The Honeymoon Chronicles

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You followed Gabe and Carrie's story all the way up the aisle and now it's time to take a sneaky peek at their honeymoon; from the honeymoon suite on the night of their wedding to a secluded tropical island, then on to Paris where they explore the city and each other before reuniting with their daughter, Charlotte for some family time.

Romance / Erotica
Elle M Thomas
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Chapter 1 - Meet Mr & Mrs Caldwell


Today had been one of the best days of my life. It ranked alongside the day Charlotte was born and now I really did have it all, a wife, a daughter, my perfect family and this was just the start.

I looked across the room and saw my wife looking more beautiful than ever in her wedding dress. She was dancing with Bea and Charlotte who has had one hell of day and actually looked ready to flake. I watched on as Seb went over to them and after sweeping my bride around the floor for a short time, he moved on to Charlotte who giggled as he danced her around. I was beyond lucky to have a best friend like Seb, me and Charlotte were. When he picked her up, she rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Yeah, my baby girl was ready for bed. My wife was now doing some seriously sexy dance moves, meaning Charlotte wasn’t the only one ready for bed.

I watched on for a few minutes as I saw Bea dancing with a guy and by dancing I meant putting on a real show. She scooted off to the DJ and requested a song and then returned to rub herself up against her dance partner. Seb now stood on the edge of the dancefloor having witnessed all of this for himself. He’d clearly seen enough as I watched him head for Bea. In a matter of seconds, the dance partner had gone and Seb was talking at Bea who looked a little unsteady on her feet. I guessed this was going to go one way or the other and he needed answers as to why she’d dumped him. More than that, he deserved those answers.

I headed across the room, only one destination in mind, Carrie. Me and my new wife were leaving our wedding reception and starting our honeymoon, now.

Taking her in my arms, I danced her around a little before moving her off the dancefloor where I had also scooped my daughter up into my arms.

“Bedtime, Angel.”

She arched a brow at me and smiled. “Why, are you tired, baby?”

“Not at all. In fact, I may not sleep at all tonight.”

She shook her head at me, and I could see she was preparing to tease me. “Maybe you should stay and party then. Charlotte and I are pretty whacked so might go straight to sleep.”

“Charlotte might be, but you, Mrs Caldwell, won’t be going to sleep until you’re hoarse from calling my name and developing some kind of repetitive strain injury from clawing my back.”

She laughed, loudly and if she wasn’t even more beautiful than she usually was. “Really? A repetitive strain injury? Oh, I like being called Mrs Caldwell.”

“I am thinking on my feet here and most of the blood in my body is not working with my brain. And as Mrs Caldwell is your name, I’m very pleased you like it.”

She gave me a short nod at her name but quickly moved onto the location of the blood in my body. “No?” She bit into her lip and nibbled the corner of her mouth.

“No. Now let’s go and discover the bridal suite.”

“Lead the way, husband.”

“Always, wife.”

Once Charlotte was safely handed over to my parents and with an unnecessary interjection from the DJ announcing our departure, we left to a series of calls and claps as our guests lined our exit until eventually at the bottom of a grand staircase, we were finally alone. Me and my wife. Mr and Mrs Caldwell.

“Wow, this is beautiful. It’s like something from a celebrity magazine, sunken bath, four-poster bed, the drapes, luxury bed linen and just everything.”

I smiled at my wife who was wandering around the suite again, taking it all in. It was luxurious but was no more than Carrie deserved. Standing and watching her, I couldn’t help but smile at her expression of awe as I waited for her to return to me.

“Thank you,” she whispered when she came and stood before me. Stretching up on her tiptoes she brought her lips to mine and kissed me. “My husband.”

“My wife, you are absolutely welcome.”

It had almost killed me not to drag her off somewhere to consummate our marriage hours ago, but I hadn’t. However, now, I was all out of restraint. With an arm around her middle, I pulled her closer and with my lips still flush with hers, I kissed her. My lips moulded to hers and then manipulated them until we were a perfect fit. With little resistance I breached her mouth and deepened our kiss.

Her hands ran through my hair, settling on my neck and shoulders. Her fingers and nails rubbing and scraping as they continued to roam.

“Gabe,” she moaned as I littered a path of tiny kisses along her jaw before my mouth came to rest at her ear.

“Angel, you are so beautiful and you’re all mine.”

“Yes,” she replied with an aroused huskiness entering her voice.

“And now, I intend to make love to my wife for the first time.”

Her reply came in the form of her pushing my jacket from my shoulders and moving to the collar of my shirt that proved more than a little awkward for her. I slid my own fingers beneath hers and slipped the top couple of buttons through the holes. She dropped her hand to the waistband of my trousers and gazed up at me, her eyes illuminated with desire and anticipation.

“I might just work to my strengths.”

I laughed a little. “You do that, and I will work to mine.” With that I spun her around and found the lace up back of her dress that I made very short work of.

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