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Mysteries tattoos

My parents let have the party at the house even tho it was planned last minute. Zoey was so bummed she couldn't come to my party so I had to promise her I would take for ice cream and pancakes the next day.

"Man, this party is gon be so hype!" Chia yelled through the phone. He was charge of drinks and food so he was already at the store while I had to clean up the house and take all valuables up stairs.

" ya man I agree I'm looking forward to seeing Octavia" I told him grinning just thinking about her.

" look at my guy he in love !" He yelled out

" I don't know what it is about her , man but she makes my head spin... I think she could be the one " I said smiling while changing clothes when all of sudden my back erupted in pain and my shoulders felt like it was being ripped apart. I dropped my phone screaming and I could hear Chris on the line screaming my name. Black dots appeared in my eyes and my cheat started to hurting. I passed out from the pain.


When I woke up Chris was sitting by my bed and he looked worried.

" dude what's going on? I heard you screaming and I had to wait for this bitchy cranky slow old ass lady to ring up the shit for the party and I come here and your ass is passed out on the floor with tattoos covering you from head to toe." He spoke so fast but heard the late part and I look at my body seeing what he what he was talking about. I was covered in tattoos and my mom is going to kill me I can't cover this shit up now.

" dude I'm not sure how this happened. What time is it?" I asked him standing to look at my body. Not even Chris knew about the appearing tattoos. They always started small but now I can tell it was finished. It was a big ass tattoo on my chest I could see intricate designs swirling around before it forms into a lady with her tongue out my back had a skull on my back but it also had intricate designs on it and around it I'm not quite sure what it means or why they kept appearing but I'm already starting to like them.

" it's almost time for the party to start I already set everything up I also went and got my speakers from the house. Look man are you sure your okay?" He asked me placing a hand on my shoulder.

" I feel fine dude honestly I'm not sure how I got these tattoos or why I'm having such intense pain but I feel physically fine." I said while pulling on my clothes. I chose a pair of black jeans and a grey long sleeve shirt I had tattoos all the way up to my neck there was even some on my hair. I had to admit it made me look badass. I hope Octavia likes it.

" Alright dude I'm trusting you if you start feeling any type of pain you come find me I don't care if I'm in the middle of bang a chick come get me." Chris said holding me in place looking me in eyes. " promise me"

"I promise Chris." I said walking out the room as soon as the doorbell rings.

"Let's party." I said opening the door letting people in.

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