so much about me are you ok? Come to my place and i will make tea for you. No it's ok Anthony i will go home. Not like i gonna make you go, as we hold hands and started to walk. How come a good girl like you and a bad boy like me fall in love? He asked .I reply i dont know. Ansewering his question while i was blushing. He look at me down while he open the back door. As i follow him i realise we were still walking hand in hand. I squese his soft hand and look into his brown eyes dark as night with stars, you can stop staring at me now Rihanna, if you wanto look more long why dont you take a pic?

He said as he was teasing me. I gonna take a bath for a while ok? Ok you want a guest with you? Im free right now. Nooo i dont want you in the shower with me, i said while blushing. Ri your face is turning red. And who's fault is that? While i said that i heard a noise in the kitchin. We is the only person in the house. Then i heard another noise but this one is more louder. I walk slowly into the kitchin. I see a shadow of a man standing with a gun.while i was gonna scream Anthony come behinde me and cover my mouth. In his hand he is holding a gun.What are you doing with that gun? Go Rihanna you need to go its not safe round here, he said while pointed the gun at the man.runn!! I heard a bullet shoot out of the man's gun but it didn't hit none of us.Rihanna go i dont want you to get hurt.

I start to backaway then i heard the kitchin door open and another man step in and said: did you get him yet. When i heard that my heart drop, i wisper in Anthony's ear and said who their are talking about? He look at me with a serious face and said they are talking about me. I look at him and said what are you talking about?Rihanna we will talk about it later. Now go dont worry about me. Go! Rihanna run, Rihanna!! Rihanna!! Rihanna,wake up!! You gonna be late for school.


Its was a dream, it feel so real. I get up take a shower, put on a jeans pants and floral blouse, and tie my hai in messy Buns and look in the mirror. I take my wolf hoodie on and wait for my driver.while i was in the car i cant help but think about the dream i have and what it means. I suffer from depression. Im a type a girl you cant understand fast.i am already late.

When i reach school the bell just ring, i have to reach class fast!! Without paying attentiounce i bounce into a boy he is so handsome. He have these brown eyes and a soft rose lips that match with his rose skin. And he have blonde curlly hairand, it looks so soft that i want to touch it to feel the real softness. And the atlete body he have that any boy want to have. While i was checking him out, i herd his soft voice:Im sorry i wasn't watching were i was going, i heard him say. Its fine i wasn't payin attention were i was walking. Your name Is Rihanna right? Are you new here because you look lost.yeah i do, i answered, but how you know my name is Rihanna? My name is anthony but you can call me thony. Dont you remember me? Rihanna how can you forget? Uhh i dont remember you? Where do i know you from? Let me lead you to class. Its really late. That boy was in my dream, i still dont understand how i dream about somone i dont know? I thank Anthony for help me get find my class. As i walk in my class i feel hatred, i feel like im againts the whple class.


How come she dont remember me? We where so close i cant belive this, ohh right she have alzheimer. But she still couldn forget me. I dont understand, i really miss her and after everything have happen, i know its like 3 years ago sinds the last time we talk to each other.

Anthony are you paying attention? Said my biologie teacher ms Johnson. Yeah im paying attention. Good as he keep wright on the board.after this class i have gym, then i school is over.

Anthony can you stay for a while? Said ms Johnson. Yeah i can. I realise your not paying attention is somthing wrong? You can talk to me about it. Im sorry i just overthinking about somthin, i said. Are you sure? He ask. Yeah everything is ok. Ok Anthony you may go now but if you need someone to talk to im here. Thanks ms johnson i apriciate it.

While im at p.e i see her again, i gonna talk to her but their is alot of girls around her. I walk up to Rihanna and said, i guess we have the same gymclass together. She smille and said i think so to. I cant keep my eye off her, whille she was playing football she is quick and have good skill, just as when she was younger. After school i ketch up on her and ask her how was her first day. I gave her my number if she need anything, and so i can talk to her, and look if she still remember me. I only hope so. She didnt change that much still have her perfect personallity and voluminous medium hair reach to her shoulders.

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