Alexander Steele

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On my way to school I listened to muse uprising. When I got there I couldn't help but smile. I got out as Chris came over.

"What's up man? Oh happy birthday." He said shaking my hand doing our special hand shake.

"I'm good. And thanks man." I said walking to the school all around me I hear "happy birthday Alexander" I just smiled and hugged whoever came to me directly, some girls even asked to have a picture with me. I smiled kindly and took the picture. I went to my locker and grabbed the things I needed for class. I shut the locker and went to class with Chris who was chatting about what we should do for my birthday.

" we should have a house party or go to a club, something that's hella fun. With a lot bitches." He said as we came to the class.

"First off we don't need all that. House party is just fine and second do you have to call all females bitches?" I asked grinning at him. He just shrugged and went inside the class. I went in and sat next to him.

"I think we need to plan, and tell my parents."I said to him as the teacher walked in. Mr. robin was a young English teacher who had just graduated college. he told us that he transferred from a high school that taught everything you could imagine. which means he was pretty cool.

"today, class we are going to study chapter 6 of the lost boy. tell me Alex how was David felling when his father took him back to his abusive mother?" he asked me

"I think he would have felt betrayed. this dude is suppose to be his father, love him unconditionally, protect him from any harm or danger,

The teacher nodded his head in understanding and went on to the next person to get his option on it.

The bell rang and i was head to the next class when i someone bumbed onto me. I caught them and looked down saw that it was a girl.

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