Alexander Steele

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Alexander was a regular boy just turning 17. he went through life that day like he always did until till he ended up with the worst headache and back ache ever in his life. what will happen to Alex as he discovers who he truly is and what he is capable of when he realizes that every scary thing and every fairy tale was true

Romance / Fantasy
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wake up call

"Alex, wake up! Wake up." I heard my little sister call out to me. Her name was zoey, and she was just 5. So I deal with her. I wake up to see her pretty face close to mine. "Happy birthday Alex"

"Thank you zoey." I get up dumping her on the other side of my bed. She giggled and ran out. I smiled and went to the bathroom to my morning routine. I wasn't exactly sure why but every time I woke up A new tattoo appeared on my skin. It started when I was about 12 but I could hide it from my mom. I went to my closet and chose a black t-shirt with some washed out blue jeans that had holes almost everywhere with some timberlands I slipped my white leather jacket on and went downstairs to eat breakfast. I kissed my mom on the cheek.

Carmen Steele was my adopt mother she find me when I was a baby before she meet my adoptive dad-Joey Steele-She said she meet him in a super market trying to chase me down after I took some candy off the aisle.

They say they fell in love and got married after 3 months of dating. When I was 11 they had Zoey. I loved my family. My mom said that when she find me the only thing I had on me was necklace and a leather band with my name on it, wrapped in a blanket that was made of wool.

"Good morning, sweetie. And happy birthday"

"Thanks and good morning." I sat next to Zoey who was working down pancakes like it was her last meal. I chuckled at that. She was like a bottomless pit. She could eat anything as long as it edible and not broccoli. My dad came kissing my mom and my sister before hugging me.

"Happy birthday, kid." He said as my mom sat a plate of pancakes out for him. She handed me a plate of eggs cause for some strange reason I can't eat processed food. It makes me I have to eat really healthy.

After I get through, I go upstairs to grab my phone and my keys. I went back down stairs .

"You ready to go cookie monster?" I ask my sister. She noddeds and grabs her frozen backpack and ran to my car. I had a white camaro i got when I was sixteen.

I drop Zoey off at her school and he ad to mine. I was a junior at Andrew Hollis academy . It was a hard school to get in to. I was student body president and my best friend Chris Reid was vice president.

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