Alexander Steele

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Kiss the girl

It was loud ass hell but it seemed like everybody was having a good time. The liquor was flowing through party and I let the smokers in the back. Everybody was having fun except me cause I was waiting on Octavia to come.

" dude lighten up she going to come. Your attention towards this girl is really weird maybe it has something to do with the tattoos." Chris said standing next to me by the door greeting people. Hmm I didn't think of that.

"I'm nervous dude what if she doesn't like the tattoos ?" I said rubbing my hands together in a nervous way.

" You had tattoos when you guys meet just not all over I think it'll be fine honestly. Chicks dig tattoos." He said taking the birthday money that was being put in the bucket if you didn't bring a gift. Apparently he told everybody a gift or money was the only way they were getting in.

I started to feel this heavy like sensation, goosebumps appeared on my arm and this pull in the opposite direction. I had this feeling it was her but I've never felt this feeling before. There was a knock in the door and I could hear her voice in the other side. I open it and there she is.

" hey Octavia, you made it." I said greeting her with a smile. She looked beautiful her hair had some curl to it and you could tell she had on make up but not a lot. She wore a black see through shirt with a pink skirt with long boots.

"Hey Alex ya of course I did. This is my sister Ryleigh." She said introducing the girl that was next her. She was a lot curvier then Octavia and lighter in color but she was equally as beautiful as her sister. Imma see if Chris can distract her while I try to talk to Octavia alone.

We quickly claimed the couch that was pushed against the wall so that people can dance. Me and Octavia were pressed against each other talk silently.

" so listen I really like you and I hope that we could continue this and I know it's kinda fast but your driving me insane." I said smiling at her while staring into her eyes to let her know that I was serious.

"Well are you going to tell me how you got all these tattoos?" She asked tracing the side of my neck slowly driving me insane with her touch. It was like my body had became ultra sensitive to her touch. It was turning me on but I wanted to respect her. I nodded my head and stood up pulling her with me. I whispered to Chris to take care of her sister for me and watch out for her. I walked Octavia up to my room and I could feel everybody staring I've never ever bout a girl to my room. Being president of student body class people like to gossip. Chris usually fills me in on anything that involves me. So bring home girls from high school was not my cup of tea. Chatty girls.

When we made it to my room we sat on the bed and looked at each other silently wondering who will break first. I wanted to kiss her so badly but I know she wants to talk.

" so... are you gonna tell me about the tattoos?" She said looking at my neck and hair line.

" Umm... I'm not sure how to explain them but something is happening to me." I told her after several minutes. There was so much I wanted to say to her but I wasn't sure how to say them. I ran my finger down her arm and I could feel this tingling electric running between us " and I'm pretty sure what ever this tingle feeling is it has something to do with it. Not that I'm saying it's a bad thing cause you are truly beautiful." I said staring into her hypnotizing blue grey eyes that just popped against the Melanie in her skin.

She smiled and looked away before looking back at me and I couldn't help but be drawn to her pretty pink lips. They were also beautiful just like the rest of her and I wanted so badly to kiss her. She was leaning towards me slowly and like me seemed to be drawn to me as I was to her. This wasn't making any sense at all but I really wanted to kiss her so I'm going to roll with it.

At first it was the barely a kiss she just brushed her lips to the sides of mouth and I waited patiently to see what she gonna do. Second time she brushed her lips fully against mine and that was all the invite I need. I pushed my lips harder against her to deepen the kiss and wrapped my hands around her waist to pull her closer. I needed her closer her lips Tasted like strawberry short cake chapstick and I wanted more. She was pushing up against me as much as I was pulling her.

All of sudden I started to feel that pain again except this time it was worse and i could feel my skin an muscle literally ripping apart I started seeing black spots and I passed out. I could hear Octavia screaming as well.

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