The Irresistible One

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Ella Reynes a young girl moves abroad for her college.She is living the life of her dreams until she meets Mr Adrian Stafford her professor and things heat up.

Romance / Fantasy
Clara Josette
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Dear Diary,


Can you believe it ? I finally am flying to Europe ! My dream is finally coming true !! I can see the city shining beneath me as I cruise. I am so excited for this phase of my life. Yes I do miss and parents and my baby brother but I am so happy to be here.


’Did you finish writing your journal ?’, Nat smiles hard peering at my diary. Natasha is my best friend and sometimes a protective sister. She’s been with me through my ups and downs. I love her so much but that doesn’t hide the fact that she’s a pain in the ass. “Yes, I did, it looks beautiful down there”, I giggled. The plane was to land in an about 40 mins. I couldn’t wait to feel the air.

The plane landed , the moment I set my foot on the ground I knew this was going to change my life. More importantly , change ME. The university sent it’s vehicle to receive us to the airport. soon we hoped in the car on our way to the campus admire the beauty of the city. I was not scared of making friends because I already knew a few seniors whom I met in the International MUN seminar the past year. We reached our dorm , though Nat and I were best friends we wanted single rooms. Nat was a extrovert , no doubt. But for me things were different. I am a introvert but I can change in a twinkling of the eye.

It was 8:30 pm . I unpacked my suitcase, arranged my closet , cute pretty dresses on one side , denims and comfy hoodies on the other. After doing my dressing table and bed I took a hot shower it was like a pain relief to my aching muscles. Finally had my dinner , a chicken sandwich. Before drifting to sleep , I knelt and prayed to God .

Tommorow was the first day in the college , I already had my outfit laid out. “Here we go”, I mumble.

Soon the sleep takes over.


The alarm rang .It was 5:00 am , though my body wanted to go back to sleep, I knew I had to follow my morning routine. Growing up I developed the habit of waking at five , praying and reading the Bible. By 6:30 it was must to go out for a walk. I have a well toned body and had to maintain it. So that’s what I did.

As I was jogging my way back to the dorm , I saw Stephen walking towards. He was the senior I was talking about earlier.

" Goodness Gracious , Look at you. I can barely recognize you Ella” ( gives me a hug )

“I know right, its been a long time , how are you ?, I asked.

" First of all , Welcome to our University and yes I’m good and you Ms Ella Reynes are maintaining your fitness I see.”

“Yeah Kinda”...

“Well then , see ya”

We parted our ways.The moment I entered my room , I saw Nat sitting and grinning.

“So that’s Stephen , hmn”

“Shut up Nat , you know there nothing between us and....”

Nat interupts

" Ms Ella Reynes , I know your golden rule,

You’re priorities are sorted. There is no place for anything called LOVE. ”

“Exactly” I nodded in agreement.

“Ella, I know it’s not because of your dream or ambition. Those few terrible moments of your life are the reason.

“please I don’t wanna talk about it.“.......

" okies.. I’ll get you a smootie,beaming a smile towards me.

I knew she was not wrong but some moments damage you permanently. It always better to hide your scars.

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