Alexander Steele

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Confused thoughts

As school went on I couldn't stop thinking about O she really was pretty. Why am I thinking about her so much? I've never thought about girls like this I mean I thought about them enough to know I like them and of course when I was 15 and 16 I made out with girls and I love that but when I turn seventeen girls was the last thing on my mind with school and sports and trying to get a scholarship to college.

Miss Octavia archier is just so beautiful and I want to get to know her I feel like she's going to be a big part of my life and I'm not sure why.

Our life said the voice

I immediately turned to my partner in bio we where working on a assignment out of the book

" Did you say something?" I asked him

He shook his head and asked what answer did I get for number 5b I told him.

As I'm getting in my car my shoulders started to hurt again it's been off and on for the last three days but today it's getting worse and it hurts so bad I almost pass out in the front seat of my car.

Alex!!" I hear a voice call me and I have just enough strength to turn around and see Octavia catch me from falling forward " are you okay?!" She yells out wrapping her tiny arms around me like she could honestly hold me so I had to catch part of my body with the door.

"I'm good, baby girl." I said while breathing throw the pain again. Having her so close really helped me she smelled like strawberries and cocoa butter a weird combo but I'm loving it.

"Alex!! What's wrong dude?!" Chris yelled running towards me looking like a worried mother hen. He put his hand on my head like he was trying check my temperature I immediately bat his hand away. I turn to look at Octavia I grab her hand and kiss it.

"Miss Octavia would you like to come to my party tonight? As a birthday gift to me please." I ask her quietly as I'm looking down at her locked in her striking blue eyes. She smiled and nodded pulling her hand away.

" I'll be there Alex and you need to get that pain checked out. Promise me you will." She said pouting while walking backwards to her car which is parked two cars down.

" I'll get done tomorrow first thing I promise sweetheart!" I'm smiling hard ass fuck when I turn to Chris he's sitting in my car waiting with a big ass smile on his face watching me like a creep.

" you got it bad man." He said making kissy face at me

" shut up ,assface." I said mushing his face back.

"Whooo let's party!!!!" He said yelling out the window and I chuckle cause I'm looking forward to seeing her.

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