Story of Healing

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19 year old Katarina Fallon never had it easy. Her twin brother Kai was murdered. Her parents pushed her to the point of breaking. Her perfect Alpha brother coddled her into feeling useless. And to top it all off shes a human in a family of werewolves. Pushed to the point of near insanity her and her brother Cole renounce their place in the pack and become rogues. And when everything seems to be okay. She meets a certain Alpha who happens to be her mate. Antonio Terricio is the most feared Alpha in the world. No one dares stand up to or defy him. Well no one except a fiery little blonde human refuses to stand down. Who will submit first?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Kats P.O.V
The plane lands in Italy. It felt exhilarating getting out of the pack. Don't get me wrong I love my family but I couldn't handle everything after Kai's murder I only trust my brother Cole. I guess that's why I asked him to come with me. He immediately accepted me and him have always been the black sheeps of the family for completely different reasons. His reasons being a player,partying and doing drugs while as mine being the only human in our family. While Kai and Nate were the perfect kids me and Cole always found trouble. Anyway back to being in Italy. Me and Cole get off the plane and I immediately drag him to the markets. But of course the minute we get there he says"Damn! These chicks are Hot! ".He looks at me with puppy eyes so I tell him "Go ahead". Thanks Sis!"I role my eyes for a 21 year old he acts like he's 16. I start looking at some of the crafts. When I crash into a wall or what I thought was a wall. I look up and I see a really attractive man with these beautiful hazel eyes. I guess I zoned at staring at him because his lips are moving and I don't hear a thing so I said "I'm sorry!What?". He smiles and holy shit I'm the smile could moisten any girls underwear. Then I hear him say "Watch where your going Mi Amour " he says in a husky voice. I don't know why but I had the urge to flee. So I did just that I apologized than quickly ran to fine my brother. But before I could find him I felt hands wrap around my torso and with them came sparks. Then he whispered in my ear. "Are you trying to escape me Amour "he tsk in my ear "you're not going anywhere". He then puts a cloth over my mouth and the world turns dark.
Hey guys its Teddy the author I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Just Obey sorry it's so short. Feel free to leave comments but please nothing negative!
XoXo Teddy
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