Alexander Steele

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Getting to know

"- due Thursday please make sure that there are 5000 words not just white words to make up for the words you can't think of. I don't care if you just write a little letter to make up for last words as long as you can prove your hypothesis and theory." Dr. Poole said just as the bell rang. I hurried and packed my things to leave class.

I had no clue what went on in class to today cause all I could think about was that fucking letter still unopened on my desk, I had decided to just keep it there and focus on the now.

Like red lips.

I never thought I love some Melanie in my lady but seeing her this morning was like a breath of sunshine. When she walked out the house you could almost see this glow around her. She'd decide to where a black leather skirt with a AC/DC band shirt that was kinda baggy she tucked the end in the skirt with thigh high fishnets and some knee length black leather heeled boots. Her hair was different as well instead of the braids it was long and curly with a wet look like she'd just stepped out the shower. She had a blue leather backpack hanging on her shoulder.She keep her makeup simple with a smoky eye look and red lips.

She quite literally took my breath away.

Her red lips were driving me insane.

She got in the car and immediately reached over to to kiss me. When she leaned back her lips still looked perfect and she looked at me smiling, running her finger over my lips.

" good now I can I kiss you and not worry about my lipstick wiping off." She said while putting on her seatbelt.

"So you were just testing my lips for your lipstick ?" I asked liking the thought of being her test dummy. What else would she test on me?

"Yep" she said making the 'p' end with a pop.

"Well you can test whatever you like on me babygirl." I told her kissing her one more time before peeling off to school.

" so now that we've got the supernatural stuff out the way, what else do I need to know about you?" She asked leaning on her hand facing me.

"Um I'm adopted my middle name is Markus and I'll have to take you to meet zoey, she can't wait." I said smiling at her. " so what about you miss octavia archer?"

"I'm first born I was named after my father his name was Octavian, he died three days after Christmas two years ago. I suck at math,my birthday is April 12."She replied in return

"Sorry about you dad." I said evenly

"Sorry bout your donors" she replied back leaning over to kiss my cheek. I laid my hand on her thigh and squeezed it as the thought of that fucking letter on my dresser.

We sat in comfortably silents loving the feel of just being around each other.

I pulled up at the school parked in the back parking lot. I picked her up early so that we could have time to talk before classes. My phone rang and said

Chris the 🐐💯

I pressed the button to end it. Nobody interrupts when I'm with babygirl.

The feel of her thigh covered in these thigh high fishnets were driving me insane and you could see the way the gap of where they stop and her skin begins since she sat with her legs crossed the skirt was tight around her thighs and I knew then I'd do anything just to have them wrapped around me.

"So where's you're first class?" I asked her smiling. Damn.

"English with Ms.Messi" she said shifting in her seat turning to me. I looked at the clock saw that we had another 10 minutes before the second bell rang for class.

I looked over at her and found she was staring at me. So I leaned over and grabbed her face to bring her red lips to mine. I swear I have never felt anything like kissing babygirl. She ran her hands through my hair pulling on it, it was driving me crazy. I slowly ran my hand up her thigh before settling on her waisted and pulled her to me. She moaned and pulled herself as close as she could with the console in the way. I wanted to gon head and pull her over it but I knew we didn't have enough time. One day. She groaned and tried to pull away but I pulled her back and continued to kiss her sweet lips. She moaned and pulled away just as the bell rang. She pulled down the visor to check her lipstick and reflection which actually stayed on during our make out section. She retouched her lips and grabbed her bag while I was making my way over to her side to open the door. She stepped out and straighten her skirt.

"Thank you." She said smiling at softly pecking me on the cheek. That shit just made me smile hard as fuck.

I grabbed her hand and walked beside her to class.

I opened the door and saw that the class was just starting.

"Your late miss.archer." Ms.Messi said as soon she walked in.

" sorry ms. Messi she got lost for hot second and ran into me." I stepped up and made a excuse on the spot. I know octavia's only been to school twice so she could get lost. At first it seemed as tho she didn't believe me but the longer she looked it was like some took hold of her and she dazed off and nodded.

I smiled and pecked octavia on the lips and let go of her hand. I walked to class.


