Thorns of Love

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Nissy fell into trouble when she got into an accident on her way home. She met the most attractive stranger she ever witnesses in her life, and she owes him for saving her life. But, her mother happens to not like the facts that she wants to repay him. She wants her only daughter in the family to stay away from her saviour. What will she do when she finds out they go to the same college? What about the facts that he is not some ordinary people? Can she avoid him for the rest of her college year? Brett was dumbfounded when he saw a beautiful girl caught in a critical accident. A hit and run. He brings her to the hospital when she almost had her life taken away from her. When his mother knew about the accident, she told her son to forget every detail of it. It's getting harder for him to avoid her when she is sitting next to him in every class. Both were depressed. Both were ego. Both were stubborn. Both were rebellious. Both mothers are trying to get in between, hoping to separate them. But why?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Nissy hopped on her bike and started her usual routine, which is very dull for her. The song Loca by Shakira blast through her earphones as she drifts on the road.

“Nissy! You come again!”

Callene rushes to her and lifts her small body slightly while giggling.

“Callene! Put me down! I’m gonna fall!”

Nissy laughs slightly as Callene finally put her down and panted a bit. Even when she’s turning 37th soon, she’s still as strong as a young adult.

“You’re heavier than the last time I see you,”

Callene grin with her hands on her hip.

“Oh! Come on! You say that every time I come here,” Nissy rolled her eyes.

“Uh-huh, Alright,”

Callene chuckles as she quickly went back behind the counter to tend to her customer.

Nissy takes out the list of grocery her mom asked her to buy and put the items on her cart.

“$43.15 for everything, Dear,”

Callene huffed, lightly, when she finishes stacking all of the items that Nissy bought. Guess, she’s drained from all the work she had done for today.

“Thanks, Callene,”

Nissy holds all the bags with items on her hands as she walks towards the exit door.

She put the items inside the metal mesh basket and didn’t waste time to go home.

She’s wearing black short pants and a dark blue hoodie. She hides her face inside the hoodie very well, and she wears a white sneaker.

When she turned her bike to the left road, a black car was heading straight to her. She froze as she heard the car made a screeching sound.


Her body was forced to be thrown away from the collision of her bikes and the car. Her back landed on the grass beside the road with a loud thud. She sees black dots around her. She tries to sit up, but pain shot through her whole body, forcing her to lay still on the ground.

She panicked when she felt hot liquids coming out from different paths of her body. Her breath comes out in short breath as her views become vague.

The only things that she remembers were her mother waiting at home.

Her views blurred when she saw a guy with a black hoodie hovering over her. Then, she fell into the darkness.

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