Alexander Steele

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Getting to know p2

dropped octavia off at home after promising her I'd come back in a hour or two to check on her.

"It's almost time for you to train. I can feel octavia getting closer to her transformation." Baylor said out of nowhere

I forgot all about it him being inside my head. Thank god I was in a empty ass street. I slammed my brakes hard.

" don't do that!" I yell at him or myself however that shit goes before I keep driving to my house

"Alex as your spirit guide I come when I'm most needed and right now I think your in danger I've been feeling that something is coming and it's something big. It's not the hunters but they are just a matter of time. I have to get you trained, teach you to use your powers-"

" wait I have powers! What kind?"

" well persuasion is one you also can read minds if you wanted too and when I'm finished with training you will be able to control the lighting within you. You can also control the weather. That what the past life of you could do."

My life just keeps getting crazier. Powers! Wtf! I pull up at my house and just sat in the car. My life was changing to fast and while I expected it , it never fails to shock me in some way.

" that's why I'm here to help you. Over time you might start to get memories of past lives. Most of your tattoos come from past lives. Some of them have spells of protection in themselves like the one above your heart like The face of the Gypsy on your stomach. She is intertwined with the powers of love,control,and fertility. I guess one of your previous lives need a help." Baylor chuckled.

It was weird ass fuck to have someone else laugh in your head I'm used to laughing to myself. I got out the car headed inside went to the kitchen. I see zoey sitting doing her homework with my dad beside her reading the newspaper.

"Hey Alex." Zoey said looking up she hopped down from to come to me, I picked her up and sat her on the counter beside me while I poured some water in a cup. " when can I meet your new girlfriend?" She asked

I smiled and looked at my dad to see him grinning at me "soon little sis very soon."

" hey babygirl I got a something for you in my closet." Dad says I put her in the floor and she took off running. " now what this girls name?"

" her name is octavia archer, she's 16 and I think I'm in love with her no I am. She just moved here."

" well your mom told me you might be a little different this year and that you are going through something that has to do with your bio Parents. I just want you to know I love you and I'm here to support you and if you need anything just let us know. I'm always here for you kiddo." He says smiling just as we hear zoey scream she came back in with a small black puppy in her arms tears rolling down her face.

"Is he for me?" She says crying and kissing the puppy on his head. She's wanted a puppy for awhile and dad said she had to get all A's on her report card.

" yes he is. Now Baby you have to take care of him cause he's your responsibility. You have to walk him, feed him and make sure he's okay."

Zoey was so into the puppy I don't think she heard him " I'm going to name him cheese." My dad was trying not to laugh in her face.

"Why cheese honey?"

"I like cheese,daddy." She said with a serious face and he chuckled

" okay cheese Steele." He stood up as she ran to her room with the puppy.

" she probably going to forget that name. We'll see." He said grabbing a bottle of water. " I'm going to go cut the grass in the back for your mother. Go see your girl." I smirked ran up stairs to to get this little gift I got for my baby.


I pulled up at octavia's house and went to the door and knocked.

A pretty little girl opened the door

She had to be Rosie.

"Rose! What did I tell you about opening the door?!" I heard babygirl's voice around the corner.

"It's just a white man at the door. He got a box in his hand." She said looking up at me. She was honestly the prettiest thing around and she made me want to protect her from all the bad.

" you have created a bond with the girl she is now like sister." Baylor said in my head.

Babygirl came around the corner to see me and rose. She told rose to go back to homework and told me to go her room.

I sat at the chair by her computer. She had a bunch of drawing on her wall and tiny arts crafts all over. She wasn't messy but she keep her dirty cloths in a pile by the door and a bowl and spoon by her bed.

She came in closed the door and immediately started kissing me. I grabbed her waist and pulled her in my lap. She'd changed her cloths she had on some shorts, T-shirt and long socks. I rubbed along her thigh as we sat there and made out. She finally pulled away and I almost wanted to pull her back in but I really wanted to give her my gift.

"I got something for you." I said pecking her in the lips while handing her the box. She opened it and pulled out the mini box inside she giggled before opening the small box seeing it was a necklace with three little pink butterflies the edges lined with diamonds and Swarovski all around it.

She gasped

" oh it's so beautiful." She says pulling it out and twirled it around in the light "can you put it on?" She asked already turning around for me. I stood up to put it on her and I kissed the back of her head when I was finished.

She sighed, pulled me to her bed. We laid there talking about anything and everything I swear I meet my match. Rose came through the door around 6:30 to tell us that Lacey was here from volleyball practice. Her mom didn't come home till tomorrow morning cause she was a nurse.

"- and she fell all the way down the slope. I have never seen my momma so terrified for her life but it was the look on her face as rose went down the little baby hills." She said laughing hard at the memory" my mom said never again after that." She say sitting up climbing into my lap. I smirked and she kinda gave me this look.

I leaned into her and kissed the living shit out of her. My hand was laying on her waist till she tipped me over and climbed on top of me then it was on her ass. What an ass it was. I squeezed it softly just to get a feel and she moaned pressing her lips to mine to get closer. I squeezed it again only hard and wrapped my other hand around the back of her neck. I didn't mind that she was in control of this cause I didn't wanna push her for more than what she was ready for. Her legs were wrapped around me and her hands were in my hair rubbing my back.

"Her transformation is almost complete. A few more days and she will have her powers in full force" Baylor says in my head.

"Please don't do that while I'm kissing my girl."

"Our girl my mate lives within her as well."

"What, babe?" Babygirl pulled back I didn't even realized I'd stopped kissing her.

"Just Baylor in my head." I say pecking her nose. I forget sometimes that she will go through the same thing I had too.

"Well tell him to shut up I want to kiss my boyfriend." She said shyly not really looking at me. I thought it was cute. I grabbed her face and pulled her back into a kiss.

I could definitely do this for the rest of my life.

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