" wassup man!" Chris said greeting me in the hallway. He skipped first and second period, he says that sometimes he just can't wake up. " did you get my call early? I was calling to tell you I wasn't gon show my dads back home for now. He said sitting down next to me in third period.

"It's cool dude. So how long is your dad back for?" I asked him. Chris's dad travels a lot in my 5 years of knowing Chris I've meet his dad maybe three times and each time his dad was distant and seem to have no interest anything that Chris or I did but Chris said his father is like that around strangers.

"Who knows?" Chris said shrugging his shoulders not really care. Chris had no love for his old man who left so much doing who knows what. Chris told me he doesn't even know what his dad does for a living. " he'll probably stay for about a month or two then leave if we're lucky he'll say goodbye before leaving."

I laid my hand on his shoulder in understanding what he was feeling.

The ones that give birth to you can really be assholes sometimes and the ones that stick around and are still assholes makes it even worse cause then it's like you stuck around for me but you think I'm a burden and that it's a privilege just to be in your presence.

"Dude here comes your girl. She is looking all types of fine today!" He said loudly biting his lip while looking at my mate.

This noise came out of me like a growl and for a second I wanted to rip my best friends head off for staring at my girl.

"Whoa dude chill. I'm kidding." He said backing away. I feel baby girls hand on my back and calm down instantly.

"Hey baby you okay?" She said in my ear while I wrapped my hand around her waist pulling her to me tightly. I kissed her cheek and pulled her in my lap. I could feel eyes on us.

Octavia was talking to Chris while I ate the foot long subway sandwich my mom made for dinner last night. I let babygirl get half and we split the family sized Doritos with the three of us.

"So tavia when will I see your sister again?" Chris asked babygirl

"Tavia? Um, no I think not. And that's up to you mr. try ever flavor. " she said side eyeing him. He started scratching the back of neck and turned a bright red.

I bursted out laughing " damn dude you said that." I shook my head at the silliness of my friend.

" ya can you tell her I was drunk and I would never say that if I was sober." He said blushing hard ass fuck.

" I'll put in a word but if you hurt her I'll skin you alive. Is that understood?" She said pointing her finger in his face.

"I promise I won't octavia. Just get me a word in and I'll do the rest." He plead with her giving her puppy dog eyes. She laughed and leaned against me. I started to feel those tingles again from her hand rubbing my leg and I grabbed her hand pulled it to my lips kissing it. I tapped her on the hip and she stood.

"See ya Chris we still got like 5 minutes left and I plan to make out with my girl." I said grabbing our things and pulling my baby with me.

We ended up in the gym we decide to sit at the very top in the corner.

"So Alex have you ever been with a girl? Like sexually?" She asked me after a moment of silent.

"Umm... no not really when I was 14 I had my first kiss with this girl named charity at a party playing spin the bottle and when I was 15 I played seven minutes in heaven at Chris birthday party. I'm still have my v-card if that what you wanted to know." I say kinda ducking my head. Afraid that she would think it wasn't normal but I haven't had the time to do anything between sports and being student body president along side this mythical shit that's happening to me right now.

She lifted my chin and kissed me so sweetly, she said " it's fine baby I'm a virgin too I was just wondering. I mean I've had my share of kisses with guys but it's never went that far. I really like kissing you and I know I wouldn't mind giving that part of my self to you." I just grinned and pulled her back into a kiss.

She pushed the hair off my face before bring me closer and slide in my lap making her skirt side up. I slide one head to her neck and the other to her waist pulling her to me kissing her with everything I had. The tingle started up like before as she wrapped her arm and legs around me. My hands slowly slide down to her ass and just as I was bout to introduce her to my tongue-

" Mr.Steele, this is a school not your bedroom!!" Yelled out the coach who looked like he was setting up for his next class. The bell rang and I stood up with octavia in my arms and let her slide down letting her feel my big friend. She giggled pulling her skirt down grabbing her bag. I adjusted myself and grabbed my bag as well grabbing her hand assisting her down the bleachers. As we pass coach he kinda just stared at me for a minute before turning his head away.

Outside of octavia's class I kissed her and told her to meet me at the car when classes was finished. As I'm walking away I can literally feel eyes on me. I turn around to check but I don't see anyone. Maybe I'm just going crazy. I think.

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