Alexander Steele

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Eyes that follow

august 20, 2019

The next couple of days past and I've been getting this feeling like someone is watching me and my girl. Like one time we're walking out the mall and this guy bumps into me. When he did I could feel that he was not human and I kinda just stared at him while he stared back. It was creepy. His vibes were just off.

Let's not even get started on Chris dad. I spent the night at his house and he just keep staring like he was trying to crack the code on me or something. Baylor said he possibly could be one of Xaviers Disciples. It would explain why he was never there for Chris. I'll have to keep my eye out for him.

Then the man had the nerve to question me about my girl. Asking me was I sure about her and if she's the right fit. I almost spazzed On him cause I got the feeling he was only asking that cause she was African American. I had to leave the table to cool myself from almost blasting the mans nose off. Fat fucking pig. Ugh.

Just thinking about it pisses me off.

I still haven't gotten around to reading that fucking letter and I really just wanted to throw it away but my baby convinced me not to. Saying that my birth parents might know about this and that even tho I'm not ready no to read it doesn't mean I want read it later. I wanted nothing to do with the Markovian family.I just kissed her and placed the letter back in the desk.

I took zoey's puppy out for a midnight walk cause she's s too little to do that. As I was walking I could feel the eyes of somebody watching me. I stopped and looked around but I didn't see any thing. I think I'm being paranoid but Baylor said to always trust my instincts and they are telling me someone is watching me for sure. I decide to just wait it out this person is watching me for a reason. In order to be in front of what ever coming I have to not panic,- easier said then done.

I spent most nights at octavia's sometimes not in her room just sitting on the roof watching out for them when their mom is at the hospital. Zoey sleeps with my mom and dad on those nights. I had to tell them that shit was going to pop off and I didn't know how fast or how soon. Baylor says their probably waiting for octavias transformation that literally days away.

It's been two months since I came to full power. Baylor says that as soon as octavia gets her full power. We'd be a powerful couple together, we could possibly share each other powers, merge ourselves together if we put our minds to it. That's what the hunters are afraid of - it's the reason they killed the reincarnates before they could reach maturity. So I've been watching over her.

I don't know what I'll do if I lose her. Making sure she is safe was my number one priority along with keeping her family safe and mine. I've watched enough movies to know the bad guys love to go after people you love.

I was sitting at the park one day while zoey was playing with her little friends in the sand box. J don't know what made me look up from her but as soon as I did I see a man watching me from afar. I can't tell you exactly what he looked like but I knew he was watching from behind his ray ban glasses and black hat.

I knew our eyes locked and he just continued to stare, he then went to looking at zoey back at me with a sinister smile on his face. I stood up was about to confront him but zoey came up to me and said that she was ready to go, when I looked up again he was gone.

I haven't took zoey back to that park much to her disappointment and I always feel like somebody is watching me.

I knew something was going to pop off soon I just didn't know how soon.

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