Alexander Steele

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I meet up with a Babygirl after school. She meets me at my car and I couldn't help but kiss her I had missed her so much today. She was smiling a big smile as she hugged me tightly.

Earlier today Chris had asked me to take him home after school. I almost told him no cause usually if I'm taking him home he comes up with an excuse as to why he needs to come to my house and usually that no problem except i have to pick up the girls and I wanted to spend time with my girl. We were long overdue for a date. with her powers coming in and stimulation that came with her being fully powered, I definitely wanted to make sure our emotional relationship was stable enough.

"Why do you need to make sure we love our mate?" Baylor says to me

"because i- love?" I asked him damn did I love Octavia, she was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, she was kind, loving, compassionate, and just all around caring about those around her. I wanted to wake up see her face and go to sleep to it 24/7. She makes me push myself to be a better person. Do I love Octavia?

I think the answer would be yes.

I'm in love with Octavia archer and it happened so suddenly. With that revelation in mind, I couldn't help but pull her to me and kiss her senseless in the parking lot. she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me back. I gripped her waist trying to pull her into my body -one of my hands slide to her ass and lifted her up. she squealed before releasing a giggle. I sat her on the hood of my car and we just made out for a good two minutes.

"Hey, hey none of that you two gone make me sick," Chris said walking up to us. We broke apart to see him getting in the car. I pecked her one last time on the lips before opening the door for her and strapping her in.

"Well get your own car if you don't wanna see it asshole,"I say getting in the car. " Okay, Chris I gotta get our sisters, and then ill take you home. cool beans," I said to him pulling out the school parking lot. I laid my hand on Octavia's thigh and she glances at me but doesn't say anything. The jeans she wore today made me want her all the more, the way they fitted to her ever dip and curve, showing off the curve of her ass. I could feel my little friend rising and I knew I had to take my thoughts off the curve of her ass.

I pull up to the girls' school and they were sitting by the steps with their teachers. I parked and got out to collect them. Zoey already knew Chris so she just hopped on in and sat in his lap to talk his ear off.

"Mr. Steele, I thought you should know your uncle tried to check Zoey out but because he wasn't on the pickup list for her we didn't let him." Zoey's teacher said to me. Uncle? We didn't have an uncle-moms brother who died years ago and dad didn't have any siblings that we knew of.

"Can you describe what he looked like?" I asked her. She went to tell me he was blond medium built, had green eyes kinda like I was also caucasian. when I speed off so fast I'm sure the teacher was shocked.

Octavia was saying something to me but the anger I was feeling was blocking out the sound. I had to focus on driving get Octavia family safe, keeping Zoey safe. he tried to get Zoey from school.

Who was he?

Why was he following me?

Following a defenseless five-year-old to school? now that made me fucking enraged, I want his fucking head on a spike for it. it's one thing to follow me but to take my fucking sister. Ugh, I could feel my blood pulsing racing edging my foot forward. I could feel myself driving faster then I've ever driven and suddenly I hear the car horn beat and I slam on my brakes and everybody jerks forward, I have to swerve off the road to avoid hitting the car in front.

I looked over and I'm thanking God I made everybody put their seat belt on. They all look at me confused.

"Are you okay? Is everybody okay?" Octavia asked me than everybody else. They nodded and murmured yes. I got out of the car and she followed me I had to take a breath as she came to rub my back. "Are you okay, baby? What did the teacher say that made you so angry?"

"I'll tell you when we get home, baby girl," I say standing up pulling her to me breathing in he vanilla-cinnamon smell to calm myself further. " I'm sorry about what I just did," I say pointing at the car. I move the loose hair her bun and put it back in before kissing her. I don't think I'll ever get tired of doing that. Kissing Octavia was like coming up for fresh air. Every. Single.Time.


I decided then we'd all go to my house and I dropped Chris off at home. His dad was still home surprising. Chris says he's been asking Chris stuff he does at school. The first time in forever he's interested so Chris decided to entertain it. I hope Chris does get himself hurt again by him.

The girls went to the kitchen first with Octavia being the ring leader. I smiled and went to go find dad. He's an architect, he likes to be home early so he can do the ugly with my mom. Imagine my surprise at 15 years old skipping school with Chris and my mom was in the laundry room with my dad and it wasn't the dryer making the most noise. I throw up for 5 minutes straight and I couldn't look my mom in the eyes for a few days.

I knocked on his door and I could hear him talking to my mom. Good, they're both here. I knocked on the door waited five minutes then opened the door. i came in with a frown

They were sitting down having a drink together. "hey baby, what's wrong?" Mom says seeing my face.

"Somebody tried to check out zoey from school claiming to be her uncle." I said and I could see the worry on there face and the anger that someone would try to take their baby. " I wanted to let you guys know, I'm going to handle this. I'll protect zoey with my life." I say to them. Mom comes up to me and hug me. She kisses my cheek and says" I know you will baby." I was glad that they trusted my word in it.


Later that day the girls wanted to go swimming and octavia borrowed a bathing suit from my mom. She looked so beautiful the way the sun reflected off her dark skin tone against the red bathing suit.

I was playing with zoey and Rosie in the pool while Lacey sat on the end of the water with her feet in. Octavia sat on the lawn chair watching the girl and I. I could feel her eyes checking me out and I knew she wanted me just as much as I wanted her.

I got out the pool and walked over to her and sat in the lawn chair with her.

"You gon get me all wet alex. Back up." She says whining cause I hugged her to me.

"Ain't that why you put on this suit so you can get wet." I say wiggling my eyebrows at her and she laughed reached over to run her hands throw my hair, I close my eyes and drop my head to lay in her lap.

"We are going to be just fine Alex. " she whispered to me.

For a split second I believed her and just enjoyed the moment.

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