Alexander Steele

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Special places in life

I texted octavia that I was going to come pick her up from her house and she texted me the address with a smiley face. I made pit stop at Walmart on the way.

I smiled at her when she got in the car she had on light jeans that showed off her body with a white tube top and a long grey sweater with some long black boots. She wore light make up but she was honestly so beautiful that she didn't need it her hair was braid in two braids and she had big hoops on. I smirked at her. She turned to me and her lips was glossy but it made me want to kiss that shit off.

"Hi, Alex." She said smiling at me putting her little blue bag down by her feet.

"Hey, babygirl." I said reaching over and grabbed her hand kissing the back of it. She started smiling harder. I decided to start the car so that we could talk.

" so where are we going?" She asked me as she started playing with the radio.

"I'm taking you to this place I know it's kinda hard to find if you don't know your looking for it but it's my place." I tell her kinda nervous about it cause we were going to be alone alone and while I was more then ready to be alone with her I didn't want to rush her into anything. I was already falling for her.

"So your kidnapping me?" She said laughing at the idea.

"Essentially yes I am." I said laughing with her.

God even her laugh was fucking beautiful.

"Well I'm fine with that. My sister was getting on my nerves this morning." She said with an annoy look on her face at the thought of her sister.

"So how many siblings do you have?" I asked her

"I have 3, my brother Elijah is 24 he's in the military and then my sister rose she's 6. Cutest thing in the world but she can be a little snitch sometimes." She said leaning back against the seat.

"I have a sister she's 5 and she's the most cutest thing ever and I love her to death." I said smiling making a right to get out town. She looked at me leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled and took that as a sign that she trusted me not to hurt her and to protect her.


" okay one more step" I tell her as we got to the bridge. " and open." I tell her smiling looking forward to her reaction.

She gasped in shocked looking around. "it's so pretty here how did you find it? Omg it's like I've stepped into a enchanted forest or something."She said laughing turning in wide circles trying to take it all in.

" I was maybe 15 and I was mad at my parents ran away. Of course I got lost and I find this place. I stayed out here for awhile maybe like two days just surviving off of berries, nuts and water from the waterfall and I finally heard some hiker not to far from here and called my parents to come get me." I told her the story laughing about it now. " it took me a long while to find it again once I had car I discovered that the path to get to was out of town on a forgotten path that no one could see. It took me fucking forever to find it and it took me another day to find the walking path that lead to it." I said laying down the blanket I had in the back of my car.

She sat down on it looking at the waterfall" well it's beautiful." I smiled and get the Walmart bags out which was filled with snacks fruit and water.

At first we kinda just sat there eating watching the waterfall but when I turned to look at her she was already looking at me.

" we have a lot to talk about don't we?" She asked me so I signed grabbed her hand and said yes.

I stood up and kinda paced for a minute because I really didn't know how to tell her this shit but I decide then to just show her.

" so look babygirl I'm still kinda in shock of all that's going on and I haven't really gotten all of the details but what's happening to me is possible going to happen to you that much we know for sure. I-" I said kinda going fast

" wait babe calm down. what's going to happen to me? and who's we?" She said standing placing a hand on my chest. And I took a deep breath and placed a kiss on her hand.

" okay so I have voice in my head his name is Baylor and he's kinda talking me though this making sure I don't freak out and etc. I know sounds kinda crazy now that I'm saying it out loud."

" not as crazy as the voice of a girl name lily in my head." She said chuckling.

" wait her name is lily." I stated in confusion.

"Her name is lily." Baylor said in confusion.

"Ya she's said I'm going through a transformation and that you have possibly already gone through yours."

" I have." I said stepping back commanding my wings to out. It felt so good I groaned and rolled my neck.

She gasped and the hand that was on chest moved to touch the white wings. At first she just kinda hovered over them not really touching them but when she touched them I almost jumped out of my skin not because it hurt but because they were kinda sensitive. I let her continue touching them because it felt good and I kinda studied them as well.

In the sun light you could see the reflection bouncing off of them and it was kinda fascinating to see so many colors in the white wings.

" I bet at night this is an amazing sight to see." She said grinning at me. " do you think I'll get wings?"

"I'm not sure. Baylor says your the first of reincarnations to get Lily's powers he didn't tell me if lily had wings." I said wrapping my arms around her pulling her to me while also pulling in my wings. She buried her face in my chest and I kissed her head. She looked up at me and kissed me. I immediately deepened the kiss and pulled her tight to me by gripping her waist. She wrapped her arms around my neck and moaned. I had to pull away even tho I didn't want to and she obviously didn't want me to either by the sound of her groan at me.

" as much as I would like to finish this babygirl we still have much to talk about." I said pulling away from her to adjust my pants a bit. God this girl is something. We sat back down for a minute. Just thinking.

" so did lily tell you anything else?" I asked her grabbing a strawberry bitting it.

" only that my transformation going be slow and painless. I'm also suppose to go through a second transformation on top of the one that's coming." She said " but she hasn't really said much on it."

I nodded because that's how Baylor was being.

I stared at her and then I grabbed her hand.

" let's go" I said standing up while pulling her up as well. While walking back to the car I wrapped my arm around her shoulder pulling her close. She giggled and kissed my arm grabbing my hand.

This feels nice. I don't want to let this go.

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