Alexander Steele

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September 2,2019

Octavia's POV

I woke up that next morning laying next to my baby Alex was the most exciting thing ever. I turned and looked at him. He was a handsome man with his straight edge jaw lines and pink lips not a lot but enough to kiss on, and his green eyes reminded me of the grass that grew around the tree near my childhood home. I never thought I'd like being with a white boy and that he'd make me so happy to just do the littlest of things. He was overprotective but right now it was need so that fine.

"It is time Tavia." Lily said in my head

"it's time?" I asked her

"Your body has went through the silent part of the transformation now we must go through maturity." Lily said " if you want to receive your full powers you will need to consummate your bond with Alex."

Consummate? Sex!? I just meet Alex a month ago and all though our chemistry is out of this world i knew we both wanted to wait a little to do anything sexual.

"So what powers do I have as of now?" I say going to the bathroom feeling the difference already. I took a shower in my dove soap and I could feel the difference between how my skin was at first versus now.

" your skin is basically imperative, you have the power to persuade people to your will like Alex, you also can teleport but it takes a lot of power and strength so it will leave you drained, you and Alex should be able to communicate telepathically, also you will get wings.That will be the most painful part of your transformation i cant shield you from it unfortunately. I know this is a lot of information right now so i'll let you get use to it." Lily says disappearing in the background again.

I wrapped a towel around me and went back to my room. I see Alex is awake and on the phone so i went to my walk in closet and picked my outfit for the day. i decide to wear black ripped jeans with a grey and neon green Nike shirt along with my neon Nike shoes. i slide my red lace underwear on and choose my waist beads for the day. i slide my jeans on, walked out the closet in just my bra. Alex had just hung up the phone turned to look at me in the mirror as i'm doing my hair. he came up behind me wrapped his arms around me.

"Good morning Baby girl, how'd you sleep?" he whispered in my ear in a raspy tone from just waking up. He started kissing my neck while running his hands on my waist. He felt my beads looked at them. " baby these turn me on more then you know and this red bra... your killing me."

"I slept good last night next to my favorite person in the whole world." i said giggling turning around to wrap my arms around his neck. i leaned up and kissed him softly which he tried to deepen but i was quick to pull away." we have school to get to so we can finish this later." he groaned

"is it me or does something feel different about you today. did your full power come in?" Alex asked me letting me turn to finish my hair. i decide to put it in a high puff ball and laid my edges down.

Shit i have to tell him that in order for me to receive full power we had to have sex. i knew my baby was stressed from having to protect his family, my family and me at the same time. i knew he didn't mind doing it cause he was my bond mate but i just want to help take that stress off of him. I didn't want to tall him that cause then he'd feel like he had to but we also promised to not keep secrets from each other.

"Um... ya i received some of my power this morning. lily says in order for me to be full power that we must consummate our relationship." i told him not really looking at him. He kinda stared at me for a minute with a confused face then like a light bulb went off, his face turned a bright red.

" you know i'm not going to force you into anything baby you drive the boat when it comes to that aspect of our relationship. when your ready and i'm ready we will get to that part."He said making sure i knew he wasn't going to rush me. that's what i loved about Alex he was sweet and thoughtful he always put me first even tho we've only been together for only a few weeks.

" i know baby" I said back

He smiled kissed me said "alright babe i'm leaving ill be back to pick you and your sisters up for school."

" Don't you have to take your sister to school?" i asked him

"I do, but your sisters and my sister go to the same school so its cool."


when Alex pulled up my mom was pulling off, i had told her Alex offered to take the girls to school, she was so grateful. my mom was an amazing mom after my dad died she really tried to compensate for him being gone then my brother went to the army, it hurt my mom but she understood it was something he really wanted.

i helped my Rosie in while Lacey got in on the other side. I saw a cute little girl in the back. Her hair was in two cute little space balls with a little bang in the front. She had on a yellow dress that had red ladybugs all over it with red slippers on her feet. She was playing with a black barbie that had an Afro style. She was just so adorable I could kiss her.

she saw me and her eyes got wide as i'm getting in the car she says " Alex, you didn't say she was a princess!" my giggled as Alex turned to her with shocked face.

" I didn't, i'm sorry i forgot to mention it." he winked at me

" shes not a princess she's my sister." Rosie said to her.

"Zoey this is Rosie and Lacey Octavia sisters. They go to the same school as you." Alex explained to her. "Alright everybody buckled in." Alex asked everybody. He checked the girls seat belt. He was so cute and overprotective it made no sense. I giggled when he reached over and made sure my seatbelt was on which it wasn't so he did it for me. His hand rubbed against my breast I gasped, he smirked kissing me on the cheek close to my mouth. He started the car and drove towards the girls school. He played some music laying his hand on thigh while the girls talked amongs themselves.

So... princess octavia are you gonna be my sister? I only have Alex and he's okay but he's a boy and doesn't like playing with my tea party set. And can Rosie come play with me oh and Lacey too if she wants." Zoey said suddenly popping her head up between the chairs.

"You better still be in that seatbelt?" Alex demanded looking down at her. Damn Daddy.

"Of course I still am" she said with an attitude rolling her eyes at him. I giggled at them they were so adorable together.

"Ya sweetie I'll be your play sister okay. And I'll bring Rosie over to play with you okay." I stuck my pinky out to her to complete it. She smiled and hooked her little pink to mine and we kissed our thumbs. She sat back continued her talk with my sisters.

Alex stopped at the light and looked at me with the most beautiful smile he'd ever given me he reached over and kissed me. I had a feeling if the girls weren't watching he'd try for tongue. He pulled away just as the light turned green. I glanced back at the girls but they was in they own world. Lacey was reading a book while rose and zoey talked about their favorite doll. I looked at Alex and saw him smirking his hand on my thigh tight and higher up.

I swear the sexual tension was real. And as much as I wanted him. I knew he'd be worth the wait.


Once we dropped the girls off we head to school Alex decide to get some McDonald's for me and him. He swears it his job to feed me even if it's something small. He walks me to my class hands my bag to me and kisses me in the lips.

" I'll see you at lunch baby girl." He says kissing my forehead one last time before he walks in the direction on his class.

Man I love him... wait what love? Do I love him? Does he love me? It's too soon I'm not going to say anything just yet.

Author notes:

So let me know how y'all fell about octavias POV I'll do her more I had fun with it

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